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prince milo

Prince Milo of Montengro

Prince Milo Petrović-Njegoš was born in Njeguši, Montenegro on 3 October 1889. His parents were Đuro Petrović and Stane-Cane Đurašković.

In 1919, the Prince left Montenegro for good. Although he spent over half century travelling all around the world to struggle for Montenegrin rights and renewal of Montenegrin statehood.

In September 1927, he married an English woman Helena Grace Smith in Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A. Just over eleven months later his only child, a daughter Milena was born in Los Angeles, United States.

His wandering continued in 1929 when he left America and his family returning to Europe. He settled first in London but later moved to Ireland where he owned an antiques shop and lived a quiet life.

Prince Milo died in Barrington’s Hospital on 22 November 1978. He is buried in a plot he had purchased in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick.

You can read more about Prince Milo in an 2001 interview with his daughter Princess Milena Petrović-Njegoš Thompson here.