Limerick is a city of many churches, below is a catalogue of the many beautiful and historic churches that can be found. Included with each is a photo of the church along with a short history. Refer to the legend of abbreviations if you’re unsure of any meanings.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, C. of I.

St. John’s Church, C. of I.

St. Michael’s Church, C. of I.

St Munchin’s, C. of I.

St John’s Cathedral, R.C.

St Mary’s Church, R.C.

St. Michael’s Church, R.C.

Penal Chapel

St. Munchin’s, R.C.

St. Patrick’s, R.C.

The Augustinian R.C.

St. Saviour’s Dominican Church, R.C.

The Jesuits Church, R.C.

The Franciscan’s, R.C.

Mount St. Alphonsus

Kilrush Church, R.C.

Christ Church P. & M.

Presbyterian Churches, Henry Street P.

St. Joseph R.C.

The Baptist Church, B.

Central Hall, M.

Trinity Church, E.

Presbyterian Church, Glentworth St. P



C. of I. = Church of Ireland.
R.C. = Roman Catholic.
P. & M. = United Presbyterian and Methodist
P. = Presbyterian
B. = Baptist
E. = Episcopal