The following list contains marriages that mention places in county Antrim in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

01 Jan 1862 : Joseph Beatty & Bella Acheson

  • At Castlecaulfield, Joseph Beatty, Esq., of Ballymena to Bella, daughter of the Rev Joseph Acheson, Castlecaulfield.

05 Feb 1862 : Seaton F. Milligan & Charlotte Elizabeth Burns

  • In the Wesleyan Chapel, Omagh, Mr Seaton F. Milligan, of Belfast, to Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr Samuel Burns, Omagh.

13 Feb 1862 : Andrew Orr & Nancy Murdock

  • At the Registrar’s Office Ballymena, Andrew Orr Esq., of Dreen House to Nancy, daughter of the late P. Murdock, Esq., Forgehill, Cullbeckey.

13 Feb 1862 : Arthur Gaslee & Mary Lawrence

  • At Madras, Arthur Gaslee, son of the late Rev. Wm. St John Smyth, Rector of Ballymoney, County Antrim, to Mary, daughter of Samuel Lawrence, Esq., Coleraine.

15 Feb 1862 : Ricard Conway Dobbs & Lucretia Burleigh

  • At the Church of St Nicholas, Carrickfergus, Richard Conway Dobbs, of Glendhu Lodge, in the county of Antrim, son of Conway E Dobbs, Est., of North Great George’s Street, Dublin, to Lucretia, daughter of William Burleigh, Esq., J.P., of Carrickfergus.

27 Feb 1862 : William Jones Barcroft & Hannah Wakefield Handcock

  • At the Friends’ Meeting House, Clonmel, William Jones Barcroft of Bedford, near Moy, County Tyrone, to Hannah Wakefield, daughter of Thomas Handcock, M.D., of Finsbury Square, London, and Lisburn, County Antrim.

01 Mar 1862 : John Arnold & Elizabeth Workman

  • ?? John Alexander, son of John Arnold, Esq., of ??? Place, Belfast, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Robert Workman, Esq., of Belfast.

06 Mar 1862 : Augustus Charles Badier & Eliza Ring

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Augustus Charles Badier, to Eliza, daughter of Edward Ring, Esq., Belfast.

08 Mar 1862 : William Aberdeen Chermside & Elizabeth Bellendon Hunt

  • At Christ Church, Belfast, William Anderdeen Chermside, Esq., son of the late Dr. Chermside, Portaferry, county Down to Elizabeth Bellendon, daughter of Charles Hunt, Esq., R.M. county Antrim.

08 Mar 1862 : Hugh Stitt M’Cauley & Margaret M’Clement

  • In Belfast, Hugh Stitt M’Cauley, to Margaret, daughter of Hugh M’Clement, Esq., Belfast.

08 Mar 1862 : Charles John Beanir & Mrs Maggie Peel

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Charles John Beanir, Esq., of Wesbaden, Germany, to Maggie, widow of the late Fredk. Peel. Esq

08 Mar 1862 : Don Jose Gallostra-y-Fran & Charlotte Wallace

  • At Alicante, Spain, Don Jose Gallostra-y-Fran, Civil Governer of the Provence of Salamanca to Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Wallace Esq., formerly of Beechmount, county of Antrim.

08 Apr 1862 : J.B. Annesley & Eliza Ferguson

  • At Malone, Belfast, the Rev J.B. Annesley, Chaplain, of Tubrid Charter School, to Eliza, daughter of James Ferguson, Esq., Newforge, Belfast.

08 Apr 1862 : John Dickson & Jane Matilda Reid

  • In Belfast, John Dickson, Esq., of Belfast to Jane Matilda, daughter of the late Rev Davis Reid, Cookstown.

08 Apr 1862 : Alexander Cumind & Mary Hening

  • In Newry, Alexander Cumind Esq., of Belfast, to Mary daughter of James Hening, Esq., Newry.

24 Apr 1862 : Samuel Alexander & Mary Wiley

  • At Templepatrick, Samuel, son of Arthur Alexander, Esq., Mountpleasant House, Belfast, to Mary, daughter of the late E.D. Wiley, Esq., Ballycushan House, county Antrim.

27 May 1862 : Frederick Viner & Margaret Jane Hanson

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Frederick Viner, Esq., of Bristol, to Margaret Jane, daughter of the late Rev James Hanson, of Donaghmore, County Tyrone.

29 May 1862 : Francis C. M’Minn & Charlotte Louisa Hudson

  • At Belfast, Francis C. M’Minn, Esq., son of the late Francis M’Minn, Esq., M.D. to Charlotte Louisa, daughter of the late John Hudson, Esq., formerly Government Inspector of Factories in Ireland.

07 Jun 1862 : Richard Patterson & Clara Mulligan

  • At Dunmurry, Richard Patterson, Esq., to Clara, daughter of Montagu Baldwin Mulligan, Esq., both of Belfast.

17 Jun 1862 : William Lennox Smythe & Jane Shaw

  • In St. Peter’s Church, Drogheda, William Lennox Smythe, Esq., of Gracehill, County Antrim, to Jane, daughter of John Shaw, Esq., Drogheda.

17 Jun 1862 : Richard M’Culloch & Agnes Park M’Culloch

  • In Belfast Richard M’Culloch, Esq., Glasgow, to Agnes Park, daughter of A.G.S. M’Culloch, Esq., Belfast.

