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Pump Lane Graveyard – Society of Friends – Part 1

Pump Lane Graveyard – Society of Friends (Quakers) 1812 – 1822

The 1823-1833 burials

The following are extracts from the burial records for the Limerick Society of Friends, covering those buried in Pump Lane Graveyard which was once situated at the end of Pump Lane in English Town. You can read the original registers for this graveyard at Society of Friends Burial Papers. Following the death of Rebecca Mark Harvey on Christmas Day 1831, Joseph Massey Harvey her husband donated a portion of his land in Ballinacurra as a burial ground for the Society of Friends. Rebecca was the first to be interred there on the 8th of July 1833, this would become the main graveyard for the Society of Friends from 1834 onwards.

Pump Lane is now known as St. Francis Place and the graveyard is located under St. Mary’s Girls Primary School.

Pumplane Graveyard

Pump Lane Graveyard marked by red X.

*not a member of the Society but asked permission to be buried in the Pump Lane Graveyard

#previous member disowned mostly due to marrying outside the faith.

Jane Mark (wife of John Mark)36George Street13 Apr 18122 May 1812
Richard Desmanoiss (son of Jas. Desmanoiss, French Teacher) .*10m2 May 18123 May 1812
Sarah Toomey84Francis Street19 Oct 181221 Oct 1812
Joseph Mayne (Son of Thomas & Bridget Mayne, shopkeeper)*3m16 Aug 181316 Aug 1813
Louisa Tauerner (daughter of Thomas Tauerner)*6w23 Sep 181424 Sep 1814
George Alleyn (Master Cooper)#56Old Clare Street23 Nov 181425 Nov 1814
Maria Hill (daughter of James Hill)2w02 Feb 181503 Feb 1815
William Hill (Tanner)62Irish Town17 May 181519 May 1815
Elizabeth Kendal (wife of Tho Kendal, a woollen draper)#77George’s Quay04 Oct 181506 Oct 1815
John Thomas Thacker (Grocer)36George’s Street11 Oct 181513 Oct 1815
Rebecca Murphy (widow)81Mungret Street08 Nov 181510 Nov 1815
Henry Hill19William Street28 Oct 181630 Oct 1816
John Newsom (Ironmonger)35Anne Street22 Jan 181724 Jan 1817
Joshua Dudley (Clerk)*Drown in the Canal going home, came from Cork aged about 50.60The Canal Brewery10 Feb 181713 Feb 1817
Sarah Mayne (daughter of Thomas & Bridget Mayne)*3m31 Mar 181701 Apr 1817
Samuel Beale (Shopkeeper)45Rutland Street15 Jun 181717 Jun 1817
William Richard Unthank (Shopkeeper)34George’s Quay21 Dec 181724 Dec 1817
William Phillips (Apothecary)37Mary Street27 Dec 181730 Dec 1817
William Mayne (son of Thomas and Bridget Mayne)*3 1/2 years29 May 181830 May 1818
Robert Evans *38Broad Street21 Nov 181823 Nov 1818
Edward Phillips (Grocer)31George’s Street29 Nov 181801 Dec 1818
Mary Lister39George’s Street21 Jun 181923 Jun 1819
Hannah Banks18Cecil Street27 Jun 181930 Jun 1819
Samuel Taverner (son of Thos. & Deborah Taverner)*1yUpper Glentworth Street06 Jan 1820? Jan 1820
Rebecca Fisher (daughter of James and Mary Fisher)2yGeorge’s Street13 Jan 182015 Jan 1820
Anne Unthank (daughter of Isaac & Harriett Unthank)*13Anne Street7 Feb 18209 Feb 1820
Elizabeth Fitt (daughter of Matthew & Catherine Fitt)*4mClare Street8 Feb 182010 Feb 1820
George Fitt (son of Matthew & Catherine Fitt)*2yClare Street09 Apr 182011 Apr 1820
Mary Fisher Untank4yGeorge’s Street06 Jun 182008 Jun 1820
Catherine Fitt (wife of Matthew Fitt)#29Clare Street29 Jun 182002 Jul 1820
Thomas Mayne#36Catherine Street12 Oct 182022 Oct 1820
Susanna Banks76Clare Street21 Dec 182024 Dec 1820
Rebecca Harvey (daughter of Joseph & Rebecca Harvey)16Summerville06 Jan 182110 Jan 1821
Thomas Taverner29Thomondgate23 Jan 182126 Jan 1821
Isaac Unthank34Rutland Street24 Jan 182126 Jan 1821
Mary Fisher (wife of James Fisher)25Clareville, Castleconnell05 Mar 182108 Mar 1821
Anna Hill (wife of John Hill)*56Nicholas Street10 May 182113 May 1821
Francis Taverner (widow of Tho.)75Glentworth Street08 Sep 182109 Sep 1821
Eliza Newsom (daughter of Thos. & Mary Newsom)*15mCorn Market01 Apr 182202 Apr 1822
Mary Woods (wife of John Woods)56William Street22 Jun 182225 Jun 1822
James Fisher77Richmond19 Jul 182221 Jul 1822
Mary Unthank (George Unthank)#64Anne Street25 Nov 182228 Nov 1822


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  1. Sharon Slater

    I agree, the one remaining in Limerick in Ballinacurra is a calm oasis in the city.

  2. Michael Belk

    I bet, but it is a very small niche. Irish people will have no problem finding it. I bet you do well in Ireland.

  3. Sharon Slater

    This is Limerick, the city after whom the limerick poem was named. It is quite confusing when it comes to search engines.

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  5. Sharon Slater

    It is located under what is now the St. Mary’s Girls Primary school. I am not positive as whether the bodies were moved to another location before building work began.

  6. kflannery

    Is this graveyard still located there and is it possible to visit?

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