The following are adverts from the Limerick Chronicle

Limerick Chronicle 9 January 1906

Your Presence and that of your friends is requested at the Annual Bazaar in aid of the Limerick Ragged Schools which will (p.v.) be held in the Protestant Orphan Hall, on Saturday, 28th Day of April.

The doors will be open at one o’clock. By kind permission of Colonel Sitwell, D.S.O., and Officers, the Band 1st Batt. 5th Fusiliers with perform in the afternoon.

There will be refreshments Stalls in the Room.

The Children of the Schools will present and Sing.

Admission, One Shilling. Children Sixpence

Private School

121 George Street

Summer term will commence on Thursday, April 26th.

C.L. Hanna

Limerick Chronicle 19 April 1906

Ladies Should Note

Of all hideous and barbarous monstrosities there is nothing worse than the whole bird’s skin one sees in ladies hats. Deformed, crippled, crumpled, broken, goggle-eyed, and dyed, they are a terrible and piteous caricature of the which has once been so replete with such exquisite beauty and delicacy of line, symmetry, and colour. If ladies only knew how it detracts from their otherwise good looks to have such miserable deformities on the top of their heads, the efforts of those who are trying to prevent the slaughter of birds for merely decorative purposes would be considerably assisted.

Corner of Denmark Street and O'Connell Street

Corner of Denmark Street and O’Connell Street