As Limerick expanded into the Newtownpery area of the the city in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century new streets were names. These new builds incorporated street signs into the buildings often on the corners but occasionally, as with Baker’s Place, in the centre of purpose built blocks.

The following are a collection of the oldest street signs in Limerick City.

Michael Street 1787

michael street 1787

William Street 2 June 1789

william street

Myles Street 1826

myles street 1826

Myles Place – Pery Square 1826

myles place 1826

James’s Street 1827

james street 1827

Baker’s Place 1832

bakers place

Clare View Terrace 1896

clare view terrace

Verona Esplanade 1910

This image comes courtesy of Mixed Messages.

verona explades mixed messages

This post will be updated as we discover other signs around the city.