The following list contains marriages that mention places in county Dublin.

These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle, 1863:


3 January: James Barney & Ellen McDowell

At St. Mary’s Donnnybrook, James Barney, Esq., of Ipswick, Suffolk, of Ellen, daughter of the late Charles McDowell, Esq., of Cork.


3 January: Marcus Eustace & Elizabeth Jane Wallace

At the Presbyterian Meeting House, Capel-street, Dublin, Marcus Eustace, L.K.Q.C.P. and L.R.C.S.I. of Highfield Drumcondra, to Elizabeth Jane, daughter of the late Andrew Wallace, of Dublin.


3 January: Richard Dolan & Maria Elizabeth Daly

At Rathmines, Dublin, Richard Dolan, Esq. (Alliance Gas Company), to Maria Elizabeth, daughter of the Lte John Daly, Esq., Comptroller of Her Majesty’s Customs.


3 January: Patrick O’Farrell & Kate Winefield Heron

At the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Longford, Patrick O’Farrell Esq., of Dublin, to Kate Winefred, daughter of Patrick Heron, Esq., merchant, Fenagh county Leitrim.


6 January: Horatio Yeates & Kate Barrett

At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Mr Horatio Yeates, of Leinster Street, Dublin, to Kate daughter of the late Samuel Barrett, Esq.


10 January: Alexander Wilson & Sophia Gouldburt

At St. Mary’s Church Dublin, Mr Alexander Wilson of Dublin to Sophia daughter of the late Francis W Gouldburt Esq., Aughnagore county Longford


15 January: James Gorman Wilson & Jane Robinson

At St. Mary’s Church, Dublin, James Gorman Wilson, son of James Wilson Esq., of Moynalty, county Meath, to Jane, daughter of Thomas Robinson Esq., Kilcock


15 January: Thomas Maher & Mary Anne O’Brien

At Ballyscadden, Thomas Maher Esq., Balbriggan, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late Thomas O’Brien Esq., of Baylenstown county Dublin


17 January: Charles Bowen & Margaret Murphy

At the Church of St Mary, Star of the Sea, Dublin, Charles Bowen, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Engineers, son of the late Lieut-Colonel Charles Bowen to Margaret, daughter of Bernard Murphy, Esq., solicitor, Galway


17 January: William Matthews & Harriet Madeline Rattersby

At Stillorgan Church, county Dublin, William Matthews Esq., of Wexford, to Harriet Madeline, daughter of the late Francis Rattersby, Esq., Hightown, county Westmeath


17 January: Leethem Reynolds & Kate Edgworth Kennedy

At St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Leethem Reynolds Esq., Cheapside, London to Kate Edgworth daughter of Mr Thos. Kennedy, Rathvilly, county Carlow.


17 January: William Leader & Sophia Berri Humfrey

At Monkstown Church, county Dublin, the Rev. William Leader, son of Henry Leader, Esq., of Dromaneen, county of Cork, to Sophia Berri, daughter of Alexander john Humfrey, Esq., of Ardiston, county Carlow


27 January: John Kearney & Martha Reddy Jaden

At St Mary’s Church, Dublin, John Kearney Esq., to Martha, daughter of Samuel Reddy, Esq., Donnybrook and relict of Luke Jaden, Pembroke Quay


29 January: Richard Hastings & Lavinia Lambert

At Athenry, Richard Hastings Firth of Leinster Road, Dublin Esq., C.E. to Lavinia daughter of the late Pater Lambert of Castle Ellen, county Galway Esq.


7 February: William Charles Goodwin & Olivia Charlotte Berry

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Charles Goodwin, Esq., C.E. to Olivia Charlotte, daughter of John Berry, Esq., of Chesterfield, King’s County.


14 February: William Green & Susan Elizabeth Monds

In St. Mary’s Church Dublin, William Green Esq., Rock, Ballyshannon to Susan Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Monds Esq., J.P. Sligo


14 February: Brooke Rynd Chambers & Mary Caroline Macleod

In St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Brooke Rynd Chambers Esq., Bengal Staff Corp, son of John Chambers Esq., J.P. Fox Hall County Donegal to Mary Caroline, daughter of J Sheridan Macleod Esq., R.M. Lifford, county Donegal


14 February: Francis John Howard & Elizabeth Sweny

At Rathfarnham Church, county Dublin, Francis John Howard Esq., barrister at law to Elizabeth daughter of the late Rev. John Sweny, rector of Clemish county Fermanagh.


21 February: Alexander Ogilvy & Fanny Barklie nee Atkinson

At the Scots’s Church, Mary’s Abbe, Dublin, Alexander Ogilvy Esq., Aspsley Lodge, Rathgar to Fanny, widow of the late John Robert Barklie Esq., and daughter of the late Richard Atkinson Esq., of Dublin


21 February: Joseph J Greene & Jane Rath

At Kingstown, Joseph J Greene, Esq., to Jane daughter of the late George S Rath Esq., of Dounlclash House, Co. Wexford


12 March: Arthur Cooper Jenkinson & Caroline Fitzgerald

Arthur Cooper Jenkinson, Esq., of No.1 Belgrave Terrace, Stockwell Park, Surrey, eldest son of Charles T Jenkinson Esq., Antron House, Upper Tulse Hill, Surrey, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Windham McGrath Fitzgerald, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the County of Limerick and granddaughter of the late Alderman Watson. After partaking of a sumptuous dejeuner at the residence of her mother, Percy place, Dublin, the happy pair left Holyhead, en route for Paris [No cards sent]


12 March: John Fitzgerald Studdert & Mrs. Alice Marion Bastable

March 7, in St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, John Fitzgerald Studdert, Esq., son of Thomas Studdert Esq., D.L. of Bunratty Castle, county Clare, to Alice Marion, widow of the late Arthur Bastable, Esq., barrister at law


12 March: Samuel Worden & Kate Sullivan

At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Samuel Worden, sq., son of the Rev. John Worden, Glastonbury Somersetshire, to Kate, daughter of D.T. Sullivan, Esq., Upper Gloucester Street.


14 March: George J Armstrong & Sarah Ellen Brodie

At St. George’s Church, Dublin, Mr George J Armstrong, to Sarah Ellen, daughter of Mr William Brodie, of Drumcondra Road, Dublin


24 March: William J Wellad & Mary Elizabeth Irwin

At Loughgilly, William J Wellad Esq., Upper Rutland Street, Dublin to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Charles King Irwin, Rectory of Loughgilly, county Armagh.


