The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Cork in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

13 Feb 1862 : Richard Crofts Williams & Jane Seymour

  • At St Mary Shandon, Cork, Mr Richard Crofts Williams, of Janemount, to Jane daughter of the late Mr Harris Seymour, of Cork.

15 Feb 1862 : James Casey Nunan & Kate M’Carthy

  • At Kinsale, James Casey Nunan, Esq., M.D., son of John Nunan, of Croom, County Limerick, to Kate Joseph M’Carthy daughter of the late Charles M’Carthy, Esq., of Kinsale.

15 Feb 1862 : William J. Daly & Jane Kingston

  • At Bantry Church, William J. Daly, Esq., solicitor, of Dublin to Jane, daughter of John J Kingston, Esq., Bantry.

15 Feb 1862 : Henry Bliss & Margaret Ellen Beauchamp

  • At the Church of St Mark, Tollington Park, London, Henry, son of Mr Edwin Bliss, of Lonsdale Square, Islington, to Margaret Ellen, daughter of the Rev. Robert Beauchamp, of Youghal, County Cork.

15 Feb 1862 : Herbert Glendinning Bainbridge & Rose Reeves

  • At Putney, Herbert Glendinning Bainbridge, son of Anthony F Bainbridge, Esq., of Putney, to Rose, daughter of Wm. M. Reeves, Esq., Vostersberg, County Cork.

15 Apr 1862 : Arthur Rodney Owen & Victoria Christina Holmes

  • On the 12th inst., in Queenstown Church, by the Rev. John Lombard M.A., assisted by the Rev. J.W. Clarke, B.D. Chaplain, R.N., Arthur Rodney Owen, Esq., Senior Lieutenant H.M.S. Hawke third son of Sit Hugh Owen Owen, Bart., M.P. for Pembroke, and nephew of Lord Tredegar, to Victoria Christina, youngest daughter of the late Robert Holmes, Esq., of Glenannore and Beechmount, J.P., County Cork.

20 Feb 1862 : James McAllister & Christiana Hozier

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, James McAllister, Esq., of Dublin to Christiana, daughter of the late James Hozier, Esq., of Constable Hill, County Carlow.

22 Feb 1862 : Robert R Brash & Annie Good

  • On the 20th inst. At Ballymony Church, by the Rev W. H. Mangan, A.M., Robert R. Brash Esq., Montevilla, Cork to Annie, daughter of Edward H. Good Esq., Ballineen House, Ballineen, County Cork.

22 Feb 1862 : Michael Augustus McKenna & Mary Jane McCarthy

  • A Deniliquis, New South Wales, Michael Augustus McKenna, Esq., of Dublin, to Mary Jane daughter of John McCarthy, Esq., of Sunday’s Well Cork.

01 Mar 1862 : James Matthew Green & Margaret Bowles

  • On the 27th ult., at Ahern Church, by the Rev J.W. Bowles, Captain James Matthew Green, 70th Regt., eldest son of T. M. Green, Esq., of Ahadoe House, County Cork, to Margaret, daughter of Spotswood Bowles, Esq., of Ahern House, same County

01 Mar 1862 : George M Lane & Sophia Jane Hornibrook

  • At Dunderrow Church, County Cork, George M Lane, Esq., son of Captain Lane, J.P., of Arlandtown, to Sophia Jane, daughter of John Hornibrook, Esq., of Corran House.

01 Mar 1862 : Joseph Calnan & Ellen Mary Falvey

  • At Bandon, Mr Joseph Calnan, wine merchant, to Ellen Mary, daughter of the late Denis Falvey, Esq.

11 Mar 1862 : Edward Benjamin Braddell & Martha Jones Nunn

  • At Leckhampton Church near Cheltenham, Edward Benjamin Braddell, Esq., of Mallow, County Cork, late Captain 70th Regt., to Martha Jones Nunn daughter of the later Joshua Nunn, Esq., of St Margaret’s and Hell Castle, Co. Waterford.

11 Mar 1862 : Jeremiah J Murphy & Mary Murphy

  • At Ahabollogue, County Cork, Jeremiah J Murphy, Esq., of Srelane, to Mary daughter of Timothy J. Murphy, Esq., Dromitimore House.

18 Mar 1862 : Thomas Howe & Helena Priscilla Beamish

  • In the Parish Church of Drimoleague, County Cork, Mr Thomas Howe, of Rushfield, to Helena Priscilla, daughter of Richard S. Beamish, Esq. of The Acres, County Cork.

20 Mar 1862 : Robert William Forrest & Isabella Travers Cummins

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, by the Rev Augustus C. L. Coghlan, Incumbent of Nantenan, County of Limerick, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Charles James McCormack, the Rev Robert William Forrest, Incumbent of St Andrew’s Liverpool, son of the Rev Thomas Forrest Rector of Kilteskin, diocese of Cloyne, to Isabella Travers, elder daughter of Nicholas Cummins, Esq., of Carrigduve, Blackrock and granddaughter of the late Major General Sir Robert Travers, K.C.B., &c.

