Due to the location of Limerick, on the banks of a large tidal river in the west of Ireland, it is not a stranger to bouts of extreme weather. The following article titled “Boisterous Weather” appeared in the Limerick Chronicle on 29 December 1921

A violent gale visited Limerick and district on Tuesday night, and was accompanied by a drenching downpour, which hurried pedestrians off the streets at an earlier hour than usual. The wind was from the north-west, the point from which it has been blowing since Monday. Reports show that little damage was done to property, and fortunately no accidents appear to have occurred.

In Thomondgate, a small lock-up shop, the property of Mr Sexton, had the chimney stacks blown through the roof with little consequent damage. Ships arriving in the port report heavy weather on the western seaboard. The Shannon presents a swollen appearance as the result of the heavy downfalls, and the weather remains unsettled.

Limerick Chronicle 29 Dec 1921

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