Harrison Lee had established his foundry in 1826 on High Street Limerick. In 1838, he was mentioned in Deane’s directory for that year as a metal and brass founder and smith. Harrison Lee was the son of Harrison Lee and Mary Osborne who married on 12 May 1793 at St John’s Church Limerick. Harrison Lee (the second) married Ellen Byrnes on 22 February 1830 also in St John’s Church. He died in 1866 and was interred in St John’s Church. His son Harrison (the third) died three years later, his other sons retained their father’s name and continued the business until 1930. Harrison (the third) also had a son called Harrison but he died in infancy.

Harrison lee drawing of building
Ninteenth century publicity poster from Harrison Lee & Sons

The gate below was discovered in Limerick County in 2020 and is at least 90 years old. In 2021 renovation works were carried out on it so it could be rehung and used for another hundred years.

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