St. Patrick’s Graveyard is situated on the top of St. Patrick’s Road next to St. Bridget’s Church. The Roman Catholic church which stood on this site was in ruins by the 17th century, the Down Survey Map of 1683 shows a round tower in this site though this was demolished by the beginning of the 19th century. The graveyard was officially closed in the early 20th century it was continued to be in use by people who had family plots until recently. Below are transcriptions and photograph of some of the remaining headstones.

View from St. Patrick’s Graveyard, St. Patrick’s Road of Garryowen and St. John’s Cathedral.

Anderson, Patrick: “In memory of Patrick Anderson who died the 10th of November 1860 aged 51 years. Also his son William who died the 5th of January 1862 aged 25 years also his mother who died the 20th of May 1862 aged 76 years “

William Anderson‘s death notification was in the Limerick Chronicle dated 8 January 1862, he was recorded as a Brass Founder and Plumber living in Catherine Street.

Barrett, Peter: “30/11/1966 Martin Clo…ssy Peter Barrett”

Begley, Bridget: “… Bridget Begley…”

Bond, Sean: “In loving memory of Sean Bond died 1946, his father Stephen Bond died 1953 R.I.P.”

Bourk, Richard: “Erected by Edmd Bourk in memory of his father Richard Bourk & his mother M.. Bourk Alias Conway … Dom Hogan who deptd life July 4th 1798 age 34 may they ….”

Alternative names Edmund Bourke, Richard Bourke and Dominic Hogan, possibly Mary Conway Bourke

Bowles, David : “Erected by Ellen Kiely in memory of her father David Bowles died Dec 23 1870 aged 67 years and her mother Bridget Bowles died 24 1875 and her beloved brother James Bowles died feb 1895 aged 50.. John Bowles … Michael Bowles”.

Bridget Bowles civil death was recorded in 1876 and her year of birth was given as 1816. John Bowles possibly died in 1864 aged 10 years. Michael Bowles possibly died in 1882 aged 40 years or in 1864 aged 16 years.

Brahan, John Rev : Erected by Revd John Brahan to the memory of his father and mother may they …. peace amen”

The above mentioned Reverend John Brahan became the Parish Priest of Newcastlewest and was interred in the Roman Catholic Chapel there in 1861. His mother passed away in 1838 while John was the Parish Priest of Kilmallock. His sister Sarah Brahan died in John’s house in Wilson’s Quay in 1845 while he was the parish priest of St. Mary’s Church.

Byrnes, F.J.: “1799066 Aircraftman 2nd Cl F.J. Byrnes Royal Air Force 20th November 1943 age 26”

Francis Joseph Byrnes Son of Frank and Mary Kate Byrnes, of Limerick; husband of Jane Byrnes, of Limerick, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Byrnes, J.: “5/6134 Private J. Byrnes Royal Munster Fusiliers 10th July 1916 age 54”

John Byrnes 1st Battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

Carrick, Michael: “Michael Carrick died June 1943 his daughter Bridgie died 11th Oct 1937 R.I.P.”

Collopy, John Joseph : Óglaigh na hÉireann In memory of Vol. John Joseph Collopy. Pennywell, Limerick. B.Company Limerick City. I.R.A. Died 15th December 1920 of injuries sustained in the burning of Castletroy R.I.C. Barrack, 3rd April 1920. Buried in this graveyard. Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis”

In 1911 John Joseph Collopy was living with his parents and siblings at Hell’s Lane. By 1911 his parents had 14 children but only 8 of them still living.

Cowhy Catherine: “Erected by Pat & David Cowhy in memory of their Mother Catherine Cowhy Alias Coomy who dep this life Jan 14 1838 aged 60 yrs also John Cowhy son of Pat Cowhy dep his life Febr 17. 1840 age 14 years also Edward Cowhy son of David Cowhy dep life April 22 1845 aged 10 years. May they rest in peace”

Cupps, Thomas : “This tomb was erected by Thom J Cupps in memory of his son Thomas M Cupps who dep this life Dec 18.. Also his son Thomas who died March 19th 1816 aged 18 months”

Cussen, Jane : “Erected by Mr Francis O’Shaughnessy to the memory of his granddaughter Mrs Jane Cussen who depared this life February 1th 1845 aged .. years….”

Jane Cussen was the youngest daughter of Patrick Cussen, a grocer and wine merchant, Jane passed away after a protracted illness in her mothers house in George Street (O’Connell Street).

