Between 11th and 22nd of July 1922, the Civil War tore through the streets of Limerick. At the end of this eleven days siege, a number of people were killed or injured. This period was to become known as Fall of Limerick.

Below is a list of those individuals who were named at having attended the city hospitals for their injuries. There were in all likelihood many others injured during these two weeks that did not attend hospital.

Names of those Killed or Injured in July 1922, Irish Civil War

NameAddressHospitalInjuryResultOther Info
Bourke, EdKnocklongBarrington’s HospitalBullet woundInjuredFree Stater
Brennan, CatherineGarryowenSt. John’s HospitalArm woundInjured 
Brophy, NoraLittle Gerald Griffin StreetSt. John’s HospitalBomb splinterInjured 
Burns, ThomasCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Cadden, Mary 1 New RoadBarrington’s HospitalChest woundFatal18 years old
Cassidy, FrancisKillaloeBarrington’s HospitalFinger woundInjuredFree Stater
Coffey, J.4 Summerville TerraceSt. John’s HospitalWounds legsInjured 
Cronin, EugeneCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Daly, Mrs.26 Patrick StreetBarrington’s HospitalThigh woundInjured 
Downey St. John’s Hospitalstrained backInjuredLieutenant
Downey, JAuxiliary HospitalArm woundInjured 
Downey, Michael51 PennywellSt. John’s HospitalArm woundInjured38 years old
Doyle, JohnCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Dundass, Patrick ParteenBarrington’s HospitalBullet wound neckInjured10 years old
Egan, JohnSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjured 
Egan, John Clare Cottage, AthlunkardBarrington’s HospitalLeg woundInjured52 years old, of Egans’ Patrick Street
Egan, ThomasCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Goggin, FrankAuxiliary HospitalBoth legs woundInjured 
Gorbett, FAuxiliary HospitalAbdomen woundInjured 
Hanley, PatrickCounty InfirmaryFatal 
Harrington, WilliamGreenville, MacroomBarrington’s HospitalBullet wound abdomenInjuredRepublican
Hayes, J.Grange, DromcollogherSt. John’s HospitalGun shot woundInjuredSergeant, Free Stater
Hayes, PatrickGarryowenSt. John’s HospitalInjured 
Hayes, Patrick8 Catherine StreetSt. John’s HospitalWound Right legInjured 
Hogan, FrancisCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Hogan, JohnParnell StreetSt. John’s HospitalArm woundInjured 
Holliday, FrancisCorballyBarrington’s HospitalHand woundInjured30 years old
Kavanagh, MichaelThomondgateBarrington’s HospitalChest woundFatal 
Kearney, ConKanturk, CorkBarrington’s HospitalBullet wound head and handInjuredFree Stater
Kelly, JohnFeakle, ClareBarrington’s Hospitalleg woundInjuredFree Stater
Kennedy, T.White’s LaneSt. John’s HospitalLeg woundInjured 
Kenny, D.68 High Road, ThomondgateSt. John’s HospitalInjured 
Keogh, James22 Upper Gerald Griffin StreetSt. John’s HospitalBomb & gun wound armInjured 
Killeen, Dan2 Myles StreetSt. John’s HospitalArm woundInjured 
Lee, Mary2 Cecil StreetSt. John’s HospitalBomb wound armInjured 
Liddy, F.77 O’Connell StreetSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjuredPrivate
Lysaght, MartinCloughleigh Road, EnnisBarrington’s Hospitalbullet wound left arm and chestInjuredFree Stater
Maher, John (FS)Clare StreetBarrington’s HospitalHand woundInjuredFree Stater
McCarthy, Mary4 Catherine StreetSt. John’s HospitalGunshot woundInjured 
McDonnagh, John10 Little Ellen StreetBarrington’s HospitalLeg & Arm woundInjured 