21 Jun 1862 : Frank Harrison Hill & Jane Dalzell

  • In London, Frank Harrison Hill, Esq., of Boston, Lincolnshire, to Jane Dalzell, daughter of the Francis Dalzell Finlay, Esq., Belfast.

29 Jul 1862 : J.A. MacDonald & Margaret Mary Bell

  • In Belfast, J.A. Macdonald, Esq., surgeon, to Margaret Mary, daughter of Robert Bell Esq., formerly of Spring Lodge, County Kerry.

07 Aug 1862 : William Thorn & Mary Anne Evans

  • On the 5th instant, at  St Michael’s Church, in this city, by the Ven Archdeacon Peacocke, William, only son of Robert Thorn, Esq., Thornhill County Tipperary, to Mary Anne, daughter of John Evans, Esq., White Abbey, Belfast. [No cards sent]

12 Aug 1862 : Richard White & Mary Wilson

  • At St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Richard White, Esq., of Omagh, Lieutenant, Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, to Mary, daughter of Stewart Wilson, Esq., M.D. Omagh.

06 Sep 1862 : James L Todd & Margaret Elliott

  • Yesterday, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev Raymond D’Orpen, Curate of St Patrick’s Mr James L Todd, formerly of Belfast to Margaret, second daughter of Mr Andrew Elliott, of Limerick. [No cards Sent.]

09 Sep 1862 : Isaac Andrews & Mrs Bommer

  • In London, Isaac Andrews, Esq., of Comber, county Down, to Mrs. Boomer, of Seaview, Belfast.

13 Sep 1862 : James Heron & Margaret Turrettin

  • At Rostrevor, the Rev James Heron of Muckamore, to Margaret, daughter of Hugh Turrettin, Esq., of Newtown, Rostrevor.

23 Sep 1862 : William Kelly & Lucy Kelly

  • In Bellaghy Church, near Belfast, William Kelly, Esq., Sandymount, to Lucy, daughter of Davis Kelly, Esq., Castledawson.

02 Oct 1862 : Joseph Braithwaite & Anne Mary Milliken

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast George, son of Mr Joseph Braithwaite, to Anne Mary, daughter of Mr Joseph Milliken, Orangefield, Belfast.

18 Oct 1862 : William H Malcolm & Margaret Stitt

  • In Belfast, William H Malcolm Esq., Belfast, to Margaret, daughter of the late Richard Stitt, Esq., Marlborough, County Down.

18 Oct 1862 : Andrew Wright & Sarah Brown

  • In Belfast, Mr Andrew Wright, of Anne Street, to Sarah, daughter of Henry Brown, Esq., Cranston Place, Belfast.

23 Oct 1862 : Joseph Edward Campbell & Elizabeth Patman

  • In Monaghan Church, Joseph Edward Campbell, Esq., merchant, Monaghan, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Edward Patman, Esq., Portglenone, County Antrim.

23 Oct 1862 : Richard C. Bergne & Margaret M’Neill

  • In the Parish Church, Dervock, County Antrim, Richard C. Bergne, Esq., of Skillingthorpe county of Lincoln to Margaret, daughter of the late Alexander M’Neill, Esq., Gardenvale, County Antrim.

04 Nov 1862 : Thomas Rumbold Richardson & Edith Harford

  • At Clewer Church, Thomas Rumbold Richardson, Esq., of the 1st Life Guards and of Somerset, County Londonderry, to Edith, daughter of the late Frederick Harford, Esq., of Sown Place, Berks, and formerly of the Scots Fusilier Guards.

06 Nov 1862 : Frederick Curry Kempster & Ely Eliza Loveday

  • In St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Frederick Curry Kempster, Esq., M.A. Queen’s College, Liverpool, to Ely Eliza, daughter of the late Wm. Loveday, esq., London.

11 Nov 1862 : T.R. Johnstone & Jane Eliza Porter

  • In Belfast, T.R. Johnstone, Esq., Glasgow, to Jane Eliza, daughter of the Rev. John Porter, Windsor, Belfast.

11 Nov 1862 : Conway Pilson & Sarah Overend

  • In Belfast, Conway Pilson, Esq., Downpatrick, to Sarah, daughter of the late Edward King Overend, Esq.

15 Nov 1862 : Robert William Godkin & Eliza M’Cullen

  • At Carnlough County Antrim, Robert William, son of the late Samuel Godkin Esq., Kilnahue, county Wexford to Eliza, daughter of Joseph M’Cullen Esq., Carnlough, County Antrim.

22 Nov 1862 : T. Taylor & Margaret Yorston

  • At St John’s Church, Belfast, Mr T. Taylor, M.R.C.V.S. Manchester to Margaret, daughter of Alexander Yorston, Esq., Belfast.

27 Nov 1862 : David Gillespie & Annie Eliza MacNamara

  • At St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Mr David Gillespie, Brookborough, County Fermanagh, to Annie Eliza, daughter of the late Thomas MacNamara, Esq., Newry.

30 Dec 1862 : Davis Rodney & Jane Savage

  • At St Anne’s Church, Belfast, Mr Davis Rodney, Belfast, to Jane, daughter of Thomas Savage Esq., Lisburn.

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