The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Dublin in 1862. These records were extracted from news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

01 Jan 1862 : J.C. Heeden Cook & Adelaide Mitchell

  • At Isleworth, J.C. Heeden Cook, of Upper Berkley Street, Portman Square, London, to Harriet Adelaide, daughter of the late Wm Mitchell, Esq., of Dublin.

05 Feb 1862 : Espine Batty & Maria Wilson

  • At Ventnor Church, Isle of Wight, Espine Batty, Esq., of Dublin, barrister—at-law, to Maria, daughter of Robert Wilson Esq., late of Monkstown, County Dublin.

13 Feb 1862 : Bartholomew Ring & Elizabeth Williott

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev Bartholomew Ring, L.L.D., Chaplain R.N., to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Wm. Williott, Esq., of Strabane.

13 Feb 1862 : Michael Feeny & Jane Yeates

  • At Rathmines, County Dublin, Michael Feeny, Esq., of Manchester, to Jane, daughter of the late John D. Yeates, Esq., of Dublin.

13 Feb 1862 : Patrick Nolan & Elizabeth Toole

  • At the Sheds Chapel, Clontarf, Mr Patrick Nolan, of Queen Street, Dublin to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Anthony Toole, Raheny, County Dublin.

15 Feb 1862 : William J. Daly & Jane Kingston

  • At Bantry Church, William J. Daly, Esq., solicitor, of Dublin to Jane, daughter of John J Kingston, Esq., Bantry.

15 Feb 1862 : Edward John Cambie & Mary Walsh

  • At Monkstown Church, Edward John Cambie, Kilgarvan County Tipperary, Esq., to Mary daughter of the late Jonathan Willington Walsh, Esq., J.P.

15 Feb 1862 : Richard Conway Dobbs & Lucretia Burleigh

  • At the Church of St Nicholas, Carrickfergus, Richard Conway Dobbs, of Glendhu Lodge, in the County of Antrim, son of Conway E Dobbs, Est., of North Great George’s Street, Dublin, to Lucretia, daughter of William Burleigh, Esq., J.P., of Carrickfergus.

22 Feb 1862 : Jeremiah Brady & Julia Fay

  • In the Metropolitan Church, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Jeremiah Brady, Esq., Great Britain Street and Ballytrasna, County Carlow, to Julia, daughter of the late Denis Fay, Esq., Rathalian, County Wicklow.

22 Feb 1862 : John J Martin & Mary Byrne

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Boicetown, Mr John J Martin, Smithfield, Dublin, to Mary ; and at the same time and place, Mr James Byrne, contractor Carlow to Christina, daughter of the late Edward Gallagher, Esq., of Ginnetts, County Meath.

22 Feb 1862 : James Byrne & Christina Gallagher

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Boicetown, Mr John J Martin, Smithfield, Dublin, to Mary ; and at the same time and place, Mr James Byrne, contractor Carlow to Christina, daughter of the late Edward Gallagher, Esq., of Ginnetts, County Meath.

22 Feb 1862 : Michael Augustus McKenna & Mary Jane McCarthy

  • A Deniliquis, New South Wales, Michael Augustus McKenna, Esq., of Dublin, to Mary Jane daughter of John McCarthy, Esq., of Sunday’s Well Cork.

27 Feb 1862 : Matthew Heally & Eliza Tyrrell

  • At St Paul’s Church, Arran Quay Dublin, Matthew Heally, Esq., of Francis Street, to Eliza, daughter of the late James Tyrrell, Esq. of Strokestown, County Meath.

27 Feb 1862 : William St John & Elizabeth Lena Maria Mannion

  • In Monkstown Church, William St John, son of Captain J. Coleman, late R.P., to Elizabeth Lena Maria, daughter of the late C. Mannion, Esq., of Newbridge.

01 Mar 1862 : Edward French O’Farrell & Mary Teresa Leahy

  • At the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Edward French O’Farrell, son of Edward O’Farrell, Esq., proprietor of the Sligo Champion, to Mary Teresa, daughter of Patrick Leahy, Esq., of Great Brunswick Street and Sandymount, Dublin.

01 Mar 1862 : Thomas Germaine & Mary Josephine Bourke

  • In St Paul’s Arran Quay, Dublin, Mr Thomas Germaine, of Athy, son of John Germaine, Esq., Grangcon, County Kildare, to Mary Josephine, daughter of Patrick Bourke, Esq., late of Blackrath, County Kildare.

01 Mar 1862 : J.T. Maguire & Annie Walker

  • In Chapelizod Church, County Dublin, J.T. Maguire, Esq., M.D. Annie, daughter of J. Walker, Esq.

01 Mar 1862 : Peter Brennan & Ellen O’Hanlon

  • At Arran Quay Church, Dublin, Peter Brennan, Esq., of Queen Street, to Ellen, daughter of the late Michael O’Hanlon, Kilkenny.

01 Mar 1862 : William Redfern Green & Maria Rorke

  • In the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Wm Redfern Green, Esq., of Sheffield to Anna Maria, daughter of John Rorke Esq., of Dublin.

01 Mar 1862 : Edward Farelly & Eliza Farley

  • At Celbridge Church, Edward Farelly, of Hawkins Street, Dublin, to Eliza, daughter of James Farley, of Tipperstown, County Kildare, Esq.

01 Mar 1862 : Philip Grierson & Mira Robert

  • At Leghord, Philip Grierson, Esq., of Baldonnel, County Dublin, to Mira, daughter of Captain Robert, of Abbey Villa, Boyle.

04 Mar 1862 : Thomas D. Yourell & Mary Jane Delany

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Booterstown, Thomas D. Yourell, Esq., of Dublin, and Ballymacarney House, County Meath, to Mary Jane, daughter of Bartholomew Delany, Esq., of Annfield House.

06 Mar 1862 : Thomas Digby Johns & Hariette Maria French

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas Digby Johns Esq., of Belgrave Square, Rathmines, to Hariette Maria, daughter of Charles French, Esq., of Dublin.

06 Mar 1862 : John Lamb & Mary Anderson Mills

  • In Dublin, John Lamb Esq., Elgington Terrace, Phibsboro’, to Miss Mary Anderson Mills, niece of John Ruttle, Esq., Tralee.

08 Mar 1862 : Harry Hodges & Louisa Grace Cranfield

  • At Taney Church, Harry, son of the late George Hodges, Esq., of Dublin, to Louisa Grace, daughter of Thos. Cranfield, Esq., Airfield House, Dundrum, County Dublin.

08 Mar 1862 : Jones Hill & Bessie French

  • At New Zealand, Jones Hill Esq., Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion 14th Regiment, son of John Hill Esq., J.P. of Bellaghy Castle, County Londonderry to Bessie, daughter of Charles French Esq., Lansdowne Road Dublin.

11 Mar 1862 : Swinburne F Berkeley & Elizabeth Maria Dixon

  • At Kenure Park, County Dublin, Swinburne F. Berkeley, Esq., son of the Hon. Grantley F. Berkeley, to Eliza Maria, daughter of the late John Gray, Esq., of Northumberland and widow of Edward Dixon Esq., of Horsely House, Worcestershire, and Curzon Street, Mayfair.