McDonogh, John4 Ellen StreetSt. John’s HospitalLeg woundInjured 
McEnery, JosephSt Flannan’s Terrace, EnnisBarrington’s Hospitalhead shotFatalFree Stater
McGee, WilliamCounty InfirmaryInjured 
McNamara, MichaelBishop StreetBarrington’s HospitalThigh woundInjuredRepublican
Minihan, MichaelSandmallSt.John’s HospitalStomach woundFatalScout, 16 years old
Moloney, MartinQuilty, ClareBarrington’s HospitalHead WoundInjured 
Moroney, JohnFeakle, ClareBarrington’s HospitalWound thumbInjuredFree Stater
Moynihan, Thomas F.Elmfield Ave, BelfastBarrington’s HospitalWound arm and abdomenInjuredFree Stater
Naughton, P. Edward StreetSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjuredCaptain
Nunan, JohnParnell StreetSt. John’s HospitalBody woundFatal 
O’Brien, Bridget (19)Bank PlaceBarrington’s HospitalMultiple bullet woundsFatal19 years old
O’Brien, M.O’Connell AvenueSt. John’s HospitalEar woundInjured 
O’Brien, MichaelBack Clare StreetBarrington’s HospitalChest woundInjuredRepublican
O’Brien, ThomasUpper William StreetSt. John’s HospitalHeart woundFatalPrivate, Free Stater, 18 years old
O’Connor, P.Castle BarracksBarrington’s Hospitalbullet left armInjuredRepublican
O’Leary, J.EnniscortyAuxiliary HospitalGunshot wound backFatal 
O’Mahony, Francis120 O’Connell StreetSt. John’s HospitalLeg woundInjured23 years old
O’Mahony, P. MacroomSt. John’s HospitalHead woundFatalPrivate
O’Sullivan, Patrick7 Patrick StreetSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjured 
O’Brien, ThomasCounty InfirmaryInjured 
O’Donnell, TimothyCounty InfirmaryInjured 
O’Dwyer, Thomas (Private)St. John’s HospitalBomb splinter headInjuredPrivate 
O’Keeffe, Willaim (F.S.)Claremorris, Co. MayoBarrington’s Hospitalpuncher wound left sideInjuredFree Stater
O’Mahony, J.Auxiliary HospitalArm woundInjured 
O’Neill, R.Auxiliary HospitalThigh woundInjured 
O’Neill, RichardCounty InfirmaryInjured 
O’Shea, T.Auxiliary HospitalBoth legs woundInjured 
O’Sullivan, PatrickCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Purcell, Ellen2 Little Gerald Griffin StreetSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjured 
Quinn, Gerard CorballySt. John’s HospitalBomb & Gun wound armInjuredCaptain, Free Stater
Quinn, James4 Rosemary PlaceBarrington’s HospitalBullet wound right legInjuredRepublican
Reidy, Joseph3 Ryan’s Lane, Queen StreetSt. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjured 
Reynells, D. (Colonel)St. John’s HospitalThigh woundInjuredColonel
Ryan, MartinCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Ryan, MichaelFrancis StreetBarrington’s HospitalShoulder woundInjured 
Ryan, T.St. John’s HospitalLeg woundInjured 
Ryan, ThomasCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Ryan, WilliamCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Scott, JohnSt. Joseph’s TerraceSt. John’s HospitalHand woundInjured 
Sister Mary MargaretTraining CollegeSt. John’s HospitalBack woundInjuredNun
Tohill, T.Flag LaneSt. John’s HospitalNeck woundInjured 
Wallace, EdwardWatergateSt. John’s HospitalChest woundFatal62 years old
Walsh, Ed.FoynesSt. John’s HospitalGun shot wound, left thighInjured 
Walshe, WilliamCounty InfirmaryInjured 
Welsh, W.Auxiliary HospitalLeg woundInjured 
Williams, John Gerald Griffin StreetBarrington’s HospitalBullet wound toeInjuredFree Stater
Windrim, Ellen Dominic StreetSt. John’s HospitalBody woundFatal

54 years old

From Limerick Chronicle – Various papers July 1922