The following article appeared in the Limerick Reporter 12 December 1856. It tells of a case of horse theft brought against Anne Rankin before the Limerick Police Court. P.G. Barron was Chairman of the court:

STEALING A HORSE – Anne Rankin, a half-starved impoverished-looking creature, and who held a large piece of bread in her hand was charged by watchman 26, with stealing “a horse”.

Mr. Barron – Stealing a horse!!

Prisoner – I bought it ye’r worship.

Watchman – I met her your worship in the dark and she was carrying it on her back (laughter).

Mr. Bouchier – What! carrying a horse on her back!! Why that beats Sampson’s carrying off the gates of Gaza (laughter).

Prisoner – It is one of those things for drying clothes on – a clothes horse – I gave sixpence for it, and it’s not worth three halfpence.

The case was dismissed and the poor creature was ordered her horse.