Daly, Edward: “In loving memory of her beloved husband Edward Daly who departed this life on the .. July 1862 aged .. years and her infant children John and Ellen.. erected by their beraved wife and afflicted mother Mary Daly alias Dowd ”

Delany John: “… to sight to memory dear. Beneath this tablet erected by John Delany lies the remains of his beloved son John Delany who departed life February the 28th 1815 aged 16 years. May he rest in Peace Amen ”

Dowd, Edmd.: “Erected by John Dowd in memory of his father Edmd Dowd who departed life July 10 1803 aged… also his… John Dowd… Edward Dowd… September 1811 aged… may they rest in peace”

Alternative name: Edmund Dowd.

Duffy, William: “In loving memory of William Duffy who died 11th Feb 1937 aged 29 years R.I.P.”

Dundon, Michael: “Michael Dundon died 1 Jan 1943 Margaret Dundon died 22nd Oct 1956 erected by Mam and Dad”

Dwyer, John: “E.. by Johy Dwyer in memory of his beloved.. ”

Enright, Ellen: “Erd by Tho. Enright in memory of his belovd wife Ellen Enright … McInerney who died Feb 10 1823 aged 42 years. James McCarthy died April 16 1891 aged 12 years”

Elverton, James: “James Elverton”

James Elverton lived on Old Francis Street in 1911 and worked as a dock labourer.

Fitzgerald, Matilda : “sacred to the memory of Matilda Fitzgerald who died …October 1847..”

Matilda Fitzgerald was the daughter of Henry Bindon Fitzgerald and they lived at Upper Hartsonge Street. Her obituary of the 27 October 1847 read “a young lady of the sweetest and most amiable disposition, and whose premature death is the source of great affliction to her friends“.

Fleming, Margaret: “Pray for the soul of Margaret Fleming who dep this life May 13 1852 age 30y”

Gould, Johanna: “In loving memory of Johanna Gould who died June 3 1872 also her daughter Mrs E Sarsfield who died Oct 1..7 & Mary Davis died 26 May 1915 R.I.P.”

Hannan, Denis : Erected by Denis Hannan to the memory of his wife Catherine Hannan … 1867..”

Hartigan, Michael: “…Michael Hartigan…1906… Pa…”

Hartigan, Richard : “This stone was erected by Mary Hartigan in memory of her father Richard Hartigan who dept this life Feby the 13 1798 aged 48 yrs. May he rest in peace Amen ”

Harty, Mary: “..Mary Harty..1820…”

Harvey, John: “.. their beloved brother John Harvey… 1892…”

Hickey, James: “Erected .. James Hickey… 18.7..”

Hickey, John: “In loving memory of my dear husband John Hickey died 20 Sept 1915 aged 39 yrs and my fond son Cornelius died July 14 1921 aged 18 years”

In 1911 John and Cornelius and their family were living in Playhouse Lane. John was a general labourer.

Irwin, Margaret: “In loving memory of Margaret Irwin died 24th March 1940 aged 39 years. Her brother Thomas Lysaght died 24 July 1947. And all other members of the Lysaght family. Michael Kevin Irwin 1923 1998 R.I.P.”

Kenny, Patrick: “Erected by Mary Kenny in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Kenny who died Feb 12th 1876 aged 28 years also his cousin Ellen Hannan died 1st March 1890 aged 77 years and her children”

Keogh, Judy: “Erected by William Keogh in memory of his sister Judy… 1812..”

Lane, Patk: “Erected by Erd by Patk Lane in memory of his Father T.. Lane who died .. aged 62 y””

Alternative name : Patrick Lane

Lannan, Elizabeth : “Erected by John Lannan in memory of his beloved mother Elizabeth Lannan who dep this life Jany 1847 aged..8ys also his beloved .. Lannan.. who dep this life 1845 aged.. also his beloved son .. 1850”

Mannix, Cornelius : “Erected by Patrick Mannix in fond remembrance of his kind father Cornelius Mannix died Dec 1 1860 aged 60. And his most beloved mother Catherine Mannix died Jan 14 1890 aged 66.. dearly beloved sister Maryanne died Sep 2 1882 aged 30 years. His younger brother and sisters John, Bridget, Harriett died in their childhood. His Grandfather Patrick Mannix died August 4 1874 aged 84. Patrick Mannix died .. March 1939 aged 96 years ”

In 1911 Patrick Joseph Mannix was living with is brothers James and Michael and they ran a pub on Upper Cecil Street. 10 years earlier in 1901 his brothers Cornelius and John, and his aunt Catherine Judge were also working in his pub.

McCarty, Anna Maria: “Erected by Eugene McCarthy sacred to the memory of his beloved wife Anna Maria McCarty who died Nov .. 1845”

McCarthy, Mary Anne: “Mary Anne McCarthy… 1830..”