26 March: James Andrews & Mary Catherine Andrews

In Dublin, James Andrews, son of John Andrews, Esq., J.P., of Courlin, in the county of Down, to Mary Catherine, daughter of Robert Andrews, Esq., LL.D., Q.C., Mountjoy-square, Dublin.


31 March: Charles Sharpe & Mrs Martha Sleator

In the Centenary Chapel, Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Mr Charles Sharpe, Rathmines Road, to Martha, relict of the late Wm Sleator, Esq., Aungier Street, Dublin


2 April: Thomas R Brunskill & Anna Jane Tully

At St Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Thomas R Brunskill, Esq., to Anna Jane, daughter of Kivas Tully, Esq., Commander R.N.


04 April: Louis Sinner & Frances Mary Bolton

At Malahide Church, Dublin, B. Louis Simner, Esq., H.M.’s Military Train, son of A Simner, Esq., Whitehall, London, and Denbigh, North Wales, to Frances Mary, daughter of Wm. Edward Bolton, Esq., Malahide.


4 April: Matthew J Butler & Mary Anne Purcell

In Dublin, Matthew J Butler, Esq., of Dublin, formerly Clonmel, to Mary Anne, daughter of Thomas Purcell, Esq., of Mary Mount, Queen’s County.


05 April: Joseph H. Bouchier & Julia Dowling

At Rathkeale Church, by the Rev George Gough Gubbins Rector of Ballingarry, assisted by the Rev N. Richardson, Joseph H. Bouchier Esq., of Fort House in this county (Limerick), to Julia daughter of the late John Dowling, Esq., ex-Scholar Trinity College Dublin


07 April: Valentine Flood & Lizzie Stockdale Taylor Bolster

At Clontarf Church, Valentine, son of the late Dr. Valentine Flood A.M., M.r.i.a,…….F.R.C.S.I. to Lizzie Stockdale Taylor daughter of the late Humphrey Bolster Esq.


9 April: Davis Wilkinson & Jane Stubbs

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Davis Wilkinson, Esq., to Jane Stubbs, daughter of the late Thomas Stubbs, Esq., of Camben Street Dublin


9 April: Jacob Halliday & Annie Green

At Hillsborough, Jacob Halliday, Blackrock, Dublin to Annie, daughter of the late John Green, of Orrfield, Hillsbourough, County Down


11 April: William Bond & Mary Letitia Lewis

At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, William Bond Esq., Captain Ryal Longford Rifles, son of Henry M. Boyd Esq., of Newtown Bond to Mary Letitia, daughter of Wm Lewis, Esq., of Drimnacor, county Longford


11 April: David Ruttledge & Sarah Knox Leet

At Monkstown Church, Dublin, David, son of David Ruttledge, Esq., of Barbersfort, county Galway to Sarah Knox daughter of the Rev. Edward Leet, Kingstown


11 April: James Ferrier Clarke & Emily Kate Ponsonby Eames

In Londonderry, James Ferrier Clarke Esq., M.D. Farnworth, Lanchester, son of the late Peter Roe Clark Esq., of Dublin to Emily Kate Ponsonby, daughter of Wm James Eames, Esq., Londonderry


16 April: James Battle & Isabella Dunne

At St Nicholas’ Church, Dublin, Mr James Battle, Clanbrassil Terrace, to Isabella, daughter of John H Dunne, Esq., solicitor, Rocklands, Stillorgan, and Peter-street, Dublin


21 April: John Carbury Shorten & Marian Louisa Ruttle

In Grangegorman Church, John Carbury Shorten, of Palmerston Place, Dublin, to Marian Louisa, daughter of the late Daniel Ruttle, solicitor, formerly of Rathkeale.


25 April: George Fearnside & Mary Cumin

At the Registrar’s Office, Dublin, George Fearnside, Esq., son of the late Rev. Joshua Fearnside, of Ashton-under-line, to Eliza Mary daughter of James Cumin Esq., of Dublin


25 April: Thomas Dawson Finucane & Adda Emily Elsmere

In Newry, Thomas Dawson Finucane, Esq., surgeon & c., Blackrock, county Dublin to Adda Emily daughter of the late Rev. Alexander Stewart Elsmere, Newcastle


28 April: Robert Dockeray & Agnes Henderson Burnside

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Robert Dockeray, M.D., of Kilteagan, to Agnes Henderson, daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Burnside, of Straford-on-Slaney.


2 May: P.W.Hackett & Mary Murphy

At the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, P.W.Hackett, Esq., 9th Regt., son of Sir William Hackett, of Lotamore, Cork to Mary, daughter of J.J. Murphy, Esq., Master in Chancery


2 May: Peter Keillor & Isabella Reid

In the Union Chapel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Peter Keillor Esq., of Ryebrook Hall, Leixlip, to Isabella, daughter of Wm. Reid, Esq., of Old Merrion House, Merrion, county Dublin


7 May: William Henry Annesley & Lucy Anne Kelly

In St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, William Henry Annesley, Esq., Commander H.M.S. Liverpool, son of the late Captain the Hon Francis Charles Annesley, R.N., to Lucy Anne, daughter of Denis H. Kelly Esq., D.L. Castle Kelly, county Galway.


16 May: Richard Butler Willington & Mary Rose

On the 14th inst., by special license, by the Rev. Robert Flemyng, M.A., at her brother’s, Captain Ormsby Rose, Merrion-square, North, Richard Butler Willington, Esq., Captain 77th Regt., to Mary, second daughter of the late Simon L Rose. Esq., of Ballycullen, county Limerick.


16 May: Richard Carleton & Cordelia Stephens

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin Richard Carleton, Esq., of Woodville, Sandford, to Cordelia, daughter of William Robert Stephens, Esq., Fairfield. Rathgar.


16 May: John Clare & Catherine Johanna Rigby

At St. Mary’s, Donnybrook, John Clare, Esq., of Park-avenue, Sandymount, to Catherine Johanna Rigby, daughter of the late John Jason Rigby, Esq., of Dublin.


16 May: Edward Hudson Kinahan & Emily Isabella Dickenson

At Banbridge Church, Edward Hudson Kinahan, son of the late Alderman Kinahan, of Merrion-square, Dublin, to Emily Isabella, daughter of the Rev. Daniel Dickenson, Rector of Seapatrick, county Down.


