The following is a letter from Leeds, England to Swansea, Wales which tell of a couples intended trip to Limerick.


Dear Jennie,
I must write & tell you that Georgie & Freddie won’t be able to visit you for the holidays. Georgie has to work for the week-end so they’ll call to see you some time later on, maybe in September. George & me are going to Limerick on the 6th of August & we will remain there for three weeks, if God spares us. I got a p.c. from Gertie, it was posted in Dublin, she said she’s on holidays in Ireland. I hope your health is improved. It is about 38 years ago since I was in Neath. I suppose I wouldn’t know hardly anyone there. I hope Millie, Hilda & Vera are quite well. I don’t know what to write about we are almost like strangers to each other now. I hope Frankie is quite well. I suppose you have a lot of grandchildren. I have 21 and the eldest of them all is 12 years. I sent Gertie a xmas card & a letter, last xmas. She sent me a card but didn’t answer  my letter. George doesn’t work now. He has a “Retired pension” & also, I have. We work for Freddie. He is a fancy leather bag maker. With the waste leather George cuts out purses, leets etc. I thong the purses & we are not doing to bad. We have a rather big house. Edna & her family occupy the back premises & George, Mabel & myself, have the front. We were very lucky to get any sort of a house. I suppose they are just as scarce in Neath. George & family send you their best love & please accept the same from me.
Your fond sister,


The eldest grandchild who Annie is talking about is Laura Slater.