McDonnell, Michael: “Michael McDonnell died Feb 5th 1893. George Mulcahy died Aug 6th 1912. Christy McDonnell died Aug 8th 1919.

(There is a possibility that the years of death are wrong on this grave marker as the Civil Death records do not have corresponding information, though a George Mulcahy did pass away in 1913, and a Christina McDonnell passed away in 1917, Michael McDonnell was recorded as M’Donnell on the death register in 1893, he was 38 years old – Update with thanks to Paddy Waldron

McHugh, Edward: “… Edward McHugh… 1888..”

McNamara, Paul: “Baby Paul McNamara born 20 March 1964 died 21 March 1964”

Meany, Mary: “Erected by Mary Meany in memory of her beloved daughters Mary who died .. June 187o aged 16 years  Also Bridget who died 29 April 1877 aged 22 years and her father brother and sister Mary…”

Moloney, David: “Here lies David Moloney aged 3 years 1799”

Moore, Daniel : “..of Danl Moore … 1945 .. Maryann .. March 1926…”

Morgan, Annette : “In Loving Memory of Annette Morgan who died 24 Sept 1954 aged 46 years. Also her father Thomas Kelly and her mother Alice Kelly and her sister Josephine Kelly and her sister Alice Shields R.I.P. Erected by her son Derek Morgan”

In 1901 her family were living in Whitewine Lane, her father Thomas Kelly was working as dock labourer.  Annette has at least seven siblings, some of whom spoke both English and Irish.

Morisey, John: “Here lies the body of John Morisey died Jul the 1 1743 aged 36”

Alternative name: John Morrissey

Morris, Thomas : “Erected by Catherine Miller in memory of her father Thomas Morris who died June the 14th 1833 aged 68 years also her mother Margaret Morris”

Nunan, Edward : “.. Edward Nunan.. 1832..”

O’Brien, Bridget : “Bridget O’Brien who died the 16th of the 6th 1894 aged 26 years R.I.P.”

O’Brien, John : “Erected by Mary Kiely to the memory of her father John O’Brien who died April 25th 1870 aged  84 years also her mother and brothers”

O’Callaghan, James : “.. tomb was erected by Jams O’Callaghan in memory of his daughter Jane McLoughlin alias O’Callaghan who .. this life..”

O’Connor, John Gerard : “In memory of our baby brother John Gerard O’Connor late of 11 Bishop Street buried somewhere in this cemetery in 1962 aged 9 months rest in peace Erected by his loving brothers and sisters ”

O’Donoghue, Ann : “Erected by Ann O’Donoghue alias Hickey in memory of her father James Hickey who departed this life September 1790 aged 40 years. Also her brother John Hickey who this life June 30 1820 aged 36 years. Also her mother Mary Hickey alias Goff who departed this life January 12th 1822 aged 56 years ”

O’Grady, John : “In loving memory of John O’Grady died 27 J.. 1923 aged 2 years also Thomas Sarsfield, Michael, John, Mary, Lallie & Lizzie ”

O’Shaughnessy, James : “Jesus have mercy on the souls of Mary and James O’Shaughnessy R.I.P.”

O’Sullivan, James : “This stone was erected by James O’Sullivan in memory of his son Henry aged 14 years. Here lies the remains of James O’Sullivan Esq, who departed this life on the 4th August 1836 in the 52nd year of his life. And his wife Honora O Sullivan who died on the 26th May 1853 in he 60th Year. May they rest in peace”

Honora O’Sullivan lived on Clare Street and died of a protracted illness.

O’Sullivn, Therrenc : “This stone was erected by Therrenc O’Sullivn to the memory…”

Alternative spelling of this name Terence O’Sullivan.

Pittaway, Ellen : “In loving memory of my dear wife Ellen Pittaway died 10th April 1907 erected by Jas Pittaway R.I.P.”

In 1901 James and Ellen Pittaway were living in Barrack Lane. James Pittaway was born in India, he worked as a lithographer while his wife Ellen worked as a Photo Grameller, Ellen’s sister Mary Ryan was living with them at the time. From the Civil death records James Pittaway also passed away in 1907.

Purcell, Willm : “Erected by Willm Purcell in mem of his beloved wife Fanny Moore who died… aged… his children Margaret, Ellen, .. ”

Alternative name: William Purcell

Quilligan, Roger : “Roger Quilligan died – 1900 John – 1905 also Bridget, Patrick, Michael”

Quinlan, John : “Sacred to the memory of John Quinlan … 1851.. also Bridget Quinlan .. 1847…”

Quinlan, Mary : “Erected by Co… Quinlan in memory of his beloved wife Mary Quinlan Alias Dillon who departed life May .. 1849 aged 23 years also his children John, Edward and C….”

