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10 Free Books on the History of Limerick Available to Download or Read Online.

10 Free Books on the History of Limerick Available to Download or Read Online.

The following books on aspects of Limerick history are available free to read online or download:


1. A history of the penal laws against the Irish Catholics, from the treaty of Limerick to the Union : with an index (1822)


2. Awful shipwreck [microform] : an affecting narrative of the unparalleled sufferings of the crew of the ship Francis Spaight, which foundered on her passage from St. John’s N.B. to Limerick, in November last … were relieved by the Brig Angeronia, Capt. Gillard, on her passage from Newfoundland to Teignmouth (1837)


3. A sketch of the history of two acts of the Irish Parliament, of the 2d and 8th Queen Anne, to prevent the further growth of popery : in a letter to a Member of the House of Commons in Ireland, to which are added the Civil and Military Articles of Limerick (1778)


4. Limerick and its sieges – Rev James Dowd (1890)


5. The Diocese of Limerick, Ancient and Medieval – Rev John Begley (1906)


6. The antiquities of Limerick and its neighbourhood – T J. Westropp (1916)


7. The Geology of the country around Limerick – Lamplugh and Wilkinson (1907)


8. Limerick; its history and antiquities, ecclesiastical, civil, and military, from the earliest ages – Maurice Lenihan (1866)


9. In Sarsfield’s Days: A Tale of the Siege of Limerick L McManus (1906)


10. A Descriptive and Historic Guide Through St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick (1887)


We also have a section dedicated to Local Authors. and Limerick City Library Local Studies have an extensive journal collection free to view online.

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