The year 1839 was a contentious time in Limerick’s history, the recently crowned Queen Victoria appointed the Whig politician Hugh Fortescue as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland replacing Constantine Henry Phipps. Hugh Fortescue held the office for two years. He was succeeded by Thomas Philip de Grey. The news of Fortescue’s appointment was not unanimously agreed with and as such the Mayor of Limerick Garrett Hugh Fitzgerald did not formally welcome him into office. This lead to a public meeting of the below named to congratulate Fortescue on his appointment.

Hugh Fortescue

Hugh Fortescue, Image courtesy of wikimedia

The public meeting was announced in the Limerick Chronicle:

Her most gracious Majesty having been pleased to appoint the Right Honorable the Baron Fortescue, to succeed our most deserved beloved and deeply regretted late Chief Governor the Marquis of Normandy.

We, the undersigned, request a Meeting to the inhabitants of the City and Liberties of Limerick, to Swinburn’s Great Rooms, at the hour One o’Clock, p.m. on Friday, the 12th Instant, to congratulate his Excellency on assuming the Government of this country, and to express our confidence that he will follow out the course of policy adopted his respected predecessor.

We are obliged to adopt this mode of calling our fellow-citizens, in consequence of the refusal of the Mayor to comply with our request to convene such a Meeting – dated Limerick 9th April, 1839.

List of those in attendance at the public meeting:

Richard Bourke,Thornfield John Bourke James Harvey R. Harvey
Thomas Roche John Roche Stephen Roche James Burns
William White James Burns John Bowerman Andrew Connolly
Samuel Dickson, J.P. Patrick O’Gorman Richard Harrold Daniel Harrold
Edward Harrold Edward Harrold Michael Gleeson Edmond Connell
Micheal Whelan John O’Brien John Barry John Bouchier, jun.
John Cooke Michael Quinns John Lucas Lawrence Quinlivan
James Gavin John Boyse Thomas Boyse Thomas Welsh, sen.
Thomas Welsh, jun. David Roche M.D. Patt Sheahan James D. Lyons D.L.
R. Bodkin William Howly D.L. A. Shaughnessy Michael Gavin, J.P.
Edward Goodwin Pierce Mahony John Ryan E. O’G. Ryan
Cabel Powell, J.P. Andrew Fawl Richard Kane J.P. Jeremiah Shine
Denis M. O’Brien Martin Honan Gabriel ¬†Alley Michael Shine
Patrick Kirby Robert Bourke, P.P. John Barrett John Dwyer
Tobias Potter Brabazon Connor, J.P. Eugene Molony John Hogan
James Hogan Michael C. Morony Martin McMahon Philip McArdell
P.W. Davoren James Russell, J.P. John Houlahan Pierce Shannon
James O’Brien Patrick Shannon John Thomas Devitt, J.P. Patrick Brennan
Alan Francis O’Neill John Scott James O’Shaughnessy Thomas Devitt
William Galbraith E. O’Brien William Quinn Cornelius O’Brien
A. Chapple & Co. William Hartney Joseph Walsh Francis J. O’Neill
Malachy Ryan John Unthank James O’Shaughnessy James Ryan
J. Knight Carey, M.D. Mathew B. Ryan Robert McMahon Patrick Goulding
J. Brodie James Ryan Francis O’Shaughnessy Thomas Quinlan
John Dallas James T. Quinlan B. McNulty Garrett Sheehy
John McCullinan Stephen O’Donnell William Caulfield Stephen Bourke
Thomas McDon William McDon J. Clampett A.R. Cleary
John Hogan James O’Connor John O’Donnell Paul Rochford
John Rochford Cornelius Creedon William St. Lawrence Charles McMahon
John Hanrahan John McMahon M. O’Farrell Charles McMahon
Charles Nunan A. Tracy James Curtin Michael Dawson
Maurice Roche F. Connell Fitzgerald William Frewen George O’Connell
John Hanly Patt McDonnell Mortimer McMahon John McDonnell
Thomas Wallnutt Edward J. Corbett Michael Bourke Georg C. Bunton
Michael Collins Timothy O’Kelly John Kelly James Alton