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The Model School Students 1933

The Model School Students 1933

model school

The work began on the Model School in Limerick in 1853, and the official opening took place in 1855. The plaque over front door reads: Limerick Model National School 1853. The school is located on O’Connell Avenue in Limerick City.

The building consisted of four schools at the time: an Infant School, the Girls’ School, the Boys’ School and the Mariners’ School. The Mariners’ School closed shortly afterwards due to lack of demand. Then later in 1966, The Girls’ School and Infant School were amalgamated.

In 1832, the Education Commission founded Model Schools in Dublin, then in 1835, the Commission announced plans to found additional Model Schools throughout the country. They decided in 1846 that each of these schools would consist of an infant school, a girls’ school and a boys’ school. The first Model School was established in 1843 and, in time, 25 in all were established.

On Saturday, 3rd September 1977, the building on O’Connell Avenue was burned almost to the ground. Gerry Andrews was a witness to this fire and took some incredible photographs. It only took a week after the fire for the students to be allowed to return to their classes, which were conducted in prefabs. The prefabs were in use until 1986 when the original building was rebuilt and extended to include an additional 16 classrooms.

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Ireland has a full appraisal of the building.

The picture at the top of the article was taken in 1933, eighty years after the opening of The Model School. Below is the key to the picture:

1 – Sean Kelly

2 – J. O’Brien

3 – Sean O’Dwyer

4 – Tom Ryan

5 – Charles Stewart

6 – Frank Murphy

7 – Patrick McCarthy

8 – William Robinson

9 – Joseph O’Connor

10 – Leonard Kempson

11 – Donal Quinlivan

12 – William Kirwan

13 – William Darcy

14 – James Harold

15 – Joseph O’Shaughnessy

16 – Brian O’Sullivan

17 – Connor Murphy

18 – Thomas Moloney

19 – Thomas Ryan

20 – Patrick Copues

21 – Christopher O’Brien

22 – Alfred Hanley

23 – Patrick Carmody

24 – Gerard Conway

25 – Alfred Kerr

26 – Sean Meany

27 – Jerry Murphy

28 – Conn Shanahan

29 – John Manly

30 – Patrick Sims

31 – Timothy Conway

32 – Stanley Fitzmaurice

33 – Niall Murray

34 – Oliver Meany

35 – Kevin McCarthy

36 – Randall Howlett

37 – John Whelan

38 – Al. Fitzmaurice

39 – Michael Scanlan

40 – Gerard O’Regan

41 – Liam Butler

42 – Frank Nash

43 – Hugh McNeice

44 – John McAteer

45 – Patrick Keane

46 – James Murphy

47 – Murrough Carrick



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