How well do you know Limerick? Answer the following 10 questions to find out.

The clues and solutions to this quiz created by the Tweety Stone.


“A boy the kid” – Your knowledge of Limerick is “pure daycent”.

It looks like you might need to learn a bit more about Limerick.

#1. What was the former name of Limerick’s Sarsfield Bridge?

Correct Answer :

Wellesley Bridge, completed in 1835, named after Arthur Wellesley, ‘The Duke of Wellington’

#2. Whose operatic career was the ‘Opera Centre,’ a major development proposed for the Patrick St./Rutland St. area, intended to celebrate?

Correct Answer :

Catherine Hayes, born in Patrick St., Limerick (c.1818-1861)

#3. Who wrote, “Comic History of Limerick,” (Mercier Press, 1979)?

Correct Answer :

Paddy Lysaght from Thomondgate, a great stalwart of the Thomond Archaeological Society in his day.

#4. According to legend, who became Mayor of Limerick simply because he was the first man across Thomond Bridge on a designated Saturday morning?

Correct Answer :

Seán a’Scuab (a broom-maker from Cratloe … allegedly!)

#5. What was founded by Captain Henri Belletable in 1844, arrived in Limerick in 1868, and soon became the largest of its kind in the world?

Correct Answer :

The Arch Confraternity of the Holy Family. Founded in Liege, Belgium in 1844 by Captain Belletable (a Dutchman).

#6. The last time an Irish rugby team (male!) beat the ‘All Blacks’ of New Zealand was in Thomond Park, Limerick. What was the year?

Correct Answer :

1978. The score was 12 – nil!

#7. What was Limerick’s main street, O’Connell Street called until it was renamed after Daniel O’Connell?

Correct Answer :

George’s Street. Named after Britain’s King George IV or the Church by the same name on that street.

#8. Peter Tait’s factory on Edward Street was considered the most modern clothing factory in Europe in the mid 19th Century. Where was the man commemorated by Tait’s Clock in Baker Place born?

Correct Answer :

Shetland Islands. Tait was born the son of a shopkeeper Lerwick in 1828.

#9. What was the ‘Bard of Thomond’s’ real name?

Correct Answer :

Michael Hogan (c.1826-1899). Hogan wrote the epic poem “The Drunken Thady and the Bishop’s Lady”

#10. William Harvey (1811 – 1866) was born in Limerick. He was a world famous botanist and a friend of Charles Darwin. He was born on the grounds of one of the following Limerick 3rd level institutions – which one?

Correct Answer :

Mary Immaculate College. He was born in Summerville House, his parents were Rebecca & Joseph Massey Harvey (a Quaker merchant).


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