During the Open House October 2014 we had access to the Military Cemetery and were able to take the images found below.

The Military Cemetery is located on King’s Island, now nestled into St Mary’s Estate, to the rear of a private dwelling. Within the boundaries of the 0.6 hectare site are over 150 burial plots including 39 named Commonwealth War Graves. This cemetery was consecrated on the 11th of August 1856 and is used up to the present day. All obituaries linked in this post come from the Limerick Local Studies Collection.

The first person to be buried here was Augustus Charles Cowen of  Military Road. He was a Second Class Surgeon, Provisional Battalion, Limerick Garrison, served in 46th, 48th Regiments, and 7th Dragoon Guards. (Funeral report from the Limerick Chronicle 13/08/1856). His funeral took place in a wooden shed erected on the grounds for the occasion. This is his grave:


To the memory of Augustus Henry Cowen Late Staff Surgeon in this Garrison who died on the 8th Day of August 1856 age 54.

The following are examples of the headstones within the graveyard, this is not a complete survey.


You can see the names of the 39 CWGC graves here.

Dr Crump’s November 1795 Weather Report
CWGC Graves in Military Cemetery, King's Island