The following list contains marriages that mention places in county Cork.

These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle, 1863:


3 January: James Barney & Ellen McDowell

At St. Mary’s Donnnybrook, James Barney, Esq., of Ipswick, Suffolk, of Ellen, daughter of the late Charles McDowell, Esq., of Cork.


6 January: George F. Ashe & Sarah Clancy

In Fermoy Church, county Cork, George F. Ashe, Esq., A.B. to Sarah, daughter of the late John Clancy of Fermoy


6 January: T. Shuldham Henry & Sarah Hickson

At Whitechurch county Cork, Rev T Shuldham Henry, to Sarah, daughter of the late John Hickson, Esq., of The Grove, county Kerry


10 January: Thomas Spencer & Charlotte Wellesley Hughes

At St Luke’s Church, Cork, Thomas Spencer Esq., to Charlotte Wellesley, daughter of the late P.H. Hughes Esq


17 January: William Leader & Sophia Berri Humfrey

At Monkstown Church, county Dublin, the Rev. William Leader, son of Henry Leader, Esq., of Dromaneen, county of Cork, to Sophia Berri, daughter of Alexander john Humfrey, Esq., of Ardiston, county Carlow


7 February: Clinock Thomas & Frances Harding

On the 5th inst., at Christ’s Church Cork, by the Rev J. W. Clarke, B.D. Chaplain R.N. assisted by the Rev. Robert Norcott, curate of the parish, Clinock Thomas Esq., R.N. Paymaster H.M.S. Hawke, to Frances, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Harding of this city (Limerick)


7 February: Ignatius S Kelly & Teresa Massey

In this city (Limerick) on the 30th ult, Ignatius S. Kelly Esq., of the Provincial Bank, Cork to Teresa, daughter of the late Wm. B. Massey, Esq.


14 February: Frederick James Bankhead & Annie Thomas

At St. Luke’s Church, Cork, Frederick James Bankhead, of Liverpool, son of the late Rev. John Bankhead, Co. Antrim to Annie daughter of Philip James Thomas, Mount Verdon Terrace, Cork


21 February: William Harrison Keane & Norah Elizabeth Cahill

At Kilmallock, county Limerick, William Harrison Keane, of Cork, to Norah Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Cahill Esq., Kilmallock


21 February: Thomas Magle & Maryanne Cronin

At Castlemagner, Mr. Thomas Magle of Buttevant, to Maryanne, daughter of the late Mr. Timothy Cronin, of Coolnamangh, both in the county Cork.


21 February: Horace Townsend Fleming & Emma Catherine Rothwell

At Kells, the Rev Horace Townsend Fleming, Prebendary of St. Michael’s Cork to Emma Catherine, Daughter of the Late Richard Rothwell Esq., of Rockfield co. Meath.


24 February: Francis F Harney & Frances Elizabeth Pollock

In Waterford, Francis F. Harney, son of the late Robert Harney, Esq of Kyle House County Wexford to Frances Elizabeth, daughter of John Pollock Esq., Youghal


12 March: James Forbes & Miss Sarah Hodges

In the Scotch Church, Bandon, Mr James Forbes to Miss Sarah Hodges


21 April: George Deacon & Helena Jane Taylor

At Christ Church, Cork, the Rev George Deacon, of Clonakilty, to Helena Jane daughter of the late Captain James Taylor, 46 Regt.


21 April: Archibald Merry & Celia Wood

At St. Mary’s Shandon, Cork, Mr Archibald Merry, to Miss Celia Wood, both Youghal


25 April: William Sydney Nugent & Jane Louisa Anderson

At Monkstown Church, county Cork, William Sydney Nugent, Esq., Lieutenant H.M.’s 103 Regt., to Jane Louisa daughter of the late John Wm. Anderson Esq, Esq., of Fermoy, county Cork


2 May: P.W.Hackett & Mary Murphy

At the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, P.W.Hackett, Esq., 9th Regt., son of Sir William Hackett, of Lotamore, Cork to Mary, daughter of J.J. Murphy, Esq., Master in Chancery


7 May: Robert Read & Ellen Holland

In Cork, Robert Read,Esq., son of Thomas Read Esq., Courtown House, county Kildare, to Ellen, daughter of P. Holland Esq., of Gravesend, Kent


16 May: Llewellan C. Nash & Ellen Henrrietta Welland

At Ahabollogue, the Rev. Llewellan C. Nash. to Ellen Henrrietta, daughter of the Rev. William Welland, Prebendary of Cloyne.


