Murroe is Hibernianised from the Irish  “Maigh Rua”  meaning the Red Plain. The Red Plain is derived from the sandstone deposit in the area. The village name is often misspelled as Moroe.

Murroe Village is a relatively modern village springing up,  not far from the Barrington’s Family (of Barrington Hospital fame) home in what is now Glenstal Abbey. The Barrington Family began building Glenstal Castle in 1839 and would remain in the area until the 1920s, after Winifred Barrington was killed in an ambush on R.I.C members with whom she was travelling in 1921.

In 1927, Glenstal was sold to the Benedictine Monks who now use it was a private boarding school for boys.

The parish of Murroe and Boher that exists today was originally known as the parish of Abbeyowney, or Abington. The Monument at the entrance to Murroe village was erected in 1923 dedicated two local men Jack Frahill and Pat Ryan (Waller) and the men of the East, West and Mid Limerick Brigades who died in the War of Independence (1919-1921).

You can still easily recognise the some of scenes from this country village and the surrounding area up to one hundred years later. Here is a list of Murroe Schools and Head Teachers.

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