This is a pedestrian bridge on the Canal Bank, built in 1996, as with the Abbey Bridge there was much debate at the time over whether it should be named after another local historian Kevin Hannan or the Guinness company who used the canal extensively until the closure of the canal for trade in the 1960s. A tour of the can was given as part of the Limerick RiverPaths.

guinness bridge

The Irish Times reported the following on the 13 Jan 1997:

A canal walkway has been opened from Limerick city to the university as a result of a new bridge which was put into operation at the weekend.

Mr Pat Moriarty, chairman of Limerick Civic Trust, which is responsible for the project, said it was made possible by £25,000 in sponsorship from Guinness. To be known as the Guinness Bridge, it is to be dedicated to the memory of Mr Kevin Hannan (77), a local historian and member of the Civic Trust who died recently.

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