Limerick Evening Post 25 Jan 1815

Birth –
On Thursday night, in Henry Street, the Lady of John Brown, Esq. Inspector of Stamp Duties of a daughter. On Saturday, at the Crescent, the Lady of the late William Johnson Harte, Esq. of a son. This morning the Lady of John Burke Esq. at his house in Henry Street, of a son and heir.

Notice –
Whereas my wife Mary Bradshaw otherwise known as McAdam, having frequently wasted my property and lately went off with thirty pounds and whereas she has upon divers occurrence violently and morosely disturbed my peace by the part exercising of a most violent temper. These various offences and a desire to guard every honest person from loss oblige me to give this Public Notice to all persons here and hereafter not to give her credit as I am resolved not to pay the same as I am a man of Substance and am determined not to waste it.
Martin McAdam, Limerick, Mary Street, Jan 25.

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