19 May: Maurice Uniacke Atkin & Rebecca Upton Sargent

On the 13th inst., at St Mary’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. B. Gibson, Maurice Uniacke Atkin, Esq., H.M.S., to Rebecca Upton, youngest daughter of John Sargent, Esq., county Cork


19 May: Hugh Green & Eliza Webb

At Dundurrow Church, county Cork, Hugh Green, of Horse Hill, Kinsale, solicitor, to Eliza, daughter of the Rev R.F. Webb, rector of Dundurrow.


19 May: William S Tisdall & Mary Murphy

At Ballinadee Church, Wm S Tisdall, Esq., of Donemark House, Bantry, to Mary, daughter of Michael J Murphy, Esq., of Donemark Falls, county Cork


23 May: John Lindsay & Mary Ryan

In Dublin, John Lindsay, Esq., of Wicklow, to Miss Mary Ryan, of Patrick Street, Cork


2 June: Charles Bateman & Anne Heagerty

At Wesley Chapel, Patrick Street, Cork, Mr Charles Bateman, Postmaster, Kinsale to Anne, daughter of Mr D. Heagerty, Passage West


2 June: Francis A Mooney & Frances Roberts

At St George’s Church, Dublin, Mr Francis A Mooney, to Frances, daughter of the late Thomas William Roberts, Esq., late of Dublin, and formerly of Copse, county Cork


6 June: Robert S Gregg & Elinor Bainbridge

At Frankfield Church, Cork by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Cork, father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Very Rev, the Dean of Cork, the Rev Robert S Gregg, M.A. Chaplain to the Bishop to Elinor, daughter of John Hugh Bainbridge Esq., of Frankfield, county Cork


9 June: Frederick Hardy & Kate Cotter Kyle

In St. Luke’s Church Cork, Major Frederick Hardy, 84th Regiment, to Kate Cotter Kyle daughter of the Venerable Samuel Moore Kyle LLd Archdeacon of Cork and Vicar General of the diocese


9 June: William Jackson Cummins & Elizabeth Henrietta Poole

At Monkstown Church County Cork, William Jackson Cummins, Esq M.D. to Elizabeth Henrietta daughter of the late Thomas Poole Esq of Mayfield County Cork.


11 June: Patrick M. Dundon & Maryanne Curtin

In Cork, Patrick M. Dundon, Esq., to Maryanne, daughter of the late John Curtin Esq. Coburgh Street Cork.


18 June: Francis Montgomery Jenning & Margaret Long

At Rathdrummin, county Louth, Francis Montgomery Jenning, Esq., of Cork, to Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Richard Henry Long, Rector of Rathdrummin.


23 June: Maurice Otho Fitzgibbon & Wilhelmina Fitzgibbon

At St. Michael’s Church Dublin, Maurice Otho Fitzgibbon, Esq., to Wilhelmina, daughter of Cross Howe Fitzgibbon Esq., J.P. of Innislinga Abbey, both of the county Cork


27 June: Francis Heard & Sarah Bradshaw Loane

At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, Francis Heard, Esq., to Sarah Bradshaw, daughter of the late Surgeon George Loane, M.D. 8th Royal Veteran Battalion, and of Bandon, county Cork.


30 June: Arundul Hill & Mary Harriett Roy

At Tralee Church, the Rev Arundel Hill, Incumbent of Fermoy, son of James Hill, Esq., J.P. Greig Doneraile, to Mary Harriett, daughter of the late James Aaron Roy, Esq., late Captain 71st Highland Light infantry and Barrack Master Tralee.