19 May: Maurice Uniacke Atkin & Rebecca Upton Sargent

On the 13th inst., at St Mary’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. B. Gibson, Maurice Uniacke Atkin, Esq., H.M.S., to Rebecca Upton, youngest daughter of John Sargent, Esq., county Cork


19 May: Andrew Bell Booth & Rachel Power

In St Mary’s Church, Dublin, Andrew Bell Booth, jun., Esq., son of Andrew Bell Booth, Esq., of Bellsgrove, county Cavan, to Rachel, daughter of Pierce Power Esq., solicitor, Berkeley Street, Dublin


21 May: Rowland Blennerhassett & Maria Louisa Haire

At George’s Church, Dublin, Rowland Blennerhassett, Esq., M.D. Killorglin county Kerry, so of the late Henry Blennerhassett, Esq., and grandson of the Hon Elizabeth and Richard Blennerhassett, to Maria Louisa, daughter of the late Hamilton Haire, Esq, of Glassdrummond, county Fermanagh.


23 May: John L Dixon & Jane Williams

In St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, John L Dixon, Esq., of Toronto, Canada West, to Jane daughter of the late Samuel Williams Esq., of Longford.


23 May: John Robert Buchanan & Henrietta Usher

A Rathfarnham Church, John Robert Buchanan, Captain 6th Royal Lancashire Regiment, to Henrietta, daughter of Richard Beverly Usher, late Captain 86th Regt.


23 May: William O’Neill & Fanny Budds

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Wm O’Neill, Esq., Athy, county Kildare, to Fanny daughter of the late Thos Budds Esq., of Limogue House, Queen’s County


23 May: John Lindsay & Mary Ryan

In Dublin, John Lindsay, Esq., of Wicklow, to Miss Mary Ryan, of Patrick Street, Cork


23 May: Joseph Thompson Boxwell & Hessie Hogan

At St Michan’s Church, Dublin, Joseph Thompson, son of the late Mr Wm Boxwell tanner, of Wexford, to Hessie, daughter of the late Mr Edward Hogan of Ennis


26 May: Charles M. Elliott & Lydia Bennett

In the Centenary Chapel, Stephen’s Green, Dublin, Charles M. Elliott, Esq., to Lydia, daughter of Jonathan Bennett, Esq., Euston-terrace, Ranelagh-road.


30 May: Isaac Ashe & Mary Sarah Rogers

At St James’s Church, Dublin, Isaac Ashe Esq., of Rathmines, to Mary Sarah, daughter of George Rogers, Esq., of Compton House, South Circular Road

30 May: William Casey & Julia Faulkner

At St Audean’s Roman Catholic Church, William Casey Esq., to Julia, daughter of the late George Faulkner, Esq., of Dublin


2 June: Charles Martin Stoer & Delphina Garbois

At St. Anne’s Parish Church, Dublin, Charles Martin Stoer, Esq., of Harrington Square, London to Delphina, daughter of Mr Wm Garbois of Kildare Street, Dublin


2 June: Francis A Mooney & Frances Roberts

At St George’s Church, Dublin, Mr Francis A Mooney, to Frances, daughter of the late Thomas William Roberts, Esq., late of Dublin, and formerly of Copse, county Cork


6 June: Christopher Joynt & Lilly Anna Holton

At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, Christopher Joynt, Esq., M.D. of the Indian Army, and late of Scinde Horse, to Lilly Anna, daughter of W. Noble Holton, Esq., J.p. Woodberry House, Athlone, county Roscommon.


6 June: James Leslie & Georgina Kaye

At St. George’s Church, Dublin, James Leslie, of Armagh Esq., M.D. to Georgina daughter of the late George Kaye, of Vera Lodge, Armagh Esq., formerly Captain 62nd Regt.


6 June: George Butler & Marion Godkin

At St. Kevin’s Roman Catholic church, Dublin, George Butler, Esq., son of the late Thomas Butler, Esq., of Dublin, to Marion, daughter of Mathew Longfield Godkin, Esq., of Dungarvan, county Waterford.


6 June: George Robert Wynne & Ellen Lees Smith

At Aghaven Church county Fermanagh, the Rev George Robert Wynne, of St Anne’s Dublin to Ellen Lees daughter of the Rev. G. Sidney Smith, D.D., Rector of Aghalurcher, diocese of Clogher, and formerly Fellow of Trinty College, Dublin


9 June: Frank Creed Knox Cooper & Mary Eleanor Knox Leet

In Monkstown Church Dublin Frank Creed Knox, son of the late Robert Cooper Esq of upper Leeson Street Dublin to Mary Eleanor Knox daughter of the Rev. Edward Leet, Kingstown, County Dublin


9 June: James John Campbell & Lucy Elizabeth Sanders

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, James John Campbell, Esq. of Kingstown to Lucy Elizabeth daughter of the late Capt John Robert Sanders, Royal Artillery.


9 June: Daniel J Bergin & Kate Bierne

In the Roman Catholic Church Kingstown, Daniel J Bergin Esq., Angel Hotel Dublin to Kate daughter of Roger Bierne Esq., Frenchpark


11 June: George Crowe & Adelaide Elizabeth Morton

At St. Mary’s Church, Donnybrook, George Crowe, Esq of Beech-hill House, county Dublin to Adelaide Elizabeth daughter of the late Robert Morton Esq Tritonville, county Dublin


11 June: Henry Smyth & Alicia Blakeney

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Henry Smyth of Holywell in the county od Roscommon Esq. to Alicia daughter of Edward Blakeney, later of Sallymount in the same county Esq.


16 June: Frederick C Elton & Maria Jane Rynd

At Dawson Street, Dublin, Major Frederick C Elton V.C., to Maria Jane, daughter of Robert Fleetwood Rynd, Esq., of Ryndville, county Meath


18 June: Matthew Good & Ellen Holloway

At St. Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, Matthew Good, Esq., of Sandymount, Dublin, Surveyor to the Board of Trade, to Ellen, daughter of John Holloway, Esq., C.E., Prospect House, Kilkenny


18 June: Henry Keisall & Susan Hope Waddell

In the Presbyterian Church, Kingstown, Henry Keisall, Captain 16th Regt., to Susan Hope, daughter of the Rev. Hope M. Waddell.


20 June: William Conyngham Plunket & Annie Lee Guinness

At Clontarf Church, county Dublin, the Rev William Conyngham Plunket, son of the Hon John Plunkett, to Annie Lee, daughter of Benjamin Lee Guinness, Esq.