22 Mar 1862 : William Henry Hamilton & Anna Maria Thompson

  • At Christ Church, Cork, William Henry Hamilton, Esq., of Cork, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late John Horatio Thompson, Esq., H.M.’s 56th Regt.

1 Apr 1862 : Dominic Cronin & Kate Lyons

  • In Cork, Dominic Cronin, Esq to Kate, daughter of Dr. Lyons, M.P.

06 Apr 1862 : Henry Benn & Eliza Dalton

  • At St Anne Shandon, Cork Henry Benn, Esq., of Ballyclough, to Eliza Dalton, of Mildleton, County Cork.

10 Apr 1862 : James Edwin Pim & Susanna Eliza Harris

  • At St Luke’s Church, Cork, James Edwin Pim, Esq., of Eglantine, Cork, son of Jonathan Pim, Esq., of Mountmellick, Queen’s County, to Susanna Eliza, daughter of Thomas W. Harris, Esq., of Adelaide Lodge, Cork.

15 Apr 1862 : R Waugh & Christina Thompson

  • At St Luke’s Church, County Cork, Mr R Waugh, late of Sandhurst, Australia, to Christina, daughter of Mr Samuel M. Thompson, Victoria Terrace, Cork.

24 Apr 1862 : Joseph North Chamley & Sarah Kirk

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, Joseph North Chamley, Esq., son of the late Christopher Chamley, Esq., of Dublin, barrister-at-law, to Sarah, daughter of the late Edwd. Kirk, Esq., of Cork, architect.

24 Apr 1862 : Herbert Taylor & Maria Josephine Fetherston

  • In Dublin, Herbert, son of the late John S. Taylor, Esq., of Corballis, County Meath to Maria Josephine, daughter of the late  Francis Fethertson H., Esq., D.L., Roscommon.

01 May 1862 : Thomas M. Busted & Annie Danckert

  • At Christ Church Cork, Thomas M. Busted Esq., A.M., to Annie, daughter of John Danckert, Esq.

01 May 1862 : P.H. Hughes & Minnie Higginson

  • In Cork, P.H. Hughes, Esq., of Dublin, to Minnie, daughter of Charles Higginson Esq., Clanmire Road, Cork.

06 May 1862 : Henry Phair & Martha Phair

  • At Glanmire Church, Cork, Henry Phair, Esq., of Butlerstown, to Martha, daughter of the late Francis Phair, Esq., of Brooklodge, both of the County Cork.

06 May 1862 : Charles J Leahy & Susanne Thornton

  • In Cork, Charles J Leahy, Esq., of Killarney, to Susanne, daughter of the late George Thornton, Esq.

06 May 1862 : John Murphy & Eliza O’Callaghan

  • At Killarney, Mr John Murphy, of Doneraile, County cork, to Eliza, daughter of Mr Daniel O’Callaghan, senior, of Killarney.

27 May 1862 : John Morton & Anne Hall Andrews

  • At Templeharry Church, John Morton, Esq., son of the late William Morton, County Cork. Esq., and Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland Nenagh, to Anne Hall Andrews, daughter of John Andrews, Esq., J.P. of Silverhills, King’s County.

29 May 1862 : A Hughes & Elizabeth Aldworth

  • In St James’s Church, Wesbourne Terrace, London, A Hughes, Esq., of Sydenham, to Elizabeth Aldworth, daughter of the late Rev Alleyn Evanson, of Four-mile-water Court, County Cork.

07 Jun 1862 : John George Newson Parker & Sarah Johnson Topp

  • At Passage West, John George Newsom, son of Richard Nevill Parker of Waterview, County Cork, Esq., to Sarah Johnson, daughter of the late John William Topp, Esq., of Bellevue.

21 Jun 1862 : Samuel Smith & Mary George Evans

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Samuel Smith, Esq., Kyle House, Tullow, County Carlow, son of the Edward Smith, Esq., Buckstown House, County Wexford, to Mary George, daughter of the late Julius B. Evans, Esq., M.D., Cork.

26 Jun 1862 : Thomas Hosbands & Mrs Arabella O’Sullivan

  • In Kilcrohane Church, by the Rev A. V. Watson, A.M., T.C.D., Mr Thomas Hosbands, of Brook Villa, to Mrs Arabella O’Sullivan, of Sneem.

03 Jul 1862 : Joseph Gadsden Nash & Ellen Buckley

  • At St Luke’s Church, Cork, Joseph Gadsden Nash, Esq., merchant, Liiverpool, to Ellen, daughter of Robert William Buckley, Esq., of Cork.