11 Mar 1862 : John T Jessop & Anne Nugent Browne

  • At St James’s Church, Dublin John T Jessop Esq., of Mount Jessop to Anne Nugent, daughter of the late John Featherstone Briscoe, Esq., and widow of Thomas Browne, Esq., of Baggot Street, Dubin.

18 Mar 1862 : Robert Brown M’Clelland & Christiana Victoria Hall

  • At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, Robert Brown M’Clelland, Esa., M.D., Banbridge, to Christiana Victoria, daughter of the late Robert Hall, Esq., 71st Regt.

20 Mar 1862 : Bernard William Bagot & Isabella Josephine Holmes

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Bernard William Bagot, of Caramine, County Roscommon, barrister-at-law, and J.P. to Isabella Josephine, daughter of Joseph A Holmes, of Clogher House, County Mayo, and Abbeyville, County Roscommon, Esq., J.P.

22 Mar 1862 : Richard Beresford Hudson & Harriett Eliza Platt

  • In Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Richard Beresford Hudson, son of George Hudson, of Templecarraig, County of Wicklow, Esq., to Harriett Eliza, daughter of Colonel Platt, of Stoneville, Rochestown, County Dublin.

22 Mar 1862 : William Stokes & Mary Jane Tristam

  • At St Luke’s Church, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Australia, William, son of Captain William Stokes Kingstown, Ireland, to Mary Jane, daughter of the late John Tristam, Esq., of Herefordshire, England.

25 Mar 1862 : George Wattington Stoker & Emilie Blanche Keogh

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, George Wattington Stoker, of the County Clare Constabulary, Esq., to Emilie Blanche, daughter of the late George R. Keogh, of Killbride, in the County of Carlow, Esq., D.L.

25 Mar 1862 : William Forde & Alice MacManus

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Dublin, William, son of the late Bernard Forde, Esq., Onginstown, County Meath, to Alice, daughter of the later Felix MacManus, Esq., Hollyvale, County Cavan.

25 Mar 1862 : Frederick M’Crea & Mary Ann Perrin

  • At St Catherine’s Church, Dublin, Frederick M’Crea, of Dublin, to Mary Ann, daughter of the later Richard Perrin, of Ryland, County Wexford.

29 Mar 1862 : R Kingstone Richardson & Elizabeth Sarah Crawford

  • At Clontarf Church, R Kingstone Richardson, Esq., of Edenmore, County Down, to Elizabeth Sarah, daughter of the late Rev. James Crawford, Vicar of Clonard, County Meath.

29 Mar 1862 : William Henry Coldwell & Clara Smith

  • At St Leonard’s Church, London, William Henry, son of Mr Thomas Coldwell, of Dublin, to Clara, daughter of Joshua Smith, Esq., Worthing, Sussex.

1 Apr 1862 : Robert Orme & Henrietta Wilhelmina O’Driscoll

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Robert Orme, of Vallambrosa, in the County of Dublin, Esq., to Henrietta Wilhelmina, daughter of William Justin O’Driscoll, of Mountjoy Square, barrister-at-law.

1 Apr 1862 : Charles Dowling & Amelia Martin

  • In Dublin, Charles Dowling, Esq., Ballina, County Mayo, to Amelia Martin, daughter of the late John Martin, Esq., of Newtownstewart, Scotland.

06 Apr 1862 : Thomas G Power & Elizabeth Thompson

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas G. Power Esq., Castlewood Terrance, Rathmines, son of John Power, Esq., of Maryborough, Queen’s County, to Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Thompson, Esq., Burlington Road, Dublin.

06 Apr 1862 : Edward Vernon & Jane Brinkley

  • At Dysart-Enos, Queen’s County, Edward, son of John E. Venables Vernon, Esq., D.L., of Clontarf Castle, Co. Dublin to Jane, daughter of the late Matthew Brinkley, Esq., of Parsonstown House, County Meath.

08 Apr 1862 : William Flood & Louisa Letitia O’Kelly

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, William Flood, Esq., son of Edward Flood, Esq., of Middlemount, Queen’s County to Louisa Letitia, daughter of Francis O’Kelly, of Balla Castle, County of Galway, Esq.

08 Apr 1862 : Edward Brunskill & Mrs Kate Forster nee Tully

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Edward Brunskill Esq., of Galway, to Kate, widow of Captain John Burton Forster, of her Majesty’s 62nd Regt., and daughter of Capt. John Tully R.N., of Holyhead.

10 Apr 1862 : John Charles Annesley & Rosanna Malvina Minchener

  • At Jhansie, John Charles Annesley, Esq., Civil Assistant Surgeon of Jhansie, to Rosanna Malvina, daughter of the late William Minchener, Esq., of Clontarf, County Dublin and step-daughter of Daniel De Castro, Esq., East Sheen, Surrey.

15 Apr 1862 : Francis J. D’Arcy & Annie Alicia Kidd

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Francis J. D’Arcy, Esq., son of the late Rev. Joshua D’Arcy, Rector of Killallon diocese of Meath to Annie Alicia, daughter of the late Samuel Kidd, Esq.,, of Dundrum, County Armagh.

15 Apr 1862 : Edward H Courtney & Mary Dorothy Sander

  • At Harberton Church, near Totness, Edward H. Courtney, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, to Mary Dorothy, daughter of John G. Sander, Esq., late Superintendent of Stores, Dublin.

19 Apr 1862 : Alfred Waller & Emily Madden

  • In St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Mr Alfred Waller, Demzille Street, Dublin, to Emily, daughter of James F Madden, Esq., Simonton Terrace, Bray.

24 Apr 1862 : William Nelson & Frances Elizabeth Sparks

  • On Tuesday, the 22nd inst, at St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Friselle William third son of Mr Robert Nelson, of Killough, County Down, to Frances Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Henry Sparkes, of Liverpool [No cards sent]

24 Apr 1862 : Joseph North Chamley & Sarah Kirk

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, Joseph North Chamley, Esq., son of the late Christopher Chamley, Esq., of Dublin, barrister-at-law, to Sarah, daughter of the late Edwd. Kirk, Esq., of Cork, architect.

24 Apr 1862 : Jessop S Browne & Mary Barnwell

  • At the Centenary Chapel, Dublin, Mr Jessop S Browne, of Carlisle Terrace, Sandymount, to Mary, daughter of Mr Thos. Barnwell, of Bishop Street, Dublin.

29 Apr 1862 : Cheney B. Magrath & Adelaide Louisa Duncan

  • At Rathmines, Cheney B. Magrath, Esq., to Adelaide Louisa, daughter of Mr J.A. Duncan, Denzille Street, Dublin.

01 May 1862 : Purcell Edmond Beveridge & Elizabeth Agnes Bodkin

  • April 28th at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr. Purcell Edmond, fourth son of the late Captain John Beveridge, R.H.A., to Elizabeth Agnes, youngest daughter of the late James Bodkin, Esq., Limerick.