Reidy : “Reidy”

Family name only, marked with white pebbles in concrete.

Richardson, Francis : “Sacred to the memory of Mr. Francis Richardson who dept this life 21 June 1847 Aged 24 years. This stone was erected by his late employer Mess Shaw & Duffield Merchants of this city. As a memorial of their regard due to him for faithful & correct discharge of his duties for the previous 7 years as their clerk. May his soul rest in peace Amen”

Scholes, George : “This stone was erected by Mary Scholes in memory of her beloved husband George Scholes who departed this life June 19th 1824 aged 53 year. May the Lord have mercy on his soul”

George Scholes lived on Baals Bridge and according to the Pigotts trade directory 1824 he worked as a Hat Maker and Dealer.

Sexton, John : “This tomb was erected by John Sexton in memory of his father who departed Aprl the 24th 1770 aged 60 and his mother April the 10th 1771 aged 61 years. Thou who on me treads shall all so throden be kneel while pray to God that John Sexton with the heavenly .. who departed life at the … 1782 ”

Shine, Thomas : “Erected by Thomas Shine to the memory of his father and mother brothers and sisters U.S.A. Above Thomas Shine died 20 June 1959 May their souls rest in peace”

Sims, Hanora : “.. beloved mother Hanora Sims die 2 March 1881 aged 35 years”
Also on this headstone Michael Daly

Smyth, Richard : “In loving memory of Richard Smyth, who died 12 Nov. 1911 aged 68 years and his wife Mary Smith who died 28. Feb. 1911 aged 64 years. On whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy Erected by their son John of Boston Mass U.S.A. ”

Sweeny, Thomas : “..Thomas Sweeny …May 1856…”

Thomas Sweeny worked as a Cooper and lived on Old Clare Street.

Thompson, Joseph : “In loving memory of Joseph Thompson died 4 Oct 1926”

Joseph Thompson was a local politician who lived on Mungret Street. After his death there were notices of condolences posted in the Limerick Chronicle.

Tierney, Michael : “In memory of Michael Tierney died Novr 5th 1876 age 34 years and Patrick Tierney died July 12th 1889 aged 18 years”

Tracy, John : “Erected by John and Edward Tracy in memory of James son of Edward who died August the 14th 1850 aged 3 yrs also the above John who died January the 28th 1851 aged 41 years. Also Mary wife of Edward died 12th March 1865 aged 52 years. The above Edward died 27 February 1878 aged .. years. Also Edward… 1879..” ”

Walsh, Bridget: “In loving memory of Bridget the beloved wife of James Walsh who departed this life 29th June 1903 aged 60 yrs. R.I.P. ”

Walsh, Edward: “This stone was erected by Mary Walsh in memory of her beloved husband Edward Walsh who dept this life Agust the 14th 1836 aged 45 years. May he rest in Peace Amen. ”

Weeks, Johanna: “…Johanna Weeks”

Unreadable dated 1730: “…1730… ”

Some of the 18th Century headstone which are unreadable today were recorded in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol. IX, they have been transcribed by the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives and can be read on the Limerick Cemetery Page.

Where possible the obituaries from the Limerick City Library Local Studies Obituaries Collection and the Irish Census returns 1901 and 1911 have been added to the information of the above mentioned as buried in St. Patrick’s Graveyard.

  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard with small uncarved stone markers to the left of the path
  • View of St Patrick’s Graveyard with headstones in various states of decay.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard with marked and unmarked graves.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard, iron railing surrounding an iron cross.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard with tombs, celtic crosses, stone markers and headstones.
  • Overview of St. Patrick’s Graveyard
  • Overview of St. Patrick’s graveyard, showing tomb, celtic crosses, broken headstones.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard showing height from main path.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard with St. Bridget’s Church in the background.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard, various grave marker.
  • View of St. Patrick’s Graveyard, various grave markers.

The following people are buried in St. Patrick’s Graveyard and their headstone has not be observed or it is believed they have been buried there.

Lowe buried 1939 (believed). source Brenda Moloney

Cowhey, headstone located on the right as you go in opposite the wall (known). source Sylvia Sims O’Shaughnessy

Sims, Ann buried 1955/1956 (known). source Sylvia Sims O’Shaughnessy

Cowhey, Ellen buried 1954 (believed). source Sylvia Sims O’Shaughnessy

McMahon nee Raleigh, Elizabeth buried 1944 (known). Known as Lizzie Rawley,  married to Thomas McMahon aka “Gurky” McMahon. They lived in St. Mary’s Park. source Tracie McMahon Lyons