20 June: Osmond De Lancy Priaulx & Mrs Isabella Jane Gore

At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, Osmond De Lancy Priaulx, Captain 94th Regiment to Isabella Jane, widow of Ralph P. Gore Esq.


20 June: Patrick J McEvoy & Agnes Mary Brady

At the Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Patrick J McEvoy Esq., M.D. Rathcoole, county Dublin, to Agnes Mary, daughter of Philip Brady Esq., Talbot Street, Dublin


20 June: Henry Lundy & Elizabeth Buchanan

In St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Henry Lundy, son of J Lundy, Esq., Billis, county Cavan, to Elizabeth, daughter of R. Buchanan, Esq. Carrig House, county Cavan.


23 June: Maurice Otho Fitzgibbon & Wilhelmina Fitzgibbon

At St. Michael’s Church Dublin, Maurice Otho Fitzgibbon, Esq., to Wilhelmina, daughter of Cross Howe Fitzgibbon Esq., J.P. of Innislinga Abbey, both of the county Cork


27 June: John H.C.B. Hornibrook & Jane Cecil Meta Baylee

At Donnybrook Church, Dublin, John H.C..B. Hornibrook Esq., C.E. son of the late John L. Hornibrook, Esq., of Bandon, to Jane Cecil Meta, daughter of Edmond Henry Pery Baylee, Esq., and granddaughter of the late Sexten Baylee Esq., of Strand House, Limerick.


27 June: William Wall Thomas Sherlock & Charlotte Shiell Minchin

At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Wall Thomas Sherlock Esq., son of Thomas Sherlock, Esq., of Mount Ophaly House, county Kildare, to Charlotte Shiell, daughter of the late Boyle Minchin Esq., of Wilton county Tipperary


27 June: Thomas H Tracey & Delia Burke

At the Cathedral Marlborough Street, Dublin, Thomas H Tracey, Esq., to Delia, daughter of James Burke, Esq, late of Galway


30 June: William George Boyce & Susanna Hoey

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev William George Boyce, son of John Boyce, Esq., of Carnew Castle county Wicklow, to Susanna daughter of Captain George Hoey, Pembroke Place, Dublin, and Hoey park, county Wicklow.


30 June: Henry Michal Williams & Mary Falkner

At Monkstown Church, Dublin, Henry Michael, son of the late Michael Williams, Esq., of Williamstown, county Kildare to Mary daughter of Francis Falkner Esq., Lomgford terrace, Kingstown


4 July: William S Grattan Guinness & Susan Rebecca Darley

At Monkstown Church, county Dublin, the Rev William S Grattan Guinness, of Beaumont, county Dublin, to Susan Rebecca, daughter of the late Alderman Darley, of Fern Hill county Dublin


4 July: Campbell Fair & Frances Mary Slattery

At St. Mary’s Church, Donnybrook, Campbell Fair Esq., of Cloona Castle, county Galway, to Frances Mary daughter of James Slattery, Esq., of London Bridge Road, Dublin


4 July: James Armstrong & Elizabeth Maria Barnard

At St Anne’s Church, Dublin James Armstrong Esq., of Quinsborough Terrace, Bray to Elizabeth Maria, daughter of T. Barnard Esq., Gravesend Kent


7 July: Thomas Moriarty & Harriette Gore

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Thomas, son of Henry Moriarty, Esq., of Abbeytown, county Roscommon, to Harriette, daughter of the late William Gore, Esq., of Mayola, county of Derry


7 July: William Wilson & Malvina Mills

At Booterstown Church, Wm Wilson, Esq., of the Legacy and Succession Duty Office, Dublin, to Malvina Mills, daughter of Daniel Mills King, Esq., of Kingston, county Wicklow


9 July: William Henry Bible & Mrs Annie Kohler nee Odell

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Henry, son of Henry Bible, Esq, of Cork to Annie, Relict of the late Charles Kohler Esq., of Dublin, and daughter of the later Major John Cornwall Odell, 41st Regt. Madras Native Infantry, formerly of the country Limerick.


9 July: Alexander George Armstrong & Jane Amelia Booth

In Donnybrook Church, county Dublin, Alexander George Armstong, Esq., C.E., County Surveyor of Cavan, to Jane Amelia, daughter of the late George Bell Booth, Esq., of Drumcarbin, county Cavan


14 July: John F Sheehy & Margaret Mulrenan

On the 9th inst., at St. Andrew’s Church, Dublin, John F. Sheehy, Esq., of Court, in this county (Limerick) to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Bernard Mulrenan, Esq., of this city


14 July: Samuel R Roe & Nannie Belas

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Samuel R Roe Esq., of Monordree, Queen’s County, to Nannie, daughter George Henry Belas Esq., of Lower Camden Street, Dublin


14 July: E Aiken & Margaret Aiken

At Kellswater, Mr E. Aiken, A.B.T.C.D., Principal of the Collegiate Academy, Dublin to Margaret, daughter of Mr John Aiken, Ballymena


14 July: Richard Donnelly & Catherine Quirk

In St. Cather’s Church, Meath Street, Dublin, Mr. Richd Donnelly of Clondalkin, to Catherine daughter of the late Mr Thomas Quirk of James’s Street Dublin


16 July: Alexander George Armstrong & Jane Amelia Booth

On the 3rd inst., at Donnybrook Church, county Dublin, Alexander George, eldest son of the late Alexander J Armstrong, Esq., C.E. County Surveyor of Cavan, to Jane Amelia, daughter of the late George Bell Booth, Esq., of Drumcarbin, county Cavan.


18 July: Henry Edward McMahon Casey & Anne Wilkinson

On the 15th instant, at Rathmines church, by the Rev T. Brock, C.C. Henry Edward McMahon Casey Esq., H.m.C.S. to Anne, eldest daughter of Captain Wilkinson, of Bohergare county Limerick. [No cards]


18 July: Richard Alfred Hamilton & Henrietta Wybrants Dawson

At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, Richard Alfred, son of the late John Hamilton, Esq., Mill View county Donegal, to Henrietta Wybrants, Daughter of the late Charles P. Dawson, Esq., of Castle Dawson, Londonderry.


21 July: Stephen Egan & Matilda Anna Corbett

At Kingstown, Captain Stephen Egan, 20th Regiment, to Matilda Anna, daughter of Daniel Corbett, Esq., of Dublin, and Crofton-terrace, Kingstown.