01 May 1862 : P.H. Hughes & Minnie Higginson

  • In Cork, P.H. Hughes, Esq., of Dublin, to Minnie, daughter of Charles Higginson Esq., Clanmire Road, Cork.

06 May 1862 : William Sadleir & Mary Josephine Anglim

  • April 29, at the Metropolitan, Dublin, William Sadleir, of Shronehill, County of Tipperary, esq. to Mary Josephine, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Roberts Anglim, of Limerick, Esq. [No cards.]

06 May 1862 : Henry Shaw & Eliza MacMullen

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Henry Shaw, Esq., of Leinster Road Rathmines, to Eliza, daughter of Robert MacMullen, Esq., of Hougnomont Waterford.

10 May 1862 : Francis Browne & Margaret Mary Butler

  • In Dublin, Francis Browne, Esq., Capt. Of H.M.’s Revenue Cutter Desmond, to Margaret Mary, daughter of Thos. Butler, Esq., Jordanston, County Dublin.

10 May 1862 : A Fitzpatrick & Jane Gardner Wright

  • At the Presbyterian Church, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Mr A Fitzpatrick of Dublin, to Jane Gardner Wright, daughter of James Gardner Wright, of Glasgow.

10 May 1862 : Matthew Joseph Kennedy & Margaret O’Neill

  • At Francis Street Church, Dublin, Mr Matthew Joseph Kennedy, of the Midland Great Western Railway Company, to Miss Margaret O’Neill, of Camden Street, Dublin.

24 May 1862 : Desmond Gerald Fitzgerald & Louisa Crawford

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Desmond Gerald, son of Lieut. Colonel Edward Thomas Fitzgerald, late of Tourlough Park, Mayo, to Louisa, daughter of Matthew Crawford, Esq., Rockfield House, County Westmeath.

24 May 1862 : John Mullen & Anna Victoria Corbett

  • At Dundrum, John Mullen, Esq., M.D., son of the late Joseph Denis Mullen, Esq., of Dublin, to Anna Victoria, daughter of the late Robert Corbett, Esq., of Ballykaneen, Queen’s County.

24 May 1862 : George E Cope & Cathereine Dunckley

  • In Dublin, Mr George E. Cope, Baltinglass to Catherine, daughter of Mr Wm. Dunckley, builder, Dublin.

24 May 1862 : Thomas Edward White & Eliza Whitfield Henry

  • At Portland, Australia, Thomas Edward White, surgeon, son of Thomas Warren White, barrister-at-law, Dublin, to Eliza Whitfield, daughter of John Henry, Esq., Portland.

27 May 1862 : William Shaw Darley & Frances Digges Le Teuche

  • In Monkstown Church County Dublin, the Rev William Shaw Darley, son of Henry F. Darley, Esq., of Montpelier House Monkstown, to Frances, daughter of the late George Digges La Teuche, Esq., of her Majesty’s Counsel.

27 May 1862 : John Henry Wilson Shea & Rebecca Wyte

  • At Glasnevin Church, John Henry Wilson Shea, son of the late John Shea, Esq., of Dublin, to Rebecca, daughter of Robert Marmaduke Bell Wyte Esq., of Dublin.

03 Jun 1862 : Richard Johnston & hester Lowry

  • At St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. Richard Johnston, of O’Meath, diocese of Armagh, to Hester, daughter of R.W. Lowry, Esq., D.L. Pomeroy, County Tyrone, and Belmore, County Westmeath.

03 Jun 1862 : John Sealy & Margaret Shaw

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, John Sealy, Esq., of Ballinteer Villa, Dundrum, to Margaret, daughter of Christopher Shaw, Esq., Talbot Street, Dublin.

03 Jun 1862 : Charles Desmellierrs & Eleanor Sarah Westlake

  • At Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Charles Desmellierrs, Esq., of Henfleur, Normandy to Eleanor Sarah, daughter of Peter Charles Westlake, Esq., of Kingstown.

03 Jun 1862 : D.W. Moran & Annie Cane

  • At Haddington Road Chapel, Dublin, D.W. Moran Esq., of Milltown House, County Wicklow, to Annie, daughter of the late Dr Robert Cane, of Kilkenny.

03 Jun 1862 : George Alexander Robinson & Emily Molloy

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, George Alexander, son of John Robinson, of Dromcondra Terrace, Esq., to Emily, daughter of the late Daniel Molloy, Esq., solicitor.

03 Jun 1862 : James Dwyer & Kate Farrell

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Ballymun, James Dwyer, Esq., of Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, to Kate, daughter of the late Alderman Farrell, of Ellen field, County Dublin.

03 Jun 1862 : Hugh George Colvill & Susan Howe Pascoe

  • In the Priory Church, Bodmin, Somersetshire, Hugh George Colvill, Esq., late Captain 29th Foot, son of Wm C. Colvill, Esq., late of Clontarf, County of Dublin, to Susan Howe, daughter of Wm. Pascoe, Esq., of Park Hill House, Bodmin.

05 Jun 1862 : John Laurence Tivy & Bessie Jane Gregory

  • At St James’s Church, Dublin, John Laurence son of Charles P Tivy, Esq., of Cork, to Bessie Jane, daughter of Richard B Gregory, Esq., R.N.

05 Jun 1862 : John Joseph Clarke & Emily Rafferty

  • At the British Embassy, Paris, and subsequently at the Parish Church, Pasay, John Joseph Clarke, Esq., of Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, to Emily, daughter of Christopher Rafferty, Esq., of Pasay, Paris.

07 Jun 1862 : James Hogg Barnett & Elizabeth Stuart Watt

  • At the Scots Church, Adelaide Road, Dublin, James Hogg Barnett Esq., to Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of Colonel Watt, Upper Baggot Street.

07 Jun 1862 : William Green Skipworth & Ellen Wayland Pollock Marshall

  • At Rathmines Church, Dublin, William Green Skipworth Esq., to Ellen Wayland Pollock, daughter of Michael Marshall, Esq., Hendworth Square, Dublin.

17 Jun 1862 : Owen M’Dermott & Kate Fallon

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Dublin, Capt. Owen M’Dermott, J.P., Springfield, County Galway, to Kate, daughter of the late James Fallon, Esq., of Dublin.

17 Jun 1862 : Edward Henry Wright & Eliza Harley

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, Edward Henry Wright, Esq., C.E., to Eliza daughter of the late John Harley, Esq., Clonroad House Ennis, County Clare.

17 Jun 1862 : Joseph Beatty & Emma Lynn

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Joseph Beatty, Esq., of Keownan, to Emma daughter of George Lynn, Esq., of Banbridge.

17 Jun 1862 : Arthur Cecil Cope Jenkinson & Marion Jane Furlonge

  • At Melbourne, Australia, Arthur Cecil Cope Jenkinson, son of the late Richard Samuel Guinness, Esq., M.P., of Blackrock, County Dublin, to Marion Jane, daughter of William Furlonge, Esq. of Euors.

