In the first week of September 2015, Keith Kelly, who writes for Indie Limerick, plays for Randolf and the Crokers  and works for Irish Storage hosted The People of Limerick account. During his tenure he created a list of 35 Limerick bands and linked to both their twitter account (where it existed) and a sample of their work.

Many thanks to Keith for allowing us to reproduce this small list (which as he said could easily be doubled) of some of the Brilliant Limerick Bands.

As new suggestions come in the list will increase in size.

The following are in no particular order and applicable a link to the bands twitter account and an example of their music has been added, enjoy:

  1. FredSkyscrapers (Bass Player from Limerick)
  2. The GroovePreachers Paradise
  3. Private WorldChange the Room
  4. Ivan St JohnThere You Stand
  5. Nick Carswell & The Elective OrchestraFolks Like Us
  6. Theme Tune BoyRecess
  7. Treehouse Diner/SlackjawBrilliant Sunshine
  8. Keith FordePop them Pills
  9. Supermodel TwinsOne Step Behind
  10. The HitchersBig Mug
  11. The O’MalleysWe’re All Green
  12. The DrivenJesus Love You More If You Can Drive
  13. Leading Armies All in Between
  14. The_CranberriesTomorrow
  15. ToucandanceRadon Daughters Live
  16. Granny’s Intentions – (Full Playlist)
  17. Siobhan O’BrienWhile Ironing
  18. Randolf and the CrokersHangin’
  19. Brad Pitt Light OrchestraGrace Jones
  20. Fall DogsWaving at Magpies
  21. Dead Red LightOut of Time
  22. Fox JawHatch Sixteen
  23. Walter Mitty and the RealistsGreen Light Go
  24. Delorean SuiteAlone
  25. 202sShoot you Down
  26. Moscow Metro Spirit of the City
  27. Tuesday BlueShibumi 1988 (Full Album)
  28. WindingsThis is a Conversation
  29. Parliament SquareForest Fire
  30. Bleeding Heart PigeonsA Hallucination
  31. Men Of TwentyCheap Carnival
  32. ProtobabyState of Affairs
  33. SenakahHuman Relations
  34. dREAFather is a Drummer
  35. Woodstar –  Dumb Punk Song
  36. RubberbanditsHorse Outsside
  37. Hermitage GreenJenny
  38. Campaign LKThe Wickedness
  39. The Hip-Neck Blues CollectiveBill Murray
  40. Big Generator (Bass player from Limerick) – Heaven
  41. Anna’s Anchor Mirabell
  42. The OutfitRadiation (1982)
  43. We Come in PiecesBeefy Clyro
  44. GiveamanakickSay No to Sports
  45. Fallings (Based in Limerick 2010-2014) – I Want To Be
  46. AcoustraThe Sea Jig
  47. Iron MountainOpium
  48. Deviant & Naive TedThe Inevitable Heel Turn
  49. Rusangano Family & My Name is JohnGod Knows Full Album
  50. MuRliSurface Tension
  51. Eugene Wallace (1950-1999) – Dangerous
  52. Yvonne McCarthyYou Don’t Know Me
  53. HeadgearSinging in the Drain
  54. SistersHold Me Closer Tiny Christmas
  55. BeogaHome Cookin’
  56. MoxieWhat Lies Behind the Walls
  57. Seans WalkRegrets
  58. Warsaw RadioLost Her in Sound
  59. Cillian King plays with Notify Band & AtlasCould Be Kings (solo)
  60. NubusTaped Sketches (Full Album)
  61. We Should Be DeadForget Romance, Lets Dance
  62. Brian O’BrienFake Smile
  63. RoperRegardless We Rust
  64. Monday VillainsSoap Bar
  65. Changing TrainsWon’t Let You Down
  66. Silent Noise Parade (Limerick & Nenagh) – Fears
  67. Last Days of Death CountyStrung Out
  68. Catcher and The RyeCrazy Wise Man
  69. JourneymanLive at Thomond House
  70. FreelanceThe Runner
  71. Emma Langford – Sowing Acorns

Other Limerick Bands which we have not located a sample of music for include:

The Rhythm Sector – The Alvin Purple Experience16 Tons of Jive – This One’s For Her – Out of the Fog – Average Contents – The Knights of Rutland – Up The Downstairs – The Reform – Tommy Drennan – The Madhatters –  Kathleen Turner (Limerick Based) –  Tripper Humane – Nuralgia – Celtic Fusion – Posing Briefs – Shaun O’Dowd & Ding-A-Ling They Do it With Mirrors – Touch of Oliver – The Fewer The Better – Decato – Fun Bobby – Jester – Emaf – New Year Rejects – Knapweed – Gimik – Maser Hare (1974-1976) – The Farran Folk – The Last Resort – Slackjaw – Warsaw – AZURE DAYS


If you know of other great Limerick bands let us know via our contact form or on twitter and we will add them to the list.

great limerick bands