21 July: Dr Wilkinson & Elizabeth Moilse

At St. Peter’s Church Dublin Dr Wilkinson, of Clonaaslee to Elizabeth daughter of the late James Moilse, Esq., solicitor, North Frederick Street, Dublin


21 July: J.L. Darby & Maria Cregan

In St. Peter’s Church, Dunlin, J.L. Darby, son of the late Joseph L Darby Esq., of Bray, to Maria, daughter of Martin Cregan Esq., R.H.A.


23 July: Charles Meehan & Maggie O’Hare

At Borrisokane, Charles Meehan Esq., M.M.’s Inland Revenue, Dublin, to Maggie, daughter of Patrick O’Hare, Esq., Borrisokane


23 July: Hamilton Croft & Cecilia Kerrigan

At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Dublin, Hamilton, son of Alban Croft, Esq., Belvidere Place to Cecilia, daughter of the late Patrick Kerrigan, Esq., of Dublin


23 July: Charles W Russell & Mrs Albenia Cecilia Seymour

At Chapelizod Church, Charles W Russell Esq., of Percy Place, Dublin to Albenia Cecilia, widow of Rev Joseph Seymour, rector of Ballymacward county Galway


28 July: William McDermott & Mary Helena Lynch

At St. Andrew’s Church Westland Row Dublin, Captain Wm McDermott, son of Wm McDermott Esq., of Springfield, county Galway, to Mary Helena, daughter of the later Captain Martin Lynch, of Lowbuy, county Roscommon.


28 July: Fielding Seovell & Emily Vance

At Monkstown Church, Fielding son of the late Henry Seovell Esq., of Ferney, Stillorgan, to Mary Emily, daughter of T Vance Esq., JP., Blackrock House Dublin


30 July: Wilson Walsh & Harriette Woodroof

At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Wilson Walsh Esq., son of Thomas Walsh Esq., of Lakeview, county Mayo, to Harriette, daughter of Henry Philip Woodroof, Esq., of Upper Mount street Dublin, and Kilowen, county Wexford.


30 July: Stanley Treanor & Charlotte Elizabeth Evatt

At Kilkeel, county Down the Rev Stanley Treanor, Curate of Tuam, to Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Evatt, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Mount Louise, county Monaghan, and Kenilworth Terrace, Rathmines.


1 August: Edmund W. Molony & Frances Selina Gayer

At Monkstown Church, County Dublin, Edmund W. Molony Esq., of the Civil Service, Bengal, third son of James Molony Esq., D.L. of Kiltanon House, County Clare, to Frances Selina second daughter of Arthur Edward Gayer, Esq., Q.C., LLD of Salerno, Killiney, one of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland.


1 August: William Laffin & Marta Teresa Head

On Thursday, in St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church Dublin, Mr. William Laffin, of Eyon, county Limerick to Marta Teresa only daughter of the late Mr. John Head of this city (Limerick)


6 August: Thomas Coote & Frances Taylor

In Rathmines Church, county Dublin, Thomas Coote, son of the late John Bunbury Leonard Esq., of Clermont House, county Wicklow to Frances, daughter of the late Alfred Taylor Esq.


6 August: Nicholas Leech & Mary Theresa Reynolds

Nicholas Leech Esq., Drogheda to Mary Theresa, daughter of Patrick Reynolds Esq., Dublin.


8 August: Henry Grey MacGregor & Rosetta Napier

In St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin Henry Grey MacGregor Esq., 17th Regt. Son of Lieutenant- General Sir Duncan MacGregor K.C.B to Rosetta, daughter of the right honourable Joseph Napier, ex-Lord Chancellor of Ireland.


8 August: John James Mathew & Delia Foster

At St. Andrew’s Westland row Dublin Captain John Jas. Mathew, son of the late Francis Mathew, Esq of Rockview, County Tipperary, to Delia, daughter of John Foster Esq., of Rino County Clare and Normangrove, county Galway.


8 August: Andrew Martyn & Mary Josephine Dolphin

At St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Kingstown, Andrew Martyn Esq., son of the late Edward Martyn Esq., of Tullyra County Galway to Mary Josephine, daughter of Oliver Dolphin, Esq. of Turoe, in the same county.


8 August: Samuel Buchanan & Arabella Madelene Ussher

At Rathfarnham Church county Dublin Samuel Buchanan, Esq. C.E. to Arabella Madelene, daughter of Richard Beverly Ussher, late Captin 86th Regt.


8 August: Edward Rush & Eliza M F Evans

At Steph’s Church Dublin, the Rev Edward Rush Rector of Loughrea to Eliza M F Evans, daughter of Captin Evans late of the 78th Highlanders


8 August: George Kinahan & Margaret Hayes Dickinson

At Seapatrick Church, Banbridge, George Kinahan, son of the late George Kinahan, Esq., of Roebuck Park county Dublin to Margaret Hayes, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Dickinson, Rector of Seapatrick county Down.


22 August: George Cree & Louisa Anna Coffey

August 19, in St. George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev, the Chancellor of Christ Church DD, George Cree, Esq., barrister at law Lower Mount Street to Louisa Anna only daughter of James Charles Coffey Esq., Chairman of the County Westmeath, Mountjoy square [No cards sent]


22 August: James Kennedy & Rosetta Steward

In Donnybrook Church James Kennedy Esq., J.P. of Rosetta, county Down to Nannie, daughter of the late James Steward, Esq., of Cherryvale and Greencastle, Belfast.


22 August: John McCalla & Mary Drydale

In the Scots’ Church, Dublin John McCalla Esq., of St. Catherine’s Canada West, merchant to Mary, Daughter of Matthew Drydale, Esq., of Dublin


25 August: Bindon Scott & Elizabeth Heard

In Mogeesha Church, county Cork, Bindon Scott Esq., of Albion House. Blackrock, county Dublin to Elizabeth daughter of the late Edward Heard Esq., M.D. of Ballintubber, county Cork


25 August: John George Gibbon & Mary Eleanor Taylor

At St Stephen’s Church Dublin, John George Gibbon Esq., barrister at law, son of William Monk Gibbon Esq., LL D. of the Corrage, Sandymount Avenue to Mary Eleanor daughter of Thomas H Taylor Esq., of Heytesbury Terrace, Dublin


29 August: Jeremiah O’Rourke & Mary Teresa Welsh

On the 27th inst., at the Roman Catholic Church, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev C. O’Reilly, R.C.C., of Killasnet, Kilmore, Manorhamilton, Mr Jeremiah O’Rourke of Limerick to Mary Teresa, daughter of Mr John Welsh, of George Street of this city (Limerick) [No cards sent]