17 Jun 1862 : W.T. M’Cormick & Marianne Dobbin

  • At  St John’s Church, Hampstead, the Rev W.T. M’Cormick, son of the late Captain M’Cormick, R.N. to Marianne, daughter of the late William Dobbin, Esq., Dublin.

21 Jun 1862 : Alexander Somers Drake & Emily Carroll

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Alexander Somers Drake, Esq., of Rathvale, County Meath, son of the late Christopher Drake, Esq., of Roriston, to Emily, daughter of Redmond Carroll, Esq., of Summer Hill, Dublin.

21 Jun 1862 : Samuel Smith & Mary George Evans

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Samuel Smith, Esq., Kyle House, Tullow, County Carlow, son of the Edward Smith, Esq., Buckstown House, County Wexford, to Mary George, daughter of the late Julius B. Evans, Esq., M.D., Cork.

21 Jun 1862 : Alexander Edward M’Clintock & Mary Selina Cottingham

  • At Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Alexander Edward, son or the late Rev Alexander M’Clintock, rector of Newtownbarry and Clonegal, County Wexford, to Mary Selina, daughter of the late Major Cottingham, Inspector General of Prisons in Ireland.

21 Jun 1862 : David Crawford & Fanny Anne Halpin

  • At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, Captain David Crawford, Ardrossan, to Fanny Anne, daughter of the late Jas. Halpin, Esq., Wicklow.

26 Jun 1862 : Thomas Sadlier Brereton & Frances Gertrude Hardman

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Thomas Sadlier Brereton, Deputy Assistant Commissary General, son of the late Thomas Brereton Esq., R.M., to Frances Gertrude, daughter of the late Edward Townley Hardman, Esq., M.D.

26 Jun 1862 : William Stafford & Louisa Douglas Marshall

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, William Stafford, son of the late Andrew Barrett Wallace, Esq., to Louisa Douglas, daughter of the late Captain R. Marshall of London.

03 Jul 1862 : Felix John Woods & Catherine Flood

  • Felix John Woods Esq., of Old Bawn, County Dublin and Nenagh, County Tipperary, to Catherine daughter of the late Mr Michael Flood, of Bath Street, Liverpool.

03 Jul 1862 : Jeremiah Layne & Alexis Margaret Balfour

  • In London, Jeremiah Layne, Esq., of Dublin, to Alexis Margaret, daughter of John Balfour, Esq., of Edinburgh.

03 Jul 1862 : Andrew Thunder & Annie Fitzgerald

  • In Paris, Andrew Thunder, son of the late Andrew Thunder, Esq., of Ashton Park, County Dublin, to Annie, daughter of the late Richard Albert Fitzgerald, Esq., M.P. Muckridge House, County Cork.

03 Jul 1862 : Jordan Augustus Ruttle & Susan Walsh

  • July 1, at St Michan’s Dublin, by the Rev Mr Jordan Augustus son of the late Daniel Ruttle, Esq., of Rathkeale, to Susan, daughter of John Walsh, Esq., of Ormond Quay Dublin.

05 Jul 1862 : Martin J Ffrench & Catherine O’Shaughnessy

  • In the Church of St Andrew Westland row, Dublin the Hon Martin J Ffrench, R.M., Cashel, to Catherine, daughter of the late John O’Shaughnessy, Esq., solicitor, Birchgrove, Ballinaslow.

05 Jul 1862 : Samuel Hudson & Eliza Lavender

  • In St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Samuel Hudson, Esq., County Armagh, to Eliza daughter of Thomas Lavender, Esq., of Dublin.

05 Jul 1862 : Thomas McElroy & Mary Jane Sheppard

  • At booterstown Church, County Dublin, Thomas McElroy, Esq., to Mary Jane, daughter of the late Hadyn Sheppard Esq., County Waterford.

08 Jul 1862 : William Colles & Anna Maria Dowling

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, William Colles, Esq., late Civil Surgeon of Pubus, Bengal Presidency, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late Edward Dowling, Esq., of Monkstown, County Dublin.

08 Jul 1862 : Richard E. Odlum & Eliza Odlum

  • At St Mark’s Church, Dublin, Richard E. Odlum, of Bellyteague, King’s County, Esq., to Eliza Odlum, daughter of the late Henry E. Odlum, Esq., Kilmurry King’s County.

08 Jul 1862 : Bernard Barrett & Maria Harley

  • At the Church of St Mary Star of the Sea, Dublin, Mr Bernard Barrett, of Dublin, to Maria, daughter of the late Thomas Harley, Esq., of St Helen’s Lancashire.

08 Jul 1862 : Edward Ashley Scott & Barbara Kynnersley

  • At St James’s Church, Handsworth, Edward Ashley Scott, Esq., Assistant Master of the Rugby School, son of the late James S. Scott, Esq., Q.C. Dublin, Barbara daughter Sneyd Kynnersley, Esq., Birmingham.

08 Jul 1862 : John Benjamin Figgis & Harriett Webb Chaffey

  • At the Independent Chapel, Winsham Somerset, the Rev John Benjamin Figgis, minister of the late Countess of Huntingdo’s Chapel, Brighton, son of John Figgis, Esq., Victoria Lodge, Donnybrook, to Harriett Webb daughter of the late Benjamin Chaffey, Esq., of Maudlin.

08 Jul 1862 : John Roberts & Elizabeth Ann Hughes

  • At the parish church, Holyhead, John Roberts, Esq., superintendent to the London and North Western Railway Company, North Wall, Dublin, to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of H. G. Hughes, Esq., of Holyhead.

10 Jul 1862 : John Black & Anna Maria Macdonogh

  • At St Mary’s Church, Dublin, the Rev John Black, A.B. to Anna Maria, daughter of Francis Macdonogh Esq., Q.C., and M.P. for Sligo.

10 Jul 1862 : Thomas G. Ireland & Mrs Sarah Jane Malcomson

  • At Rathfarnham Church, near Dublin, Thomas G. Ireland, son of Thomas Ireland, Esq., of Leister Square, Rathmines, to Sarah Jane, widow of Robert William Malcomson, Esq., solicitor, of Dublin.

29 Jul 1862 : Arthur B Irvine & Louisa Caroline Brady

  • In Monkstown Church, County Dublin, the Rev. Arthur B Irvine, Curate of Coleraine, son of the late Major Irvine, of Killadeas, County Fermanagh, Louisa Caroline, daughter of Cheyne Brady, Esq., of Monkstown, Chief Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy.

31 Jul 1862 : John Magrath Fitzgerald & Louisa Mary Emma Harris

  • On Wednesday, the 30th July, at St Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Charles Dickenson Russell, John Magrath Fitzgerald, of this city, Esq., to Louisa Mary Emma, daughter of the late Edwin Octavius Harris, Esq., barrister-at-law.

31 Jul 1862 : William Henry Moore & Lizzie Dunbar Malam

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Henry Moore, Esq., son of Richard Cross Moore, Esq., Dublin, to Lizzie Dunbar, daughter of George Malam, Esq., of Enniskillen.

