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St. John’s Graveyard H-R

St. John’s Graveyard H-R

St John’s graveyard surrounds st. johnsSt John’s Church of Ireland which stands on the site of an earlier church, which dated from the 1200s. The walls around the graveyard were built in 1693 and present church was built in 1852. The church fell into disuse in the early 1970s and was handed over to the Limerick Corporation in 1975.

Alley – Hayes ~ Hayes-Ryan ~ Sara-Young

Click on the surname in the left column for a photograph of the headstone. Where possible a link has been added of obituary reports from the Limerick City Library Local Studies directory of Obituaries from The Limerick Chronicle .



HayesErected by Mr Jeremiah Hayes in memory of his beloved wife Margaret who dep this life…. Sep…
HediganHere lyes the body of … deceased March the 16th 1744 aged 79. Also his wife Marge on May 1726 aged 60. Also their daughter Eliza 1742 aged … pray … their daughter Catherine Hedigan died July 28th 1778 aged 78yrs.
HeneseyHere lieth the body of Mr John Henesey who departed life February the 5th 1796 aged 64 years. Also Patrick Henesey the son of John Henesey died Jun 16 1796 aged 39 yers. Also Francis Bunton who died Jan 1st 1804 aged 29yrs. And Anne Henesey wife of John Henesey who died Sep … aged 7? Yrs.
JardineAlso of Anne Jardine daughter of Robert Stuart Milne, Montrose Scotland died at Sunville 17th March 1887 aged 87 (same monument as 34. Anne Jardine – Sister-in-law of Edward Cruise)
JohnstoneThis monument is erected by William Johnston of the City in memory of his beloved brother Henry Johnston Esq. M.D. who departed this life 12th October 1839 aged 27 years.
JohnstoneTo the memory of William Johnstone JP Somerset House Blackrock Co. Dublin. Born in this city died August 31st 1870 aged 63 years. As a tribute of love and attachment to her sincerely loved and affectionate husband this tablet is erected by his afflicted and sorrowing widow.
JordanIn loving memory of Hilda Annie Jordan whom Jesus took home 5th December 1900 aged 1 year and 11 months
JoyntThe Family Burial place of William Lane Joynt (1825) who died 3rd January 1895. Janet Russell Joynt his wife died 25th July 1875. Richard Lane Joynt, M.D. Easter Day 1928. With Christ to Rise. (William Lane-Joynt – died at 43 Merrion Square, Dublin aged 70, he was a former mayor of Limerick.)
Ivers, KeanePhilip Russell’s Vault. Here are interred his rewards. He was born on the 6th of March 1750 and died on 24th of June 1832. In this tomb also rest the remains of his wife Susan daughter of Lt. Col. Keane and his sons Francis Philip Henry Ivers and Whitecat Keane Russell, also his son-in-law James Buo? Ewart, Capt 93rd Highland Reg. of Foot, and of his wife Elizabeth Ewart.
Keane…Timothy Keane.. Margaret Keane nee Shelton.. 1854 aged 68 yeas
KeatingMichael John Keating
KielyErected by John Kiely in memory of his beloved son Patrick Kiely who depd this life June the 8th 1834 aged 28 years. Also his grand children James Banks aged 2 years & Mary Ryan aged 4 years.
KirbyErected to the memory of John Kirby who departed this life May 22nd 1847. To Mary Kirby his wife who died July 21st 1856. And also to Mary Anne Kirby their beloved daughter who died August 17th 1856.
LeonardErected by Patrick Leonard in memory of his dear beloved son George who departed life 6th Nov 1834 aged 24 yrs. Also his affectionate wife who departed life 25 Nov 1834 Aged 50. Also Patrick Leonard who departed life June 24 1842
LlyodRebecca Ashion Llyod died 1812 aged 61 years buried 5th August.
LlyodWilliam Lloyd, city treasurer died in 1830. Aged 42 years buried 10th February.
LynchThis stone was erected by Dennis Lynch in the memory of his beloved wife Mary Lynch alias Costello who departed this life the 17th of January 1835 aged 22 years
MannixMary Louisa Mannix Born 1835 Died 1872. (wife of J.B. Mannix)
MarshallHere lies the remains of James De Zouche Marshall died Sept 1856 aged 48 yrs. Jane his wife died February 1852 aged 28 yrs. Their infant daughter Emily Madeline died March 1850. Also James De Zouche Marshall eldest son of the above died April 13 1885 aged 40 years