29 August: William Slator & Rosebella Hodson

In St. George’s Church, Dublin, William Slator Webb Esq., to Rosebella, daughter of James Hodson Bond, Esq., Grenville Street, Dublin


1 September: James French & Georgina Lewis

At Taney Church, Dundrum, Thomas son of James French Esq., Monivea, county Galway to Georgina, daughter of George Lewis Watters Esq., Ophally, Dundrum


1 September: M.G.. Smith & Anne Fitt

At St Stephen’s Church, Dublin M.G.. Smith esq., of Warble Bank county Wicklow to Anne Fitt, daughter of the late George Fitt Esq., of Norwich


1 September: Eugene McGrath &Margaret Mc’Asey

In the Church of St Andrew Westland Row Dublin, Eugene McGrath, Esq., of Harold’s Cross to Margaret, daughter of David Mc’Asey of Clarendon Row Dublin


5 September: Joseph Gubbins & France Thomsine McMahaon

On the 3rd inst., by special license at St Stephen’s Church Dublin, by the Rev E Bray, Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush in county of Limerick, Esq., to Frances Thomasine, daughter of the late Sir Beresford B McMahon, Bart., and grand-daughter of the later Sir Robert Bateson, of Belvoir Park in the county of Antrim Bart [No cards]


5 September: Weldon Berry Adams & Mary Jane Powell

At St Peter’s Church Dublin, Thos. Weldon Berry Adams, Esq., Avonmore, Stillorgan, to Mary Jane, daughter of Caleb Eyre Powell Esq., of Summerseat Cottage, Clonee


5 September: Richard Cooper & Emily Kate Wilson

At Bray, county Wicklow, Richard Cooper Todd, Esq., Surgeon 60th Rifles, to Emily Kate, daughter of the late Thomas Wilson, Esq., of Stillorgan, county Dublin.


5 September: Charles Taylor & Mary Aletta Ogle

At Clonmore Church, Charles Taylor, Captain Royal City Dublin Militia, to Mary Aletta, daughter of the late Henry John Ogle Esq. Wexford Regt.


10 September: John J. Cox & Mary Madeline MacSwiney

At St. Andrew’s Church, Westland-row, Dublin, John J. Cox, Esq., son of Alderman Cox, of Waterford, to Mary Madeline, daughter of Peter Paul MacSwiney, Esq., Lord Mayor elect.


10 September: John Joseph Mills & Elizabeth Frances McNally

In Trinity Church, Rathmines, John Joseph Mills, Esq., Lieut. 5th Royal Lancashire Militia, to Elizabeth Frances, daughter of John McNally, Esq., solicitor, of Dublin.


12 September: John Forrestal Cunningham & Lizzie Mary Kearns

At the Metropolitan Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin, John Forrestal Cunningham of Oakley Park, in the county of Galway, Esq., to Lizzie Mary, daughter of James Kearns, of Summer Hill, Dublin, Esq.


12 September: John Williamson & Mary Brown

At St. George’s Church, Dublin, John Williamson, Esq., son of the late M. Williamson, Esq., solicitor, Bailieborough, to Mary, daughter of the late John Brown, Esq., County Inspector of the Contabulary.


17 September: John Hill Linde & Mrs Jane Lum

At St. George’s Church, Dublin, John Hill Linde, Esq., of Eyrefield, county Kildare, and Hardwicke street, Dublin, to Jane, relict of the late William Purefoy Lum, Esq., of Lumville, King’s County.


17 September: William John Rowland & Anna Kate Digges

At Donnybrook Church, William John, son of Mr John Rowland, of Bache House, Chester to Anna Kate, daughter of Mr Henry Digges, of Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin.


24 September: Samuel Lee Anderson & Elizabeth Barcroft

At Dungannon, Samuel Lee Anderson M.A. son of Matthew Anderson Esq., Crown Solicitor, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, to Elizabeth daughter to the late Joseph Barcroft Esq., Stangmore Lodge, Dungannon


26 September: Hichard Hampton Carroll & Anne Pardoe Jenkinson

At St. Mary’s Church Dublin, Richard Hampton, son of the late Richard Joseph Carroll, Esq., of Cullenswood, to Anne Pardoe, daughter of John Jenkinson, Esq., of Dublin


26 September: Edward O’Loughlin & Winniw Alouicia Quinn

In the Metropolitan Church, Marborough Street, Dublin, Edward O’Loughlin, Esq., solicitor Lower Gardiner Street, to Winnie Alouicia, daughter of Michael Quinn Esq., Middleton, county Longford


26 September: George Cashel & Elizabeth Julia Sparrow

At Clontarf Church, George Cashel, Esq., to Elizabeth Julia, daughter of the late Edward Sparrow, Esq., of Killabeg, county Wexford.


29 September: Henry Bentley & Mary Seward

Sept. 26th at St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. C.D. Russell, Henry Bentley, of Shannon View O’Brien’s Bridge, county Clare, Esq., M.D., youngest son of the late William Bentley, of Hurleston, County Clare, Esq., to Mary, second daughter of Joshua W. Seward, of Dromaan House, county Galway Esq., J.P. [No Cards]


29 September: Maurice Mathews & Hetty Kate Bull

At St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Maurice Mathews Esq., of Dublin to Hetty Kate, daughter of the late Richard Bull, Esq., of Ballinameta, county Cork


10 October: Rochfort Battley & Rosellen Field

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Rochfort Battley, Esq., of Ashgrove Cottage, Kingstown, to Rosellen, daughter of late William John Field, Esq., M.D. of Blackrock, county Dublin


10 October: William O’Brien & Eliza Thomas

At the Church of St Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Mr. William O’Brien, Upper Ormond Quay, to Eliza, daughter of Mr. Patrick Thomas of Dublin.


15 October: Thomas H Greer & Geraldine Elizabeth Blenderhassett

October 13 in St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas H. Greer, Esq., R.A. Mount Street Crescent, youngest son of the late Major Joseph Greer of Grange to Geraldine Elizabeth Blennerhassett, eldest daughter of the Knight of Glin, Glin Castle, County Limerick


At St. Mary’s Donybrook, James Barry Esq., son of the late Sir Edward Bary, Bart., of Sandymoun, count Dublin, to Mary, daughter of the late Captain Edward Atkin of Youghal, County Cork.