9 July: William Henry Bible & Mrs Annie Kohler nee Odell

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Henry, son of Henry Bible, Esq, of Cork to Annie, Relict of the late Charles Kohler Esq., of Dublin, and daughter of the later Major John Cornwall Odell, 41st Regt. Madras Native Infantry, formerly of the county Limerick.


9 July: William Clarke Walker & Mrs Catherine Colburn nee Halburd

At Rathclaren Church, county Cork, the Rev Wm Clarke Walker, Prebendary and Vicar of Timoleague, to Catherine, daughter of the Rev Robert Halburd, Rector of Kilbrittain and widow of W. Colburn Esq.,


9 July: John F Lambert & Frances Thornton

At St Luke’s Church, Cork, John F Lambert Esq., to Frances, daughter of the late George Thornton Esq.


23 July: Francis A Twiname & Kate McGarry

At Buttevant Church, Francis A Twiname, Esq., of Ballyphillip, county Cork, to Kate daughter of Mr Wm McGarry of Buttevant.


1 August: J.G. A. Taylor & Charlotte Sophia Pierse

At Ardfert Parish Church, J.G. A. Taylor Esq., of Castlemartyr, County Cork to Charlotte Sophia, daughter of the late G. Pierse Esq., of Minigahan House, County Kerry.


22 August: Andrew Oliver Lyons & Fanny Longford

Andrew Oliver Lyons, Esq., County Surveyor, Mallow to Fanny, daughter of P. Kelly, Esq., J.P. Longford, county Galway and late of the 87th Regt.


25 August: Bindon Scott & Elizabeth Heard

In Mogeesha Church, county Cork, Bindon Scott Esq., of Albion House. Blackrock, county Dublin to Elizabeth daughter of the late Edward Heard Esq., M.D. of Ballintubber, county Cork


1 September: Charles Garfit & Catherine Gwynne

At the Parish Church of Whitechurch, county Cork, Charles Garfit Esq., of Wincham, Cheshire to Catherine daughter of the Rev Stephen Gwynne Rector of Agherton


5 September: John Hamilton Bryan & Lizzie Seymour

At Queenstown, John Hamilton Bryan, Esq., Prospect Hill , Dunmanway, to Lizzie, daughter of James Seymour, Esq., Midleton Park, county Cork


5 September: Patrick M Feely & Annie McCarthy

At Kilmeen, Patrick M Feely Esq., SI Clonkilty to Annie daughter of John McCarthy, Esq, Ballyburteen House, County Cork


24 September: John Henry Sugrue & Henrietta Minhear

John Henry, son of Charles Sugrue, Esq J.P. of Cork, and of Fermoyle, county Kerry to Henrietta, daughter of the late James Minhear Esq., J.p. of Raleigh, county Cork.


26 September: Francis Cooper & Elizabeth Mary Hayes

At Christ Church Cork, the Rev Francis Cooper, Glenavy, to Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Horace Hayes, Esq., of Cork


29 September: Maurice Mathews & Hetty Kate Bull

At St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Maurice Mathews Esq., of Dublin to Hetty Kate, daughter of the late Richard Bull, Esq., of Ballinameta, county Cork


10 October: Henry Potter Jane Georgina Bloomfield Ross

October 8th, at Gertroe Church, by the Venerable Archdeacon Evans, assisted by the Rev. W.H. Nason, rector of Rathcormack, Henry Potter, esq., M.D., Bengal Army, to Jane Georgina Bloomfield, eldest daughter of John Ross, Esq., Benena, county Cork [No Cards]


15 October: Thomas Prosser & Eunise Teresa Hopkins

On the 13th inst., at the Lower Shandon, Cork, by the Rev. G.B.Grant, Thomas Prosser of Brooklands Esq., county Limerick, to Eunise Teresa, eldest daughter of the late George Hopkins Esq., M.D. of the H.E.I.