(James De Zouche Marshall – was living at Rathmines, Dublin when he died, was an auctioneer,their address was George Street, Limerick when his wife died in 1852 and his son, also James De Zouche Marshall, died at Kilmurry, Bray, Co. Wicklow in April 1885.)

McCarthyErected by James McCarthy to the memory of his beloved wife Anne Eliza who died 17th May 1867 aged 45 years and their children. John died 19th of May 1848 aged 1 year. Michael died 11th May 1848 aged 1 year. Mary died 9th of January 1857 aged 7 years. Charles died 20th of November 1858 aged 1 year. Ursula died 26th of May 1867 aged 15 years. (Anne Eliza McCarthy – She was living at Roches Street at the time of her death. Mary McCarthy – In Roches Street. Charles McCarthy – In Roches Street. Ursula McCarthy – She survived her mother by one week.)
McCloskeyIn loving memory of Thomas Sheehy died 5 may 1929 his grand-daughter Delia McCloskey nee Sheehy died 12 Nov 1988.
MerrickIn loving memory of Joseph Merrick who died 20 November 1877 and of his beloved wife Mary Merrick who died 6 December 1894. Also their son Joseph who died 27th February 1930. Their daughter Mary who died 3rd January 1940. Their daughter Agnes who died 12th December 1952. (Mary Merrick – of Newenham Street)
MilneAlso of Anne Jardine daughter of Robert Stuart Milne, Montrose Scotland died at Sunville 17th March 1887 aged 87 (same monument as 34. Anne Jardine – Sister-in-law of Edward Cruise)
MorganErected to the memory of Thomas Morgan …… who departed this life on ….. 1838 aged 55 he was of 20 years the faith….
MulchanyJ.H. Mulchany Family Vault AD 1842
MylesSacred to the memory of George Myles died 18th Dec 1870 aged 10 years. And James Myles died 22nd Dec 1870 aged 11 years. Sons of John & Prudence Myles.
MylesThis monument is erected by John Myles to the memory of his beloved son John Myles Junr who depd this life on the 21 day of Dec 1827 aged 20 yr. Margaret Trousdell widow of the late Wm Trousdell died 30 July 1905 aged 59 years. Also her son George Alfred who died 11 January 1914 aged 57 years.
NagleSacred to the memory of Mary Anne Nagle who departed this life on the 25 July 1861 aged 68 years. This stone is erected by her children. (Mary Anne Nagle – widow of late James Richard Nagle, dau of late Captain B.B. Johnson)
NestorTo the memory of Eliza Donnelly who departed this life 6th June 1867 aged 67 years. This stone is erected by her children. Eliza Nestor died 31st Jan 1874 aged 27 years. (Eliza Donnelly – Was living at 31 George Street at the time of her death, she out lived her daughter and granddaughter by a few days)
OakleyIn Loving memory of Thomas Oakley 1860 – 1913 Sarah Oakley 1869 – 1959 Jane Oakley 1907 – 1945 Bill Oakley 1893 – 1970
O’BrienErected by Edward Dillon in mem of his beloved wife Elizabeth Dillon alias O’Brien who dep life Feby 24th 1847 aged 58 yrs. Also his beloved son John Dillon died Oct 27th 1848 Aged 26
O’BrienIs erected by Michael O’Brien in memory of his beloved wife Johanna who departed this life January 2, 1834 aged 52 years….
O’Connor42. Erected by Patrick and James O’Connor in memory of their beloved mother Mrs Johanna O’Connor who departed this life on the 21st of February 1850 aged 72 years. Also the aboved Patrick O’Connor dep this life … Oct 1852 aged …..
O’Kelly16. Erected to the memory of Doctor Eujene James O’Kelly who departed this life on Good Friday March 30th 1877 aged 74 years. Also his beloved wife Mary who died 17th April 1855 aged 47 years and their deceased children. (Mary O’Kelly – Daughter of George Crowe of Rathkeale. Eugene O’Kelly – died at 2 Prospect Place, Cork. Resident medical officer Cork Fever Hospital)