03 Jul 1862 : Andrew Thunder & Annie Fitzgerald

  • In Paris, Andrew Thunder, son of the late Andrew Thunder, Esq., of Ashton Park, County Dublin, to Annie, daughter of the late Richard Albert Fitzgerald, Esq., M.P. Muckridge House, County Cork.

08 Jul 1862 : George Constantine Phipps & Sarah Anne Phillios

  • On the 2nd inst. At Christ Church, Moss Side, Manchester, by Rev Thompson Phillips, and the Rev John H. Phipps, George Constantine Phipps Esq., M.D., son of Michael W. Phipps, Esq., of the County of Cork. To Sarah Anne, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Robert Phillios, 40th Regt.

08 Jul 1862 : Robert John Martin & Sarah Hoddler

  • At Passage West, Robert John, Son of Hughes Martin, of Tullygreen, to Sarah, daughter of the late George J Hoddler Esq.

08 Jul 1862 : William Henry Kent & Frances Anne Giddy

  • At St Mary’s Twickenham, William Henry Kent, M.D. of Ballyvourney, County Cork to Frances Anne, daughter of Mr Osman Giddy, of Twickenham, Middlesex.

10 Jul 1862 : Henry Radley & Dorcas Bousfield Creagh

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, Henry Radley, Esq., Janeville, Sunday’s Well, to Dorcas Bousfield, daughter of the late Benjamin B. Creagh, Esq., of Laurentinum, in the County of Cork.

10 Jul 1862 : Christopher Burkett Harley & Rosalie Swanzy

  • In Castleblayney Church, County of Cork, the Rev. Christopher Burkett Harley, of Castleblakeney, to Rosalie, second daughter of Hugh Swanzy, Esq., of Connaberry House, Castleblayney.

05 Aug 1862 : John Walpole & Fanny Peard

  • At Castlelyons Church County Cork, John Walpole, Esq., of Millgrove, County Tipperary to Emma Fanny, daughter of the late Henry Hawk Peard, Esq., J.P., of Coole Abbey, Co. Cork.

07 Aug 1862 : Charles Henry Bruce Somerset & Victoria Alice Anne Beare Fitzgibbon

  • At All Saints’ Church, London, Charles Henry Bruce Somerset, son of Lieut-Col. Henry Charles Capel Somerset, pf Elm Lodge, Hamstead, Gloucestershire, to Victoria Alice Anne Beare, daughter of the late William Fitzgibbon, Esq., of Sydney House, Cork.

14 Aug 1862 : F. Bernard Servington Beamish & Miss Broadley

  • At the Parish Church, Clifton, F. Bernard Servington, son of F. Bernard Beamish, Esq., M.P., and the Hon Mrs Beamish, to Miss Broadley, daughter of Colonel Broadley, of Belle Vue, County Cork.

14 Aug 1862 : Henry Wellington Hertford & Isabella Fitton

  • In St Luke’s Church, Cork, Henry Wellington Hertford, Esq., 21st Fusiliers, to Isabella, daughter of the late Thomas Fitton, Esq., solicitor, of Bloomfield, near Cork.

16 Aug 1862 : Robert James Martin & Sarah Wilhelmina Ronayne

  • At Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Robert Jas. Martin, Esq., to Sarah Wilhelmina, daughter of the late Wm. Crooke Ronayne, Esq., of Cork.

21 Aug 1862 : Charles Kennedy & Mary McNamara

  • At the Roman Catholic Chapel of St Finn Bar, Cork, Charles Kennedy, jun. of Clonsilla, son of Charles Kennedy, Esq., of Kingstown, County Dublin, to Mary, third daughter of John McNamara, Esq., of Dublin.

21 Aug 1862 : L.H. Clare & Sarah Penelope Levis

  • At Creagh Church, L.H. Clare Esq., Cork to Sarah Penelope daughter of John Levis, Esq., Skibbereen.

30 Aug 1862 : Thomas Parker Edwards & Jane Elizabeth Evanson Swanton

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas Parker Edwards, Esq., A.B., T.C.D., to Jane Elizabeth Evanson widow of Wm Swanton, Esq., Ballydehob, County Cork.

06 Sep 1862 : James Simpson & Olivia Daunt

  • At the British Consulate, Bordeaux, James Simpson, Esq., formerly of Glasgow, to Olivia, daughter of Thomas Daunt, Esq., of Belgooly, near Kinsale County Cork.

11 Sep 1862 : Thomas Waggett & Catherine Magill

  • At Lissan Church, Thomas Waggett, of Courtmac-Sherry, Esq., son of the late Rev. Thomas Waggett of Rathclarin, County Cork, to Catherine, daughter of the late Samuel Rankin Magill of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Esq. J.P.