15 October: Edward Collett Osborn & Annie Cox

At Corkbeg, Edward Collett Osborn, Esq., Civil Staff, Royal Engineet Department to Annie daughter of Wm Cox. Esq., The Paddock, county Cork


15 October: James Barry & Mary Atkin

At St. Mary’s Donybrook, James Barry Esq., son of the late Sir Edward Bary, Bart., of Sandymoun, count Dublin, to Mary, daughter of the late Captain Edward Atkin of Youghal, County Cork.


17 October: Robert Paul & Charlotte Henrietta Harding

At Monkstown Church, Cork, Mr Robert Paul, to Charlotte Henrietta, daughter of E.G. Harding Esq., of Cork


27 October: William Cooke & Susanna Harvey

In the Wesleyan Chapel, Skibbereen, Mr William Cooke Rossarbery, County Cork, to Miss Susanna Harvey, of Corran Arv, county Cavan


3 November: Lindsey Winterbotham Welsford & Hester Kindston Baldwin

At Bandon, Lindsey Winterbotham, son of the Rev. H. Welsford, Tewkesbury, Gloster, to Hester Kindston, daughter of the late Hewit Poole Baldwin, Esq.


7 November: John Coppinger Ashlin & Maria Lyons

At the residence of the bride’s father, South Terrace, Cork, John Coppinger Ashlin, Esq., son of John Ashlin, of Carrigrenan, county Cork, Esq., deceased, to Maria, daughter of Francis Lyons, Esq., M.P.


14 November: Eugene McSwiney & Selina Lynch

At Killester, Eugene, son of the late Justine McSwiney, Esq., of Carrigrohan Castle, county Cork to Selina, daughter of William Lynch, Esq., M.D. Killester, Demeane, Raheny


19 November: Joseph Williams Clarke & Dora Purefoy Lombard

At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. Joseph Williams Clarke, Chaplain Royal Navy, to Dora Purefoy, daughter of the late Rev John Newman Lombard, Rector of Carrigaline, county Cork


26 November: Eugene O’Reilly & Bessie Mary Dowling

At the Church of St Francis, Cork, Eugene, son of Michael O’Reilly, Esq., Kilbrin, Mallow, to Bessie Mary, daughter of the late Roger Downing Esq., of Bantry


1 December: Thomas Clancy & Jane Madden

At St Nicholas’ Church, Francis Street, Dublin, Thomas Clancy Esq., M.D. Mitchelstown, county Cork to Jane daughter of the late John Madden Esq., of Dublin.


1 December: Charles H Groves & Emily McMullen

Nov. 25 Charles H. Groves Esq., M.B. of Ballythomas, county Cork to Emily daughter of Robert McMullen Esq., Waterloo Road, Dublin


1 December: Maurice Murphy & Kate Barrett

Maurice son of John Murphy Esq., Rocklodge, Coachford, County Cork to Kate daughter of the late Edmund Barrett Esq Bolamore, Kanturk.


3 December: Thomas Lovell & Annie Harton

In Clonakilty Presbyterian Church, Thomas Lovell, Esq., of Kilpatrick, county Cork, to Annie, daughter of James Harton, Esq., Mahon Abbey, same county


3 December: Samuel Bleasby & Barbra Jenison Morris

In Cork, Samuel Bleazby, Esq., son of the late Samuel Bleaszby, of the Dyke, to Barbara Jenison, daughter of the late Thomas Morris Esq., of Stoneville, county Cork


12 December: William Hume Franks & Lucy White

At Monkstown, William Hume, son of Wm. Hume Franks Esq of Corrig Park, county Cork, to Lucy, daughter of the late Richard White, Esq., of Suchoclough, near Bantry


19 December: Edward Picton Phillips & Elizabeth Augusta Creagh

At Charleville, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. H. Sadleir, Edward Picton Phillips, Esq., of Haverford West, Pembrokeshire to Elizabeth Augusta, daughter of Colonel Giles Vandeleur Creagh of Cahirbane, county Clare


29 December: Thomas S. Brindly & Margare Devereaux

At the North Parish Chapel, Cork, Mr. Thomas S. Brindly, King Street, Cork, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. Devereaux, North Main Street, Cork

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