After extensive research, it has been concluded that there is no definitive answer as to when Ahane Band was formed, and also that there is not a lot of recorded data regarding the band in general. Below is a summation of the known history available on Ahane Band.

The first possible founding year was in 1911, as was indicated on a hand written note that was attached to the first photograph below. The second possibility was in 1918 as recorded by John T. Gilhooly in “The Annals of Castleconnell and Ahane since prehistoric times”. The third is 1924 as indicated by Mary Antoinette Moloney in “The Story of Ahane”.

Both Gilhooly and Moloney agree that John Vaughan was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the band. It is also agreed that the Band’s big drum was donated by Charles Barrington.

The sash worn by the band members was green, white and gold with the words Ahane Band emblazoned on it. While in later years the drummer wore a leopard print vest.

The band had three incarnations, the first prior to the 1920s who practised at the home of Ned Lawlor of Killeenagarriff.

ahane band 1911

The second incarnation was in the 1933 when two brothers Martin and Mattie Collins revived the band. During this period there were about 30 members of the band. Under the guidence of Paddy Salmon they practised in a cowshed on the O’Malley Farm in Killeenagarriff each Tuesday and Friday.

ahane band 1934

The bands final grouping was formed in 1942 and would last until 1954. This band would often accompany sporting teams from the parish to matches. This band also played for the Three County Féis in Castleconnell in 1945.

Ahane band 1945

Some of the notable members of the band were Ned Lawlor, John Vaughan, Chris Richardson, Bob Richardson, Paddy Richardson, Tim Aherne. Martin Collins, Mattie Collins, Larry Fleming, Phil Fleming, Tim Moloney, John Moloney, Harry Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Ned Malley, Jack Malley, John Connors, Joe Connors, Harry Richardson, Mick Richardson, Jack Richardson, John Connell, Ned Nealon, Willie Doylr and Joe Flannery.

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