The following appeared in the Volunteers Journal (later the Irish Herald) on 10 May 1784.

Limerick Independents

At a meeting of the Limerick Independents Volunteers, held on their parade, the second day of May, 1784.

Major Powell, in the Chair, Resolved unanimously, that the distresses of our fellow-citizens, the manufacturers in general, and those of the woollen branch in particular, demand the utmost exertion of every feeling mind, to alleviate their unhappy sufferings.

Resolved unanimously, that as the legislature has thought proper to reject the bill for protecting the manufactures of this kingdom, which bill, we conceive, if passed into a law, would have been of the most essential service to the manufactures of this kingdom in general, and to the woollen in particular; we do now think it incumbent on us to declare, most solemnly, that neither we ourselves, nor any individual we can influence, will but or purchase, from this day, any woollen or cotton, or silken goods, of any kind whatsoever save only the goods now on hands or actually on the way, BUT THE MANUFACTURES OF IRELAND, until the legislature shall make sufficient laws for the encouragement and protection of the manufactures of this kingdom.

Resolved, that we will not deal with any shopkeeper or dealer, who cannot produce an affidavit, (or affirmation if a Quaker) that the goods he exposes; or if foreign, that they have been laid in before the first of May 1784, or now actually on their way in consequence of an order already given for them.

And we earnestly recommend to the shopkeepers and dealers of this city, to enter into such resolutions, against the importation of any of the above mentioned goods, until the GRIEVANCES and DISTRESSES of OUR OWN MANUFACTURERS are relieved by ADEQUATE LAWS FOR THAT PURPOSE.

Resolved, that we will give a preference to the manufacturers of this native city, so long as the manufacturers shall conduct themselves peaceably and orderly, and exert their utmost skill and attention in the different branches of their manufactures so as to make them equal in price ad perfection to those of other parts of this kingdom, but no longer.

Resolved, that the Volunteer corps both of the county and city of Limerick, beg and are hereby requelled, to adopt such resolutions, as shall see, to them the most efficacious for relieving the miseries and distress of our deplorable manufacturers.

Resolved, that the following resolutions be published three times in Limerick newspapers, Dublin Evening Post and Volunteers Journal.

Powell, Chairman

Major Powell having left the chair, Resolved unanimously that the thanks of the corps be presented him, for having convened this meeting.