O’ShaughnessyErected by Mary O’Shaughnessy in memory of her husband Robert O’Shaughnessy.  Feb 1842 aged 64….. Joseph Cromer December 9 1930 aged 52. George C. Cromer 6 Nov 1948 aged 85.
ParkerHere also repose with those of her sister and daughter the mortal remains of M Eliza Parker widow of this city who fell asleep in Jesus April 18th 1869 aged 80 years.
ParkerSacred to the memory of Eliza the beloved wife of Joseph Parker M.D. who died the 19th of April 1858. And of his three children Emma Mary who died October the 8th 1846. William Joseph who died 17th of May 1848. John Worrall who died 17th of May 1848. Also in memory of his parents Joseph & Mary Parker who died the former 26th October 1836 the later 24th of June 1832.
ParkerEva Parker died 30 November 1968 widow of Francis Parker also interred in this churchyard.
PurcellErected by Mr. James Purcell in memory of his daughter He?? Who dep life May .. .. aged 3 years. Also his son John Purcell who dep life nov .. 1837 aged 3 years.
QuinHere sleeps in peace Ellen the beloved child of Thomas & Mary Quin who died May 10th 1833 aged 19 years
RahillyErect A.D. 1819 by Sarah Wrenn to the memory of her husband M John Wrenn who departd this life Augst 18th 1788 aged 40 years. Also by Eustace Rahilly in mem. Of his wife …. Who depar this life … 1793 age 30
RocheErected by Thomas Gabbett in memory of his much beloved wife Mary Gabbett alias Ferguson who departed life 22nd July 1827. Also here lieth the body of Thomas Gabbett he departed life 7th July 18.. His son in law Patrick Roche died 4th October 1855 aged 52. Also his granddaughter
RussellTo this tomb have been removed from the vault of William Russell in this burial ground the remains of Anna daughter of Hughes Russell Esq. She died on the 2nd of March 1830. Also the remains of his son Sidney Neptune who died on the 23rd of May 1838 in the 19th year of his age.
RussellTo the memory of Jane relict of the late Hughes Russell esq. daughter of Capt Neptune Blood of Applevale County Clare. She died on the 21st of June, 1872 aged 83 years. (Jane Russell – She died at South View, Kilkee, Co. Clare)
RussellHampden Wm Russell’s Vault. Here are interred the remains of his father Hughes Russell Esq. He died on the 15th of April 1858 aged 80 years. (Hughes Russell – Merton Cottage, Kilkee. Former Treasurer of the Fever and Lock hospitals in Limerick City)
RussellHere rest the remains of Sarah the beloved wife of Hampden William Russell Esq. Daughter of Captain Henry Silver Brown. She departed this life on the 3rd of September 1868. In the 50th year of her age. (Sarah Russell – of 72 George Street)
Russell VaultPhilip Russell’s Vault. Here are interred his rewards. He was born on the 6th of March 1750 and died on 24th of June 1832. In this tomb also rest the remains of his wife Susan daughter of Lt. Col. Keane and his sons Francis Philip Henry Ivers and Whitecat Keane Russell, also his son-in-law James Buo? Ewart, Capt 93rd Highland Reg. of Foot, and of his wife Elizabeth Ewart.
RussellHere also in the hope of a joyful resurrection rest the mortal remains of Hannah Russell widow of John Russell merchant formerly of this city died 20 March 1859 aged 64 years.
Ryan7. This… & Eliza Ryan of their much beloved child … who departed this life the 16th day of June 1834 aged 11 years may he rest in peace

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