The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Carlow in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

20 Feb 1862 : James McAllister & Christiana Hozier

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, James McAllister, Esq., of Dublin to Christiana, daughter of the late James Hozier, Esq., of Constable Hill, county Carlow.

22 Feb 1862 : James Byrne & Christina Gallagher

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Boicetown, Mr John J Martin, Smithfield, Dublin, to Mary ; and at the same time and place, Mr James Byrne, contractor Carlow to Christina, daughter of the late Edward Gallagher, Esq., of Ginnetts, County Meath.

25 Mar 1862 : George Wattington Stoker & Emilie Blanche Keogh

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, George Wattington Stoker, of the County Clare Constabulary, Esq., to Emilie Blanche, daughter of the late George R. Keogh, of Killbride, in the county of Carlow, Esq., D.L.

05 Aug 1862 : Patrick McHugh & Mary Anne Keogh

  • In the Roman Catholic Church, North William St., Dublin, Patrick McHugh, Esq., Prince Arthur Terrace, Rathmines, to Mary Anne daughter of the late James Keogh, Esq., Heath House, County Carlow.

07 Aug 1862 : Alexander John Simpson & N.M. Murphy

  • In Carlow, Alexander John Simpson, Esq., to Miss N.M. Murphy.

14 Aug 1862 : Dominick Dillon & Annie Kelly

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Maryborough, Dominick Dillon, Esq., of Ross Queen’s County, to Annie daughter of the late Michael Kelly, Esq., of Borris, County Carlow.

07 Oct 1862 : Vesey Edmond Knox & Margaret Clarissa Garrett

  • In Castlewellan Church, Vesey Edmond Knox, Esq., 52nd Light Infantry, to Margaret Clarissa, daughter of the late James P. Garrett, Kellstown Rectory, Carlow.

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