31 Jul 1862 : John Edwards Gunn & Mary Frances Hodges

  • At Rathgar Church, John Edwards Gunn, Esq., of Westland Row, Dublin, to Mary Frances, daughter of William H. Hodges, Esq., of Leinster Road, Rathmines.

31 Jul 1862 : Robert Keating & Florence Casey

  • At Monkstown, Dublin, Robert Keating, son of William Keating clay, Esq., Roundtown, to Florence, daughter of Robert Casey, Esq., Kingstown.

31 Jul 1862 : Thomas Gill & Isabella Sharp

  • At St Michan’s Church, Dublin, Thomas Gill Esq., of New York, to Isabella daughter of Joseph Sharp, Esq., Ashford, Ballinasloe.

02 Aug 1862 : Andrew O’Kelly Nolan & Helena Mary D’Arcy

  • At the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Andrew O’Kelly Nolan, Esq., M.D., Gort, to Helena Mary, daughter of James D’Arcy, Esq., Woodville, County Galway.

02 Aug 1862 : John Cowen & Hannah Page

  • In Mount Street Church, Dublin, John Cowen, Esq., M.D., of Lower Fizwilliam Street, Dublin, to Hannah daughter of the late John Page, Esq., of Hastings and Oreton House, in the County of Salop.

02 Aug 1862 : Anthony Tyner & Frances Rachel Colles

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Dublin, Anthony, son of the late Rev. R. L . Tyner, to Frances Rachel, daughter of the late Richard Colles, Esq., of Riverview, Co. Kilkenny.

05 Aug 1862 : Patrick M’Hugh & Mary Anne Keogh

  • In the Roman Catholic Church, North William St., Dublin, Patrick M’Hugh, Esq., Prince Arthur Terrace, Rathmines, to Mary Anne daughter of the late James Keogh, Esq., Heath House, County Carlow.

07 Aug 1862 : Alexander Bell & Ellen Amelia Maffett

  • At St Stephen’s Chruch Dublin, Alexander Bell, of Hardington Road, Esq., solicitor, to Ellen Amelia, daughter of William Maffett, of Pembroke Place, Esq.

07 Aug 1862 : Thomas Rudd & Emily Caroline Goodisson

  • At Rathfarnham Church, County Dublin, Thomas Rudd, Esq., of Clonhaston, County Wexford, to Emily Caroline, daughter of Thomas Goodisson, Esq. Heathfield, Rathgar, County Dublin.

07 Aug 1862 : Christopher Palles & Ellen Doyle

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Clonsilla, Dublin, Christopher Palles, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Ellen, daughter of the late Denis Doyle, Esq.

07 Aug 1862 : Arthur Henry M’Kenna & Laura Emily Cransford

  • At the British Embassy, Paris, Arthur Henry, son of the late Robert M’Kenna, Esq., of Summerhill, Dublin, to Laura Emily, daughter of the late William Board Edward Gibbs Cransfurd, Esq., of Pax-hill Park, Sussex.

12 Aug 1862 : George Joseph Maunsell & Anna Jane Moony

  • On the 9th inst., at St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Simon Foot, uncle to the bride, George Joseph Maunsell Esq., Captain 15th Foot, son of George Meares Maunsell, Esq., of Ballywilliam in this County, to Anna Jane, daughter of the late Francis Enraght Moony, Esq., of The Doon, King’s County.

14 Aug 1862 : Matthew Cane & Sarah Davis

  • At St. Mary’s Church, Dublin, Matthew Cane, Esq., to Sarah daughter of Henry Davis Esq.

14 Aug 1862 : Robert McMahon & Anna Maria Fannin

  • At the Wesleyan Chapel, Lower Abbey Street Dublin, Mr Robert McMahon, of Ballycaney, to Miss Anna Maria Fannin daughter of the late Mr Henry Fannin of Dublin.

16 Aug 1862 : Stapleton D Burgess & Annie Power

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Stapleton D Burgess Esq., Lieutenant 72nd Highlanders to Annie, daughter of Joseph O’Neile Power, Esq., late Captain 60th Rifles and of Snow Hill, County Waterford.

16 Aug 1862 : Edward Stokes & Mary Anne Caffray

  • In Dublin, Edward Stokes, Esq., of Manchester, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late James Caffray Esq., of Parkview Chapelizod, County Dublin.

16 Aug 1862 : Robert James Martin & Sarah Wilhelmina Ronayne

  • At Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Robert Jas. Martin, Esq., to Sarah Wilhelmina, daughter of the late Wm. Crooke Ronayne, Esq., of Cork.

16 Aug 1862 : Andrew Doran & Margaret Ellen Browne

  • At Rathfarnham R.C. Church, County Dublin, Mr Andrew Doran of Marlborough Street, Dublin, to Margaret Ellen, daughter of Mr Thomas Browne, Firhouse, County Dublin.

21 Aug 1862 : Charles Kennedy & Mary McNamara

  • At the Roman Catholic Chapel of St Finn Bar, Cork, Charles Kennedy, jun. of Clonsilla, son of Charles Kennedy, Esq., of Kingstown, County Dublin, to Mary, third daughter of John McNamara, Esq., of Dublin.

21 Aug 1862 : Charles Waterton & Miss Ennis

  • At St Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, Westland Row, Dublin, Charles Waterton, jun., son of Charles Waterton, Waterton Park, Yorkshire, Esq., to Miss Ennis, daughter of John Ennis, Esq., M.P. for Athlone.

21 Aug 1862 : Arthur W. Grattan Guinness & Emily Olivia Bell

  • In St Anne’s Church, Dubin, Arthur W. Grattan Guinness, Esq., of Parknashogue, County of Wexford to Emily Olivia, daughter of the Rev Thomas Bell, of Brook Hill, in the same County.

21 Aug 1862 : Ambrose Hartley & Henrietta Frances Shea

  • In St Paul’s Church, Dublin, Ambrose Hartley, Esq., of Cootehill, County of Cavan to Henrietta Frances, daughter of the late John Shea, of Montpelier Hill, Dublin.

21 Aug 1862 : William Mitchell & Margaret Berry

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Mitchell, Esq., Knockarley Mills, King’s County, to Margaret daughter of the late James Armstrong Berry, Esq., Eglish Castle, same County.

21 Aug 1862 : James Mitchell & Frances Mary Parsons

  • At Taney Church, James Mitchell, Esq., of Chelsea, to Frances Mary, daughter of Henry Parsons, Esq., of Taney Lodge, County Dublin.

26 Aug 1862 : Matthew Casson Browne & Josephine Swan

  • In London, Matthew Casson Browne, Esq., son of the late Very Rev. Peter Browne, Dean of Ferns, to Josephine, daughter of the late William Swan, Esq., of North Frederick Street, Dublin.

28 Aug 1862 : James Redmond Roche & Alicia Maria Conrahy

  • At the Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin, James Redmond Roche, Esq., of Listowel, to Alicia Maria, daughter of Laurence Conrahy, Esq., Belvidere Place, Dublin.