15 October: Frederick Alphonsus Sims & Bridget Mary Brennan

At the Church of St. Andrew, Westland Row, Dublin, Frederick Alphonsus Sims Esq., of Kensingtion London to Bridget Mary daughter of the late James Brennan Esq., of Kilkenny.


17 October: William Robert Welche Lea & Margaret Forbes Alloway

At St Stephen’s Church Dublin, William Robert Welche Lea Esq., Captain 16th Regt. To Margaret Forbes, daughter of Arthur Williams Alloway, Esq., formerly of R.M. 4th Regiment


17 October: James Garvey & Mrs Celia O’Sullivan nee Ferguson

At the R.C. Church of St. Laurence O’Toole, Dublin, Mr. James Garvey of Earl Street in that city to Celia O’Sullivan, nee Ferguson, daughter of the late Dr. Ferguson of Manorhamilton


20 October: Richard Hand Wood & Mrs Elizabeth Pitts nee Taekaberry

At Trinity Church, Rathmines, Richard Hand Wood, Esq., M.D., J.P., and Coroner, Sligo, to Elizabeth Pitts, widow of Robert Pitts, Esq., Dusseldorf, and daughter of the late Rev. Fossey Taekaberry, of Sligo.


20 October: Alexander Tyndall & Eliza Anne Nixon

At Drumcondra Church, Alexander Tyndall, Esq., Strandville, Clontarf, county Dublin, son of the late Samuel Wilkinson Tyndall, Esq., J.P., to Eliza Anne, daughter of James L. Nixon, Esq., of Mount-Auburn, Richmond.



27 October: Michael Egan & Anna Frances Ryan

On the 25th instant at Rathmines R.C. Church Dublin by the Rev M Collier, Michael Egan Esq., of Patrick street in this city (Limerick) to Anna Frances, only daughter of Michael Ryan, Esq., Clare Cottage Athlunkard.


27 October: James Lyons & Mary Pentland

At the Metropolitan Church, Dublin, James Lyons Esq., of Dublin to Mary daughter of William Pentland Esq., of Castle Avenure Clontarf.


27 October: Thomas Bagnal & Alicia Jane Lindsay

At St. Thomas Church, Dublin Thomas, son of the late Henry Bagnal Esq., of the Custom House Dublin to Alicia Jane daughter of the late Wm Lindsay Esq., Dublin

In Bootstown Church, county Dublin, John Pemberton, Es., of Glenville, Blackrock, to Annie Isabella daughter of the late Captain Bateman, J.P. of Leslie Park, Croydon, Surrey.


31 October: Robert Westley Hall Dare & Susan Henrietta Watson

At Killedmond Church, county Carlow, Robert Westley Hall Dare, Jun , Esq.,son of R.W . Hall Dare, Esq., of Newtownbarry House, to Caroline Susan Henrietta, daughter of Soloman Watson, Esq., of Monkstown, county Dublin.


3 November: Davis W Henry & Annie Frances Augusta Eagle

At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, David W. Henry, Esq., of Upper Baggot Street, to Anne Frances Augusta, daughter of the Rev George E Eagle, Pembroke Road, Dublin


5 November: Ricahrd J Gabbett & Elizabeth Agnes Minchin

Nov 3 at St Peter’s Church, (Dublin) by the Rev J W Bowles, Rector of Shinrone, assisted by the Rev G.O.F. Patton, Ricahrd J Gabbett, Esq., of Caherline, county of Limerick to Elizabeth Agnes, Eldest daughter of the late John Minchin Esq., J.P. of Busherstown, Kings’s County.


5 November: James Edward Jackson & Madeline Bushe

In St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, James Edward Jackson, Esq., of Killaguile, in the county of Galway, son of the late Very Rev. the Dean of Armagh, to Madeline, daughter of Arthur Bushe Esq., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin


7 November: Cuthbert F. Daly & Elizabeth Hopkins

In St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Cuthbert F. Daly, Esq., Captain R.M.L.L, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late W. Hopkins, Esq., Frayne, county Meath.


7 November: Hans Hendrick & Jane Harriette Burrows

At Kilcullen Church, county Kildare, Hans Hendrick, of Kerdiffstown, Naas, Esq., to Jane Harriette, daughter of the late Robert Burrows, Esq., of Giltown, county Kildare.


8 November: Henry Newill & Anna Elizabeth Egan

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Henry Newill, Esq., of her Majesty’s Indian Civil Service, to Anna Elizabeth, daughter of Howard Nothercoat Egan, Esq., of Sharragh, in the county of Tipperary


8 November: Arthur K Ussher & Mary Malcomson

At Monkstown Church, county Dublin, Arthur K Ussher, Esq., son of the late Arthur K Ussher, Esq., of Ballysaggartmore, to Mary, daughter of the late Joseph Malcomson Esq., of Mayfield, county Waterford


8 November: Richard Dawson Barbour & Harriette Hatton Smithson

At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Richard Dawson, son of R C Barbour, Esq., of Rathmore, county Longford, to Harriette Hatton, daughter of J Smithson Esq., of Dublin


8 November: Henry St. John Phillips & Jane Lawless

In Kilkenny, Henry St. John Phillips Esq., of Templemore, to Jane, daughter of Wm. Lawless, Esq., of Dublin


8 November: George Armstrong & Mrs Bessie O’Connor

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, George Armstrong Esq., of Leeson Street, in that city to Bessie, widow of Henry O’Connor, Esq., late of Baronstown, county Westmeath


12 November: Thomas James Ryves & Charlotte Onions

At St. Michan’s Church, Dublin, Thomas James Ryves Esq., Lieutenant, District Superintendent of the Police in Shahjehanpore, India to Charlotte daughter of J Onions Esq., of Bellytigan


12 November: William Mitchell & Sarah Anna Colbourn

At St Mary’s Church, Dublin, Mr Wm Mitchell, reporter, Londonderry Standard to Sarah Anna, daughter of the late Mr N Colbourn of Dublin


14 November: Thomas James Rawson & Mrs Janet Sempill Newton

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, Thomas James Rawson, Esq., M.D. Barrowville, county Carlow, to Janet Sempill, widow of John Newton, Esq., Bagenalstown House.


14 November: Eugene McSwiney & Selina Lynch

At Killester, Eugene, son of the late Justine McSwiney, Esq., of Carrigrohan Castle, county Cork to Selina, daughter of William Lynch, Esq., M.D. Killester, Demeane, Raheny


14 November: James Vaughan & Mary Caffrey

At the R.C. Church of St. John the Baptist, Blackrock, county Dublin, James Vaughan Esq., Royal Hospital, Haslar, to Mary daughter of the late Nicholas R. Caffrey Esq.