16 Sep 1862 : John Edwards & Caroline Leonard

  • At Christ Church, Cork, John Edwards, Esq., J.P., Knockrobbin, County Wicklow, to Caroline, daughter of the late John Archbold Leonard, Esq., J.P., of Clermont, in the same County.

25 Sep 1862 : Thomas Henry Ashburu & Annie Atkins

  • At Carrigaline, County Cork, Thomas Henry, son of the late Edward Ashburu, Esq., Sub-Inspector of Constabulary, County Waterford, to Annie, daughter of Mr Benjamin Atkins.

25 Sep 1862 : Ricahrd Smyth & Mary Caroline Cooke

  • At St Olave’s Church, Waterford, Captain Richard Smyth, of the ship Aeneas, to Mary Caroline, daughter of Dr Thomas Cooke, of Youghal.

14 Oct 1862 : Richard Baker & Anne Maria Davis

  • At the Friends’ Meeting House, Clonmel, Richard, son of Richard H. Baker, Esq., of Cork, to Anne Maria, daughter of Samuel Davis Esq., Clonmel

04 Nov 1862 : Robert Harding Wigmore & Emma Jones

  • At Newcurch, Isle of Whight, Robert Harding, son of Richard Harding Wigmore, Esq., of Ballinona, County Cork, to Emma, daughter of the Rev J. Jones, incumbent of Cradley, Worcestershire.

06 Nov 1862 : Washington Irving & Jennie Gaskell

  • At Philadelphia, U.S. Washington Irving, Esq., Paymaster United States Navy to Jennie, daughter of Peter P Gaskell, Esq., Shanagarry, County Cork.

08 Nov 1862 : Robert Hague & Sarah Gillman

  • At Ringtone, Robt. Hague, Esq., M.D., R.N., her Majesty’s ship Fernst, son of William Hague, sen, Esq., of Cavan, to Sarah, daughter of Richard Gillman, Esq., Seaview House, Sandygrove, Kinsale.

08 Nov 1862 : Thomas Entight & Margaret Anne Punch

  • Thomas Enright, of Barnihalea House, County Cork, to Margaret Anne, daughter of Mr Matthew Punch, of Rinaskiddy, same County.

11 Nov 1862 : James O’Donohue & Dorinda Emma M’Carthy

  • In Cork, James O’Donohue, Esq., Bangor, State of Maine, U.S., to Dorinda Emma, daughter of Mr Thomas M’Carthy of Cork.

22 Nov 1862: Alexander B. F. Thompson & Mary Anne Bevins

  • On the 20th instant, at St Luke’s Church, Cork, Alexander B.F. Thompson, of Shalimar House, Calcutta, to Mary Anne, daughter of the later Mr George Bevans, of Dover, and niece of Captain S. S. Mowle of Cork.

22 Nov 1862 : Beecher L. Fleming & Elizabeth Somerville Reeves

  • At St Finbarr’s Cork, Becher L Flemming Esq., son of Lionel J Fleming, Esq., of New Court, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Somerville Reeves, Esq.

29 Nov 1862 : John M’Donnell Webb & Cornelia Martha Byrne

  • At Corkbeg Church, County Cork, John M’Donnell Webb, Esq., late Captain 4th Dragoon Guards, to Cornelia Martha, daughter of the late Lieut. Colonel Byrne, 91st Regt.

29 Nov 1862 : George T. O’Kelly & Mary Helena Roche

  • At Aghda, County Cork, George T. O’Kelly, Esq., son of E. J. O’Kelly, Esq., resident medical officer, Cork Fever Hospital, to Mary Helena, daughter of the late Hugh Roche, Esq., of Aghada House.

29 Nov 1862 : Wyrley Birch & Rebecca Katherine Kyle

  • At St Anne’s Church Dublin, Wyrley Birch, Esq., jun., son of the late George Wyrley Birch, Esq., of East Wretham, Norfolk, to Rebecca Katherine, daughter of the Ven. Samuel Moore Kyle, Archdeacon of Cork, Vicar-General of the United Dioceses.

20 Dec 1862 : Clement Kirby Baldwin & Susan Jane Watson

  • In St Anne’s Parish Church, Belfast, Clement Kirby, son of the late Franklin Baldwin, Esq., Castle Baldwin, Macroom, County Cork, to Susan Jane, daughter of David Watson, Esq., Drumatee, County Armagh.

20 Dec 1862 : Edward R Townsend & Elizabeth Humphrey

  • Edward R Townsend, Esq., Cork, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Humphrey, Esq., late of Aberdeen.

30 Dec 1862 : T.C. Deneh & Fanny Llyod

  • At Templemore Church, Captain T.C. Deneh, R.N., Knight of the Legion of Honor, Inspecting Commander of Coast Guard, Kinsale, to Fanny, daughter of George R. Llyod, Esq. Skehan house, Templemore.

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