The news report comes from the Leinster Express 2 July 1859

On Monday morning Daniel Farrell caught, in one draw, 93 salmon, and Savage and Mack caught, in one draw, seventy-two salmon. Later in the day, Savage and Mack, in two draws, netted two hundred and ten salon. These fish were all prime, and averaged from 5½ to 7lbs. in weight, and were purchased for the Dublin market by Mr McDonnell, of Thomond-gate. The river has been seldom so crowded with splendid fish as it now is; but it is very strange to say there is very little sea fish of any kind in markets. The local citizens cannot get any fish except at a very high price, notwithstanding the abundance in the river – Limerick Reporter.

It was not uncommon for fish caught in Limerick to be shipped to Dublin or London.