The following are places called Limerick throughout the world, all of which were named after Limerick, Ireland.

Large Areas, Towns and Cities:

Limerick, Saskatchewan, Canada
Limerick, Illinois, USA
Limerick, Delaware, USA
Limerick, Maine, USA
Limerick, New York, USA
Limerick, Mississippi, USA
Limerick, South Carolina, USA
Limerick, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Limerick Town, Maine, USA
New Limerick, Maine, USA

Smaller Areas, Streets and Lanes:

Limerick Bowl, Pennsylvania, USA
Limerick Cottages, Dorset, U.K.
Limerick Court, Darien, Illinois, USA
Limerick Drive, Elgin, Illinois, USA
Limerick Drive, Georgia, USA
Limerick Drive, Union City, Georgia, USA
Limerick Drive SW, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Limerick House, Dorset, U.K.
Limerick House, Cardiff, U.K.
Limerick Lake, Ontario, Canada
Limerick Lane, McHenry, Illinois, USA
Limerick Lane, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
Limerick Lane, Hamilton, New Zealand
Limerick Lane, Brunswick, Ohio, USA
Limerick Lane, Dublin, Ohio, USA
Limerick Lane, Pickerington, Ohio, USA
Limerick Lane, Powell, Ohio, USA
Limerick Park, Clyde, Ohio, USA
Limerick Place, Boston, Massachussetts, USA
Limerick Place, California, USA
Limerick Place, Connecticut, USA Limerick Road, Michigan, USA
Limerick Place, New Jersey, USA
Limerick Place, Auckland, New Zealand
Limerick Place, Plymouth, U.K.
Limerick Plantation, South Carolina, USA
Limerick Road, Clyde, Ohio, USA
Limerick Road, Midway, Georgia, USA
Limerick Street, Savannah, Georgia, USA
Limerick Township, Pennsylvania, USA
Limerick Township, Ontario, Canada

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