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The Jewish Cemetery, Castletroy

The Jewish Cemetery, Castletroy
jewish prayer house

Plaque on the Jewish Prayer House.

Jewish Prayer House

Jewish Prayer House


Overview of the Jewish Cemetery

In 1902, the Lithuanian Jewish community purchased the land for this little cemetery.  Over the years, the community dwindled in size. The cemetery fell into disrepair in 1990 it was repaired as part of a publicly funded civic project. The cemetery is now maintained by Limerick Civic Trust and the Limerick City Council as a small public green space. You can read Des Ryan’s history of Jewish Limerick from 1790 – 1903 here.

There are 12 headstones including two to ‘Unknown  Jewish Souls’, two in Hebrew. Those recorded in English included:

In Loving Memory of Louis Fine born 1921 – died 1996. Erected by his loving family

In Memory of Zlato Maissel died 5th Nieson 5666 (31 March 1906) age 65

Stuart Clein (Solomon Sefton) 17-8-1931 to 5-2-2012. Dearly loved husband father & grandfather

Maurice L Morrison, died Feby 23 1930. 5690. Deeply mourned by his wife and children.

In loving memory of our dear father Samuel Sochat who died 4 March 1917 5677 aged 70 years mourned by his broken hearted children. Gone but not forgotten may his dear soul rest in peace.

Dr. Dan Levy Felix (Filo) Loya 1935-2001. Retired senior lecturer University of Limerick beloved brother and uncle (Haddod)

Asher Coen died 22 May 5674 1914 aged 57

In loving memory of our father 1887 Simon Gewurtz 1944 from Bratislava. Daughters Shosana – Ella


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Sharon Slater is the owner and operator of the Limerick's Life website. She has been researching and collecting information regarding Limerick history and genealogies since her early teens. She obtained a Masters degree in Local History at the University of Limerick.


  1. Sharon Slater

    Hello Arthur,

    It is very possible that your family are buried there but without a headstone as the headstones were erected by those left behind it is possible that as your family moved away that there was no one left in the area to erect a memorial to your great great grandparents.

  2. Arthur Weiss

    I was always told my great great grandparents were buried there but when I visited and checked there was no record. I know that one of the unknown graves was a very sad suicide called Elsa Reininger – However the other grave is one of the first – and wonder if it could be one (or both if buried together) of my great great grandparents.

    My grandfather – Isaac Arenow is named on the cemetery purchase document together with his uncles Hyman and Bernard Graff. He (and his uncles) later moved to England although my grandfather lived in Cork also for several years (where my mother and her siblings were born).

    Any more information – on the Graff Family prior to 1904 would be of real interest.

  3. Elaine Wood

    Hello Sharon

    I visited the Limerick Jewish cemetery today as part of a trip retracing my heritage.
    My great great grandfather-David Harry Cropman is buried in the cemetery. His grave is behind the grave of Zlato Maisel
    He lived from 1820-1911.
    He was married to my great great grandmother Rusha (who is buried in England). They had 6 children.
    Do you know where all the other Jewish people in Limerick were buried?
    Do you have any more information about the Jewish community?

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