The following are a list of Limerick authors and Limerick books, please leave a comment below with the titles and addresses of other books, written by local authors or related to Limerick.

Many local books can be ordered on Amazon while short runs of local books can can be ordered from the following shops The Celtic Book Shop – this store holds rare and out of stock books. O’Mahony’s – This is a general book store. Both of these are Limerick based bookstores.

Limerick Writers:

John Ferrar:

Patrick Fitzgerald, John James M’Gregor:

Austin O’ Donovan :

  • Rifleman O’Donovan
  • O’Donovan From Garryowen
  • 365 DAYS LESS 2 DAYS

Limerick Soviet :

James A McMahon & Seamus Flynn :

  • “The Limerick Athenaeum The story of an Irish Theatre since 1852”

Frank Prendergast:

  • Limerick’s Glory

Nicholas Browne :

Frank McCourt :

  • Angelas Ashes
  • ‘Tis
  • Teacher Man

Malachy McCourt :

  • History of Ireland
  • A Monk Swimming

Nick Reddan :

Denis O’Shaughnessy :

  • A Spot so Fair
  • The Pig Buyer and The Pope
  • Limerick: 100 Stories of the century
  • How’s your Father
  • The Bus Excursion
  • Stories of Limerick

Seán Spellissy:

  • Limerick: The Rich Land
  • The history of Limerick City
  • Limerick in old photographs

Sarah McNamara:

  • Development of Limerick by Honan merchants.
  • Those intrepid United Irishwomen
  • Miscellany of Creative writings

Louie Byrne:

  • Dare you ripple my pond
  • Tears on my pillow
  • No light in the window
  • Rainbows Seldom touch the ground
  • Doggerel stories and verse

The Civic Trust:

  • The Limerick we don’t see, volumes 1 & 2.
  • Georgian Limerick (edited by David Lee & Bob Kelly)
  • Georgian Limerick vol. 2 (edited by David Lee & Christine Gonzalez)
  • Made in Limerick, vol 1 & 2 (edited by David Lee & Debbie Jacobs)

Jim Kemmy:

  • Limerick Compendium
  • Limerick Anthology

Seán Curtin: Limerick :

  • A stroll down memory lane (this is a continuous collection of books)

Margaret Franklin:

  • Limerick, a bibliography of the city & county.

Judith Hill:

  • The building of Limerick

Matthew Potter:

  • The Government and the People of Limerick: The History of Limerick Corporation/City Council 1197-2006
  • First Citizens of the Treaty City: The Mayors and Mayoralty of Limerick 1197-2007

Michael McCarthy:

  • High Tension, Life on the Shannon Scheme

Cornelius Kelly:

  • The Grand Tour of Limerick.

Patrick J. McNamara:

  • The Widow’s Penny.
  • Their Name Liveth For Evermore

E.E. O’Donnell:

  • Father Browne’s Limerick

Kenneth Wiggins:

  • Anatomy of a Siege, King John’s Castle, Limerick 1642.

Michael J Carroll:

  • The Castles of County Limerick

Jim McInerney:

  • The Gandelow, a Shannon fishing boat.

Dermot Kelly & Andrew McCarthy:

  • Limerick Boycott 1904.

Andy Bielenberg:

  • The Shannon scheme, and the electrification of the Irish free state.

Liam Liddy:

  • Limerick Junction

Limerick Chamber of Commerce:

  • Limerick, Images of a changed city.

Paddy Cronin :

  • The Auld Town
  • Aubrey de Vere – The Bard of Curragh Chase
  • Michael D. Ryan – The People’s Poet
  • Eas Céad Tine – The Waterfall of the Hundred Fires
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church – A Celebration of Faith

Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc :

  • The Battle For Limerick City

Kate O’Brien:

  • Without My Cloak (1931)
  • The Ante-Room (1934)
  • Mary Lavelle (1936)
  • Pray for the Wanderer (1938)
  • The Land of Spices (1941)
  • The Last of Summer (1943)
  • That Lady (1946)
  • The Flower of May (1953)
  • As Music and Splendour (1958)

John Phayer

  • William Phayer, Coachbuilder, City Magistrate and Town Councillor of Limerick City
  • Dr. Thomas Raleigh Phayer, Medical Doctor, Apothecarist, Surgeon and Physician of Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick
  • Current project: The Phayer family and their role in Goodwins china glassware business in Limerick City.

Bridget O’Donnell