Three Days on the Shannon: From Limerick to Lough Key 1852
The following is an extract from the 1852 publication Three days on the Shannon: from Limerick to Lough Key By William Frederick Wakeman. THE START. We shall suppose our reader to have arrived in Limerick en route to the capital, after having visited some of the...
1862 Weddings Announcements in Ireland
1862 was two years before civil registrations became compulsory for all in Ireland on 1 January 1864 (there were civil marriage records from 1 April 1845 for non-Catholic Christian and Jewish marriages but these did not include Roman Catholics marriages). All...
An 1883 Wonderfully Detailed Description of Limerick
The following description of Limerick by Thomas W. Silloway and Lee L. Powers was first published in 1883. The pair travelled through Ireland to create a tour guide called "The Cathedral Towns and Intervening Places of England, Ireland, and Scotland: A Description of...
The Consecration Bishop Henry Murphy in 1958.
This video owned by Liam O'Sullivan shows the consecration Bishop Henry Murphy of Limerick in St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Limerick. The conseration took place on August 31, 1958. The video uploaded by JDTVideo also shows images of the area outside the...
Videos of St Munchin’s College in the 1960s
The following videos owned by Liam O'Sullivan show snapshots of life as a student in St Munchin's College. The videos were uploaded by John Upton who has gathered many wonderful videos of Limerick's past, with a focus on Newcastle West...
Joseph Sace, Hairdresser Perfume Manufacturer

Joseph Sace was a hairdresser in Limerick city centre. The year 1892 was a very eventful one for him.

Princess Penelope of Capua and her Amazing Marriage
Princess Penelope was born Penelope Smyth, she gained her royal title through her marriage to Carlo Ferdinado di Borbonne, Prince of Capua. Their story reads like a fairy tale. Penelope Smyth and Carlo Ferdinado di Borbonne, Prince of Capua Penelope was born in...


Hilarious Theft of a Horse in 1856

Hilarious Theft of a Horse in 1856

The following article appeared in the Limerick Reporter 12 December 1856. It tells of a case of horse theft brought before the Limerick Police Court. P.G. Barron was Chairman of the court: STEALING A HORSE - Anne Rankin, a half-starved impoverished-looking creature,...

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Unusual Adverts in the Limerick Chronicle, Sept 1820

Unusual Adverts in the Limerick Chronicle, Sept 1820

The following are a selection of advertisements from the Limerick Chronicle during September 1820. Joshua Mark insists that buying local is best JOSHUA MARKHAS FOR SALE AT HIS WARE ROOM, NEW LINEN-HALL, STRONG HOME MADE LINENS, AND SHEETINGS.BLEACHED AND FINISHED,...

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A Letter from a Limerick Emigrant in Wisconsin 1851

A Letter from a Limerick Emigrant in Wisconsin 1851

Many Limerick residents relocated to Wisconsin in the years following the famine. The following is an account from a Limerick man in Wisconsin, in 1851. His letter was published in the Leinster Express on May 3, 1851. The paper described him as a "County Limerick...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Tracing your Limerick Family History

Most people set out on tracing their family history full of enthusiasm only to be hit by brick walls along the way. In this post we will share some useful tips about how to trace your Limerick City ancestors and what resources are available online. Luckily for those starting out in genealogy today there are a lot more resources available at the finger tips, though there is a certain loss of enjoyment from missing out on the dusty books and reels of micro-fiche which were the norm up until very recently.

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