28 Aug 1862 : W. H. Kirby & Mrs Annie Armstrong

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin Lieut. Colonel W. H. Kirby, 94th Regt., Military Sectary, Bombay, to Annie, widow of the late Major A.W.S.F. Armstrong, Royal Irish Regt.

28 Aug 1862 : Samuel W. Batterson & Elizabeth King

  • At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Samuel W. Batterson, Esq., L.R.C.S.P., or Elizabeth daughter of the late John William King Esq., editor of Saunders News-Letter.

28 Aug 1862 : Daniel Deacon & Jane Ireland

  • In Booterstown Church, County Dublin, Daniel Deacon Esq., Quartermaster 1st Battalion 11th Regiment, to Jane, daughter of John Ireland, Esq., Booterstown.

28 Aug 1862 : Frederick Augustus Campbell & Emma Mary Brabazon

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Lieut. Frederick Augustus Campbell, 60th Royal Rifles, son of the late Major General Sir Guy Campbell, Bart, to Emma Mary, daughter of Major Hugh Brabazon, of Brabazon Park, County Mayo.

30 Aug 1862 : Alexander H Lawrence & Alice Kennedy

  • At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, Sir Alexander H Lawrence, Bart., Bengal Civil Service, to Alice, daughter of Evory Kennedy, Esq., M.D., Dublin.

30 Aug 1862 : Charles M’Lellan & Bessie Hill

  • At St Mark’s Church, Dublin, Mr Charles M’Lellan, of Dublin, to Bessie, daughter of the late Jeremiah Hill, Esq., of Bray, County Wicklow.

30 Aug 1862 : Edmund John Scovell & Bertha Atkinson

  • At Monkstown Church, Dublin, Edmund John Scovell, Esq., Captain 96th regiment, to Bertha, daughter of James Atkinson, Esq., Monkstown.

30 Aug 1862 : Thomas Parker Edwards & Mrs Jane Elizabeth Evanson Swanton

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas Parker Edwards, Esq., A.B., T.C.D., to Jane Elizabeth Evanson widow of Wm Swanton, Esq., Ballydehob, County Cork.

06 Sep 1862 : Walter Boyd & Anna Catherine Riddal Anderson

  • At the Presbyterian Church, Capel Street, Dublin, Walter Boyd jun. Esq., barrister-at-law, to Anna Catherine Riddal daughter of Matthew Anderson, Esq., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin.

06 Sep 1862 : Gilbert, C. Matheson & Maggie McSlenahan

  • At Ormond Quay, Presbyterian Church, Dublin, Mr Gilbert, C. Matheson, Son of the late John Matheson, Esq., of Helmsdale Sutherlandshire, N.B., to Maggie, daughter of Pierce McSlenahan, Esq., Portstewart, County Derry.

09 Sep 1862 : Hugh Pollen & Georgina Boyle

  • At Drumachose Parish Church, Hugh Pollen, Esq., Charlesmont Avenue, Kingstown, to Georgina, daughter of the late Edward Buckley Boyle, Esq., of Bridge Hill House Newtownlimavaady.

11 Sep 1862 : Richard Bradley & Maria King

  • At Clontarf Church, Richard, son of Joseph Bradley, Esq., of Woodville, to Maria, daughter of Thomas King, Esq., of Bellevue, County Dublin.

11 Sep 1862 : James Evans & Lavinia Blake

  • At Rathfarnham Church, County Dublin, James Evans, Esq., Kilcoole, to Lavinia, daughter of the late George Blake, Esq., Portsea, Hants.

11 Sep 1862 : Joseph Harrison Emerson & Jane Nannie Brady

  • In St. Mary’s Liverpool, Joseph Harrison Emerson, Esq., of Eccles Street, Dublin, to Jane Nannie, daughter of the late Edward Brady, Eq., Navan.

13 Sep 1862 : John Claude Reid & Catherine Annie Andrew

  • In Monkstown Church, County Dublin, John Claude Reid, Esq., son of John Reid, Esq., Northcote house, Kingstown, to Catherine Annie, daughter of the late Patrick Alexander Andrew, Esq., Surgeon Madras Army.

13 Sep 1862 : Henry P Rhodes & Isabella Clarke

  • At St Thomas Church Dublin, Henry P Rhodes, Esq., Newtown, Durrow, to Isabella, daughter of William Clarke Esq., Rathleague, Queen’s County.

13 Sep 1862 : Henry Beasley & Jessie Louisa Kemeys Tomlins

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Henry, son of the late Thomas Beasley, of Drommin, County Wicklow, Esq., to Jessie Louisa Kemeys, daughter of William P. Tomlins Esq., Wellington Road, Dublin.

13 Sep 1862 : Andrew Dunne & Agnes Sweetman

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Fairview, Andrew Dunne, Esq., of Athlone to Agnes, daughter of the late Mr James Sweetman, of Fairview, Clontarf.

13 Sep 1862 : , James E.R. Moffitt & Edith Frances Nicholson

  • In the Parish Church of Kilmore, County Armagh, James E.R. Moffitt Esq., Lient. 1st West Indian Reg. son of the late Doctor Moffit, Surgeon 12th Lancers to Edith Frances, daughter of the late James Nicholson, Esq., of Glasnevin Lodge, County Dublin.

16 Sep 1862 : Henry Ware & Jane Matilda Hastings MacAdam

  • On the 18th Inst., at St Mark’s Church Dublin, by the Rev Wilberforce Hastings MacAdam, A.B., brother of the bride, Henry Ware Esq., Sub-Inspector of the Constabulary, to Jane Matilda Hastings, youngest daughter of David Hastings MacAdam Esq., M.D., of Castlepollard, County Westmeath [No cards sent].

16 Sep 1862 : John Carey & Bedelia Quin

  • At Kingstown Roman Catholic Chapel, John Carey, Esq., of Dalkey, to Bedelia, daughter of the late James Quin, Esq., of Honey Park, County Dublin.

20 Sep 1862 : Henry Moore Johnston & Sarah Maria Heney

  • In St Mary’s Church, Dublin, Henry Moore Johnston, Lientenant Fife Militia Artillery, son of the late Thomas Johnston of Merrion, Dublin, to Sarah Maria, daughter of the late Arthur Heney, Esq., of Dublin.

20 Sep 1862 : Frederick White & Susanna Edwards

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Frederick White, of Warwick Cottage, Rathgar, to Susanna daughter of the late Thom Edwards, Esq., of Cabra Terrace, North Circular Road, Dublin.

23 Sep 1862 : Alexander Stewart Newcomen & Isabell Grace Toler

  • In St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Alexander Stewart Newcomen, Esq., son of Arthur Newcomen, Esq., Tuam, to Isabell Grace, daughter of the late Rev. John Toler, of Kentstown Glebe, County Meath.

23 Sep 1862 : Robert Browne & Georgina Frances Newel

  • At Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, Robert, son of James Browne, Esq., of Dublin, to Georgina Frances, daughter of James Newel, Esq., of Newtownmountkennedy.

