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Westmeath Weddings 1863

Westmeath Weddings 1863

The following list contains marriages that mention places in county Westmeath.

These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle, 1863:

17 January: William Matthews & Harriet Madeline Rattersby

At Stillorgan Church, county Dublin, William Matthews Esq., of Wexford, to Harriet Madeline, daughter of the late Francis Rattersby, Esq., Hightown, county Westmeath


4 April: John D Falloon & Mary Ruthven

At Downpatrick, John D Falloon Esq., son of the Rev J Falloon, Rector of Ballymore, county Westmeath, to Mary, daughter of the late Charles Wm. Ruthven, Esq.


16 July: Patrick Ryan & Helena Mary Loughnan

At the Metropolitan Church, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Patrick Ryan, Esq., of Leinster Road, Rathmines, to Helena Mary, daughter of the late Joseph Loughnan, Esq., of Mullingar.


22 August: George Cree & Louisa Anna Coffey

August 19, in St. George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev, the Chancellor of Christ Church DD, George Cree, Esq., barrister at law Lower Mount Street to Louisa Anna only daughter of James Charles Coffey Esq., Chairman of the County Westmeath, Mountjoy square [No cards sent]


8 November: George Armstrong & Mrs Bessie O’Connor

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, George Armstrong Esq., of Leeson Street, in that city to Bessie, widow of Henry O’Connor, Esq., late of Baronstown, county Westmeath.


12 December: B Dillon & Bessie Salmon

At Collinstown B. Dillon, Esq., Girley, County Meath, to Bessie, daughter of T Salmon, Esq., of Kilpatrick, county Westmeath


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