The following article was posted in the Nation on 19 March 1887. It tells of the news agents of Limerick city’s attempt to stop Fake News from England spreading in the city.

The news agents of Limerick city have set an example which it is to be fervently hoped will be generally followed by the news-vendors of city, town, and hamlet throughout the country.

Having conferred with the local clergy on the subject, the Limerick agents, the other day, resolved to have no more to do with the sale of English periodicals of the sensational type.

It is certainly high time that some such delusive action were taken with, regard to the circulation, amongst the youth of Ireland, of the demoralising trash poured into this country, week after week, in such amazing quantity from across the Channel.

That the sale of the vicious stupid, and immoral rubbish which forms the staple contents of those Cockney periodicals should ever have attained to the dimensions it has amongst us is astounding, and that it should be left to those who profit by vending it to take the first step towards discountenancing the introduction of stuff so vile into Irish homes is nothing less than a reproach Irish parents.

It is plainly their duty to protect the young minds of their children from the moral injury which must certainly result from acquaintance with the gutter literature against which the Limerick people have so properly declared war.