In 1648 this lintel according to Eithne Deloughry O’Byrne was carved for the first Jesuit Church in Limerick. The Jesuits arrived in Limerick in 1591 and in 1642 they had a chapel in Castle Lane, another stone from this church is located on the corner of corner of the Crescent and Newnham Street.

The IHS and Cross is formed into the Jesuit cross style which gives more weight to the theory that it came from a Jesuit church.


Detail of left side: Initials GR, Pegasus or perhaps a Phoenix on top, three fish in shield. Fish in heraldry are symbols of Christianity.

1648 3

Detail of centre: IHS 1648, Scared Heart and Cross.


Detail of right side: Initials SP or SB, Possibly Acorn or crescent moon above shield, 3 circles over three point wave, over horse in shield

1648 2