The Limerick Journal 21 April 1791

Respectfully begs leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that he is (as usual) well supplied with the following Wines in Timber and Bottle, viz. Old Claret, Red and White Port, Old Hermitage, Madeira, and Paharetes of superior Quailty; Sherry, Frontighiac, Beziers, Carcavella, Lisbon and Malaga. A fresh supply of best Brandy Fruits of different kinds, Olives, Anchovies, Capers, and Oil, with a great Variety of French Cordials of remarkable Quality and best Bourdeaux Pickling Vinegar, all of which he will engage Genuine.
April, 14, 1791.

Wants employment a young man who has been several years Clerk and Brewer in this City, and has been lately instructed in Brewing and Malting in England, is to be hearof at the Printers.

Limerick, April 18th, 1791.

Has just landed, and now on Sale at his Store 200 Barrels best North Highland White Herrings from Greenocks Broad, half flat, and square Iron, Liverpool and Kilkenny Coal.

Limerick, April 7, 1791.

The House in Dominick Street, lately inhabited by Mrs. Evans, will be Set or the Interest Sold:- Application to Mr. Thomas Hardy, there.

March 21, 1791.