23 Sep 1862 : Charles Kelly & Bertha de Buisseret

  • At Cellettes, Department Loir et Cher, France, Charles Kelly, Esq., Q.C., of Newtown, County Galway, and Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, to Bertha, daughter of Count and Countess de Buisseret, of le Boisselas, Department Loir et Cher and of Versailles.

25 Sep 1862 : John Shell & Charlotte Mary Sharkey

  • At the R.C. Cathedral Marlborough Street, Dublin, John Shell, Esq., of Kilbegnet, County Galway, to Charlotte Mary, daughter of Michael Sharkey, Esq., secretary of the grand jury, County Roscommon.

25 Sep 1862 : John W. Murphy & Sarah Minchin

  • In Monkstown Church, Dublin, John W. Murphy Esq., to Sarah, Daughter of the late Joseph Minchin, Esq., of Grange House, Boyle.

25 Sep 1862 : Peter M’Kenna & Eliza Waldron

  • Peter M’Kenna, Esq., of Kildare, to Eliza, daughter of the late John Waldron, Esq., off Rockmount, Finglas County Dublin.

02 Oct 1862 : Charles Geoghegan & Elizabeth Jameson Kelly

  • At Slievrue, County Kilkenny, Charles Geoghegan, Esq., architect, Dublin, to Elizabeth Jameson, daughter of Henry P. Kelly, Esq., Larkfield, County Kilkenny.

5 Oct 1862 : Richard Hedges Etre Mausell & Adelaide Elizabeth Butler Lowe

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. J.F. Morton, Vicar of Rathronan, Richard Hedges Etre Mausell, Esq., son of Major Maunsell, of Beakestown House, County Tipperary, to Adelaide Elizabeth Butler daughter of Hamilton Lowe. Esq., D.L. of Ballinahinch, County Tipperary, and granddaughter off Major General Sir Edward Butler, of Ballyadams, Queen’s County.

5 Oct 1862 : Charles Stewart Adamms & Jane Henrietta Young

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, Charles Stewart Adamms, Esq., J.P., of Ashfield County Meath, to Jane Henrietta, daughter of the late Rev Charles Sheridan Young, County Cavan.

5 Oct 1862 : Henry West & Harriette Elizabeth Trench

  • In St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Henry West, Esq., Q.C., Loughlinstown, in the County of Dublin, to Harriette Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev John Le. Poer Trench, Rector of Temple Michael, Diocese of Ardagh.

07 Oct 1862 : George W. Weldon & Lilly Browne

  • In St Anne’s Church, Dublin the Rev George W. Weldon, Incumbent of Christ Church, Cambridge, to Lilly, daughter of Nicholas E. Browne, Esq., Plymouth.

14 Oct 1862 : Goodwin Purcell & Elizabeth La Touche

  • At Conger Church, the Rev. Goodwin Purcell, Rector of Charlesworth, Derbyshire to Elizabeth, daughter of the late James Digges La Touche, Esq., of Sans Souci County Dublin.

16 Oct 1862 : Major Gason & Mrs Charles Douglas

  • On the 14th inst. At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William Bennet Chester, Rector of Nenagh County Tipperary, Major Gason, Tipperary Artillery, to the Hon. Mrs. Charles Douglas, fourth daughter of Caprain Rich, Woodlands, County Limerick.

16 Oct 1862 : Arthur Willoughby Stafford & Christina Hall

  • In St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Arthur Willoughby Stafford, Esq., S.I., son of the late Major Stafford, Tully House, County Cavan, to Christina, daughter the late Thomas Hall Esq., Lurgan, County Armagh.

18 Oct 1862 : P.J. Hughes & Maggie Callan

  • At the Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin, P.J. Hughes, Esq., B.A., her Majesty’s Vice-Consul at Kiukiang, China, son of Thomas Hughes, Esq. Courtney Hill, Newry, to Maggie, daughter of the late P. Callan, Esq., of Courtney Hill, Newry.

23 Oct 1862 : Charles A Cameron & ?ny Frances Macnamara

  • At St Mary’s Church, Donnybrook, Charles A Cameron, Esq., son of the late Captain Ewen Cameron 43nd Regt., to ?ny Frances, daughter of John Macnamara, Esq.

23 Oct 1862 : Thomas B Taggart & Maria Louisa Persse

  • In Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Thomas B Taggart, Esq., son of John Taggart, Esq. Coleraine, to Maria Louisa, daughter of the late Henry Dudley Persse, Esq., Captain 12th Regt.

23 Oct 1862 : Edward Roden Cottingham & Elizabeth Anne Johnson

  • At Holmwood Church, Surrey, Edward Roden Cottingham, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Artillery, son of the late Major Cottingham, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, to Elizabeth Anne, daughter of the late Charles Johnson, Esq., of Blackheath.

04 Nov 1862 : Elliott Graham Armstrong & Katherine Olivia Taylor

  • At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Elliott Graham Armstrong Esq., to Katherine Olivia, daughter of the late Wm. Taylor, Esq., of Leeson Street, Dublin.

08 Nov 1862 : Thomas Mason & Ellen Brown Ringwood

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev Thomas Mason, of Balish, King’s County, to Ellen Brown, daughter of the late Wm. Ringwood, Esq., of Lower Leeson Street Dublin.

08 Nov 1862 : William Alexander Reilly & Tamer Barrington

  • In St Peter’s Chruch, Dublin, William Alexander Reilly, to Miss Tamer Barrington, daughter of Mr Alexander Barrington, County Kildare.

11 Nov 1862 : Edward Johnson & Sophia Taylor

  • In Edinburgh, Edward Johnson, Esq., of Calcutta, son of H. Johnson Esq., Warwick Gardens, Kensington, to Sophia, daughter of the late George Taylor, Esq., of Lissonfield, County Dublin.

15 Nov 1862 : John Scott & Mrs Ginditta Magunis

  • At the Roman Catholic Chapel, Spanish Place London, John Scott, Esq., son of the late Richard Scott, Esq., solicitor of Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, to Ginditta, relict of the late Frederick Magunis Esq., 28th Regt.

20 Nov 1862 : ?? Boyce & Charlotte Clementine Duckett

  • At St. Stephen’s Church, Captain ?? Boyce, (King’s Own) Reg., son of John Boyce, Esq. J.P. Carnew Castle, County Wicklow, to Charlotte Clementine Duckett daughter of Richard M. Duckett, Esq., of Upper Mount Street, Dublin.

20 Nov 1862 : Richard King & Annie Haire

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Richard King, jun Esq., of Russell Street, to Annie, daughter of the late Hamilton Haire Esq., of Glassdrummond, County Fermanagh.

20 Nov 1862 : Thomas Edward Taylor & Louisa Harrington Tollemache

  • At Harington Church, Northamptonshire, Colonel Thomas Edward Taylor, M.P., of Ardgillan Castle County Dublin to Louisa Harrington, daughter of the Hon and Rev Hugh Francis Tollemache, rector of Harrington.

