The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Cavan in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

13 Feb 1862 : James Kennedy & Marianne Hart

  • At Carrigallan, County Leitrim Mr James Kennedy, Farnham Arms Hotel, Cavan to Marianne, daughter of Patrick Hart, Esq., Carrigallan.

22 Feb 1862 : Michael McMahon & Bride Agatha Fogarty

  • At Kingscourt, Michael McMahon Esq., of Dundalk, to Bride Agatha, daughter of the late John Fogarty, Esq., of Dunaree House, Kingscourt, County Cavan.

25 Mar 1862 : William Forde & Alice MacManus

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Dublin, William son of the late Bernard Forde, Esq., Onginstown, county Meath, to Alice, daughter of the later Felix MacManus, Esq., Hollyvale, county Cavan.

05 Jun 1862 : Philip M’Kenna & Rose Reilly

  • In the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Cavan, Philip M’Kenna, Esq., to Rose, relict of the late Thomas Reilly, Esq., of Kilnavara, County Cavan

05 Jul 1862 : Joseph J.H. Carson & Maria Alicia Johnston

  • In Glasslough Church, Joseph J.H. Carson, son of the Very Rev. the Dean of Kilmore, vicar General of the diocese, to Maria Alicia, daughter of Henry G Johnston, Esq., Fort Johnson, County Monaghan.

05 Jul 1862 : Harvey C. Murphy & Ellen Louisa Christian

  • In London, Harvey C. Murphy, Esq., son of P.M. Murphy, Esq., Q.C. Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the county of Cavan to Ellen Louisa, daughter of the late Henry Lewis Christian, Esq., of Calcutta.

02 Aug 1862 : Charles Frederick M’Cabe & Kate Mary Connolly

  • At Killeshandra, Charles Frederick M’Cabe Esq., to Kate Mary, daughter of the late Michael Connolly, Esq.

21 Aug 1862 : Ambrose Hartley & Henrietta Frances Shea

  • In St Paul’s Church, Dublin, Ambrose Hartley, Esq., of Cootehill, county of Cavan to Henrietta Frances, daughter of the late John Shea, of Montpelier Hill, Dublin.

13 Sep 1862 : Richard M’Clure & Elizabeth M’Beth

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Richard, son of Andrew M’Clure Esq., Emerald Hill to Elizabeth daughter of the late George M’Beth, Esq., Cavan.

5 Oct 1862 : Charles Stewart Adams & Jane Henrietta Young

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, Charles Stewart Adams, Esq., J.P., of Ashfield county Meath, to Jane Henrietta, daughter of the late Rev Charles Sheridan Young, County Cavan.

16 Oct 1862 : Arthur Willoughby Stafford & Christina Hall

  • In St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Arthur Willoughby Stafford, Esq., S.I., son of the late Major Stafford, Tully House, county Cavan, to Christina, daughter the late Thomas Hall Esq., Lurgan, county Armagh.

08 Nov 1862 : Robert Hague & Sarah Gillman

  • At Ringtone, Robt. Hague, Esq., M.D., R.N., her Majesty’s ship Fernst, son of William Hague, sen, Esq., of Cavan, to Sarah, daughter of Richard Gillman, Esq., Seaview House, Sandygrove, Kinsale.

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