Ireland Genealogy Archives

I had been contributing to the IGP (Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives) for many years. The IGP is a fully volunteer coordinated online database that catalogs and stores data submitted by the public in relation to Irish genealogy. This was mainly due to the fact that my research would often uncover others who had the same name as those I was researching but were not actually the correct individuals. I felt that these records would serve a better purpose in an online archive than gathering dust in my attic.

I was glad to locate the IGA archives, which gratefully accepted my contributions. Finally, in September of 2011 I was asked to become the page director for Limerick Genealogy Archives. The only flaw I have in the system is that the archives are based on basic text files, whereas I was used to editing online documents in HTML. The servers unfortunately would not be able to cope with a more complex system.

My involvement includes updating the submissions to the following categories:

If you have any left over transcriptions from your own research be sure to contribute them to the IGP to help others with their research. I am the page director for Limerick Genealogy Archive, but there is a page for every county in Ireland Other research IGA counties.