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The Torrential Rain of 1839

The Torrential Rain of 1839

The following weather report was in the Limerick Chronicle on 21 September 1839

With few and short intervals only, the weather has continued, since our last. wet and gloomy, the rain falling with pitiless aspect upon our meadows and cornfields, adding every hour to the ruin and devastation which prevails, and giving the country a most melancholic appearance, which prevails, and giving the appearance, which the harvest labourers behold in absolute despair. In one fair hour, which they eagerly avail themselves of to snatch part of their crop from impending ruin, they are driven from work the remainder of the day by rain, which undoes what little they had saved.

In many places the wheat fields are only half cut, not gathered in, but the grain lying on the ground drenched with water, and in others the grain will never be cut. There was loud thunder yesterday in the county of Clare, followed by torrents of rain, which inundated a tillage. The lowlands in and about the City and Liberties, far as the eye can reach, present almost an unbroken sheet of water, and the inundation has advanced nearly a foot this week.

In 1795 Dr.Crumps recorded the daily weather reports where he detailed the ever changing Limerick weather.


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