The 1911 Census of Ireland was completed in each household on the night of Sunday 2 April 1911, recording information from each person who spent the night in a particular place. It recorded information such as names, ages, occupations, religions, as well as health and marriage details. Though there are some inaccuracies, as people did not know the answer to particular questions or refused to answer them, it does give us a snapshot of life in Ireland at the time. The 1901 and 1911 census records for Ireland were put online by the National Archives of Ireland and are free to search.


The following are some interesting facts about Limerick from this census:

  1. 3,996 people who were born in Limerick were living in Dublin. While 820 people who were born in Dublin were living in Limerick.

  2. There were 4 people in the county born in China, the 3 Collins siblings (Croagh) and Mrs. Florence Gerturde Paxton (North Circular Road).

  3. At 16 year old Margaret O’Shaughnessy (Pallaskenry) was the youngest person married in the county, her husband Daniel was 40.

  4. 12,477 people spoke both Irish and English, while 103 claimed to speak Irish only.

  5. Only three men, Frank Despard (Ballinacurra), Patrick Honan (Bonfield Lane) and Robert Francis Hewson (Croagh) refused to state their religion on the census.

  6. Three women, Kate Blake (New Street), Mary Borough (Colooney Street) and Mary Horgan (Caher) had 20 children each. Though only 36 of the 60 children were still living in 1911.

  7. Michael Murphy (100) and his wife Margaret (95) of Clarina, were the longest married couple at 66 years. They were also among only 40 people who were over 95.

  8. 18 year old Christina Collopy (Hell’s Lane) was the youngest widow, she had a one year old son John.

  9. Kate Mahoney of Caherconlish claimed to be 110 years old.

  10. There were 289 men and 302 women living with their “Parents-In-Law” in the county.