17 November: Robert M Tilly & Katherine Crofton Dodwell

In the New Church, Bray, Robert M. Tilly Esq., to Katherine Crofton, daughter of James Crofton Dodwell Esq., J.P. Shankhill House, county Dublin.


17 November: Samuel William Nugent & Charlotte Elizabeth Oulton

At Monkstown Church, county Dublin, Samuel William Nugent, C.E., Bengal Presidency, India, to Charlotte Elizabeth daughter of the late A. Oulton Esq.


17 November: James Dawson & Emily Josephine Spain

At St Patrick’s Church, Rathgar, James Dawson Esq., to Emily Josephine, daughter of the late John William Spain Esq., Leister Square Rathmines.


19 November: Thomas MacMahon & Marcella Lynch

Nov 13th at St. Andrew’s Church, Westland Row, Dublin, Thomas MacMahon Esq., Knockane, county Clare, to Marcella, daughter of the late James Lynch, Esq., Windfield, county Galway.


19 November: Joseph Williams Clarke & Dora Purefoy Lombard

At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. Joseph Williams Clarke, Chaplain Royal Navy, to Dora Purefoy, daughter of the late Rev John Newman Lombard, Rector of Carrigaline, county Cork


21 November: Henry Joseph Arthur Brew & Fanny Alicia Jackson

At St Nicholas’s R.C. Church, Galway, Henry Joseph Arthur, son of the late Arthur Brew Esq., Grace Park county Dublin, and formerly of Cahirmacrea, county Clare to Fanny Alicia, daughter of Benjamin Jackson, Esq., County Inspector of Constabulary Galway West.


21 November: Simon E. Sellor & Kate Agnes Larkin

On the 18th inst., at Gardiner Street R.C. Church, Dublin Simon E. Sellor Esq., of Tristane, county Galway, third son of Michael Sellor Esq., of Limerick to Kate Agnes, third daughter of the late Timothy Larkin, Esq., of Craugh, county Galway.


21 November: Thomas Rutherford & Lilla Flynn

At St Peter’s Church Dubllin, Thomas Rutherford jun. of Macken Lodge, county Leitrim, Esq., to Lilla, daughter of the late Rev. Daniel Flynn of Harcourt Street Dublin.


24 November: P. Tomalin & Fanny Mosse

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, P. Tomalin, Esq., Carlow, to Fanny, daughter of the late Peter B. Mosse, Esq., Rutland House, Carlow.


24 November: Edward Bray & Eliza Mathews

At St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. Edward Bray, curate of St. Stephen’s to Eliza, daughter of Samuel Mathews, solicitor, Kenilworth Terrace, Rathgar


26 November: Maurice Blake & Jeannette O’Reilly

In the Roman Catholic Church of Booterstown, county Dublin, Captain Maurice Blake, J.P. son of Valentine O’Connor Blake, of Tower Hill, in the county of Mayo, Esq., D.L. to Jeannette, daughter of R. P. O’Reilly, Esq., of Sans Souci, County Dublin


26 November: Henry Marsh Septimus Magrath & Ellen Margaret Dillon

In the Parish Church of Malahide, Henry Marsh Septimus Magrath, Esq., Lieuntenant Madras Army, to Ellen Margaret, daughter of Henry A Dillon, Esq., of Windsor Terrace, Malahide


1 December: Thomas Clancy & Jane Madden

At St Nicholas’ Church, Francis Street, Dublin, Thomas Clancy Esq., M.D. Mitchelstown, county Cork to Jane daughter of the late John Madden Esq., of Dublin.


1 December: Charles H Groves & Emily McMullen

Nov. 25 Charles H. Groves Esq., M.B. of Ballythomas, county Cork to Emily daughter of Robert McMullen Esq., Waterloo Road, Dublin


1 December: Henry Plunkett & Dora Brady

In the Roman Catholic Church of St. James Dublin, Henry Plunkett, Esq., Upper Bridge Street to Dora daughter of Edward Brady Esq., Girley House, Kells, County Meath


1 December: Daniel Lahiff & Mary St. George

In the R.C. Cathedral Dublin Daniel C. Lahiff Esq., son of Henry Lahiff Esq., Cloonmore House, County Galway to Mary daughter of Christopher St. George Esq., J.P., Tyrone House in the same county.


1 December: George Mansfield & Agnes Bogue

At St. Anne’s Church Dublin, Mr George Mansfield of Grafton Street to Agnes daughter of the late Alexander Bogue Esq., of Eden Quay, Dublin


5 December: D.W.R. Buchanan & Katherine Hely Hutchinson

At St. Stephen’s Church Dublin, D.W.R. Buchanan Esq., to Lady Katherine Hely Hutchinson eldest daughter of the Earl of Donoughmore.


5 December: Henry S. Halahan & Frances Catherine Bourne

At St. Peter’s Church Dublin, Henry S. Halahan M.D. Harcourt Street, to Frances Catherine, daughter of Walter Bourne, Esq Harcourt Terrace


5 December: William Erskine & Marianne Hurst

At St. Thomas’s Church Dublin, William Erskine Esq., of Harristown House, Ardee, County Louth, to Marianne, eldest daughter of James Hurst Esq., North Cumberland Street, Dublin.


5 December: Patrick Briody & Miss Lenehan

At Arran Quay Chapel, Dublin, Mr Patrick Briody, to Miss Lenehan both Maynooth.


12 December: Philip Kerney & Annie Knight

At St. Mary’s Church, Donnybrook, Philip Kerney, Esq., to Annie, daughter of the late Christopher Knight, of the city of Limerick


12 December: James Poyner & Margaret Leonard

In St, James’s Church, Dublin, James Poyner, Esq., of Dublin, to Margaret, daughter of the late Thomas James Leonard, Esq., of Carnew county Wicklow.


15 December: Walter Mitchell & Annie Jane Brownlow

At St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Walter Mitchell, Esq., of Portadown to Annie Jane, daughter of the late R. Brownlow, Esq., Rich-hill, county Armagh.


15 December: N.J. McGough & Marian Reily

At the Church of St. Andrew, Westland-row Dublin, N.J. McGough, Esq., Priorland to Marian, daughter of M. Reily, Esq., Haggardstown, Dundalk.

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