20 Nov 1862 : William Edward Davis & Frances Mary Madden

  • At St George’s Church, Hanover Square, London, William Edward, son of Birt Davis, Esq., M.D., of Birmingham to Frances Mary daughter of T.W. Madden, Esq., Merchant’s Quay, Dublin.

22 Nov 1862 : James Irvine Sochles Mages & Catherine Mary Lynch

  • At North William Street, Dublin, James Irvine Scholes Mages Esq., of Derry to Catherine Mary, daughter of Bryan Lynch, Esq., Newcomen Place, Dublin.

27 Nov 1862 : Alan Parker & Anna Gibson

  • In Dublin, Alan Parker, son of the late James S. Close, Esq., Q.C., of Derrymacloughney, County Galway, to Anna, daughter of Wm. Gibson, Esq., Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

27 Nov 1862 : James Delany & Kate M’Grane

  • At St Michan’s Church, Anne Street, Dublin, Mr James Delany, of Limerick to Kate, third daughter of Mr John M’Grane, of Dublin.

27 Nov 1862 : Nicholas Proude & Marian Moorehead Proude

  • In Clontarf Church, Nicholas, son of the late Jas. Proude, Esq., to Marian Moorehead, daughter of the late M. Proude, Esq., both of Clontarf.

29 Nov 1862 : Wyrley Birch & Rebecca Katherine Kyle

  • At St Anne’s Church Dublin, Wyrley Birch, Esq., jun., son of the late George Wyrley Birch, Esq., of East Wretham, Norfolk, to Rebecca Katherine, daughter of the Ven. Samuel Moore Kyle, Archdeacon of Cork, Vicar-General of the United Dioceses.

29 Nov 1862 : William Rogers & Isabella Jane Jones

  • At Trinity Church, Rathmines, William Rogers, Esq., of Carraminna, County Galway, to Isabella Jane, daughter of the late Gustavus Jones, Esq., of Belleville, County Westmeath.

02 Dec 1862 : William Kelly & Lucy Leech

  • At the church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Mr William Kelly, to Lucy, daughter of Mr Samuel Leech, of Lower Mount Street, Dublin.

03 Dec 1862 : Francis Reynolds & Eliza Doxey

  • In Upper Mount Street, Dublin, Francis Reynolds, Esq. of the Parade, Kilkenny, to Eliza Doxey, of Waterloo Road, Dublin, daughter of the late James Doxey, Esq., formerly of Kockbrook, in the Queen’s County.

03 Dec 1862 : M. Nicholson & Annie Derinda Horne

  • At the Metropolitan Church, Dublin, M. Nicholson, Esq., of Manchester, to Annie Derinda, daughter of the late Andrew Horne, M.D., Ballinasloe.

11 Dec 1862 : William Parker & Henrietta Sargent

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dubin, William Parker, son of the late Robert Christopher Parker Esq., of Greenwich, in the County of Kent, to Henrietta, daughter of the late Edward Sargent, Esq., of Limerick.

11 Dec 1862 : John Gathorne Wood & Susan Mary Pennefather

  • At St Stephen’s Church Dublin, John Gathorne Wood, Esq., son of John Wood, of Thedden Grange, Hants, to Susan Mary, daughter of Edward Pennefather, Esq., Q.C., of Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.

11 Dec 1862 : Francais Jacquot & Charlotte Sarah Dimsdale

  • At the parish church of Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Francais Jacquot, son of the late Jean Nicholas Jacquot, M.D., of Espinal, France, to Charlotte Sarah, daughter of Thomas Isaac Dimsdale, Esq., of Essex.

18 Dec 1862 : Henry William Watson & Josephine Ellen Stewart

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, Henry William, son of the late John F. Watson, Esq., of Dublin, to Josephine Ellen, daughter of the late Thomas Stewart, Esq., of Greenock.

18 Dec 1862 : Robert Boyd & Abigail Mary Graves

  • At the Church of SS Michael and John, Dublin, Robert Boyd, Esq., Queen Street to Abigail Mary, daughter of Chas. Graves, Esq., Nicholas Street, Dublin.

20 Dec 1862 : Thomas Goggin Glover & Maria Hamilton

  • December 18, at the parish church of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Thomas Goggin Glover, Esq., of this city to Maria, second daughter of the late William Cope Hamilton, Esq., of Rathgar, County Dublin.

20 Dec 1862 : Mark Hamilton & Fanny Gray Commins

  • December 18, at the parish church of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Mark Hamilton, A.B., M.D. Surgeon Royal Navy, to Fanny Gray, daughter of the late John Commins, Esq., of Tavistock Devonshire.

20 Dec 1862 : Edward Barron & Julia Wilmott

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Edward Barron, V.S., grandson of T.M. Grsham, Esq., Rahey Park, to Julia, daughter of W. Wilmott Esq.

20 Dec 1862 : John James Landers & Mary A Bass

  • At the Centenary Chapel Stephen’s Green, the Rev John James Landers to Mary A. Bass of Amanda Ville, Sandymount, Dublin.

23 Dec 1862 : Charles Holt Ensell & Elizabeth Jane Standish

  • In Bray Church, the Rev. Charles Holt Ensell, of Lucan, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of the late Richard Standish, Esq., of Glin, County Limerick.

23 Dec 1862 : Maurice Spotwood & Theresa Bentley

  • At Cahirciveen Church, Maurice Spotswoon Esq., M.D. of Cahirciveen, son of the late John Spotswood, Esq. J.p. of Corabeg House County Kerry, to Theresa, daughter of the late William Frederick Bentley, Esq., of Laurel Hill, Blackrock, County Dublin.

23 Dec 1862 : Henry R. Greer & Marion Gilbert

  • At St Mark’s Church Dublin, Henry R. Greer, Esq., Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military College, Sandhurst to Marion, daughter of the late James Gilbert, Lieutenant, R.N.

23 Dec 1862 : John Malcom Inglis & Caroline Johnston

  • At Sandymount Presbyterian Church, John Malcom, son of William Inglis, Esq., Arbuthnot, Stirlingshire, to Caroline daughter of John Johnson Esq., of Trenton, Ball’s Bridge, Dublin.

27 Dec 1862 : A. N. Campbell & Charlotte Eckford

  • On the 12th November at Rourkee, N.W. Provinces India, Colonel A. N. Campbell, commanding 48th Regiment, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late John Eckford, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and sister of Mrs James Spaight, of 80, George’s Street.

27 Dec 1862 : Archibald St George & Kate St George

  • In St George’s Church, Dublin, Archibald St George, jun., Esq., son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel St George to Kate, daughter of Archibald St George, Esq., of Greenville Street, Dublin, barrister-at-law.

27 Dec 1862 : Richard Hanlon & Kate Mary Kearns

  • In St Mary’s “Star of the Sea” Dublin, Richard Hanlon, Esq., to Kate Mary, daughter of Edward Kearns, Esq., of Ringsend.

30 Dec 1862 : Charles Cuddy & Elizabeth Gertrude Speer

  • At Rathfarnham Church, County Dublin, Charles Cuddy. Esq., to Elizabeth Gertrude, daughter of James Speer, Esq., of Roscommon.

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