The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Limerick in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

15 Feb 1862 : James Casey Nunan & Kate Joseph M’Carthy

  • At Kinsale, James Casey Nunan, Esq., M.D., son of John Nunan, of Croom, County Limerick, to Kate Joseph M’Carthy daughter of the late Charles M’Carthy, Esq., of Kinsale.

22 Feb 1862 : Thomas Kennedy & Bridget Jones

  • At the Roman Catholic Church Kilteely, Thos. Kennedy, Esq., Ballybricken Castle to Bridget, daughter of the late Thomas Jones, Esq., Ballinagrena County Limerick.

01 Mar 1862 : William Bell & Hannah Smith

  • At Adare Church, on the 27th ult., by the Rev Mr. Walsh, B.A. Curate of Adare, assisted by the Rev. Mr Phipps, Vicar of Drehedtrasna, Mr Wm Ball, of Limerick to Hannah, daughter of the late Mr Robert Smith, of Graigue, near Adare.

08 Mar 1862  : Edward Quin & Maryanne O’Brien

  • On Tuesday in St Michael’s Chapel, by the Rev James O’Brien, P.P., Mr Edward Quin, second son of Mr A.H. Quin, of this city, to Miss Maryanne O’Brien, of Anne Street.

20 Mar 1862 : James Mitchell & Ellen Perry

  • At the Presbyterian Church in this city, on Monday, Mr James Mitchell to Ellen, daughter of Mr Joseph Perry.

20 Mar 1862 : Robert William Forrest & Isabella Travers Cummins

  • At St Michael’s Church, Blackrock, Cork, by the Rev Augustus C. L. Coghlan, Incumbent of Nantenan, County of Limerick, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Charles James McCormack, the Rev Robert William Forrest, Incumbent of St Andrew’s Liverpool, son of the Rev Thomas Forrest Rector of Kilteskin, diocese of Cloyne, to Isabella Travers, elder daughter of Nicholas Cummins, Esq., of Carrigduve, Blackrock and granddaughter of the late Major General Sir Robert Travers, K.C.B., &c.

1 Apr 1862 : Charles Edward Bolton Mayne & Charlotte Emily Henrietta Sweetman

  • At St Mary’s Bryanston Square, London, Charles Edward Bolton Mayne, Esq., S.I.C., of Bruff, County Limerick, son of the late Edward Colburn Mayne, Esq., formerly Captain 95th regt., to Charlotte Emily Henrietta, daughter of William A Sweetman Esq., of Brook villa, Herefordshire, and late of H.M.’s 16th Lancers.

24 Apr 1862 : John Cree & Janet Crawford

  • On the 23rd inst. At Kilquane Church, by the Rev Richard Moore assisted by the Rev. Thomas P. Hill, cousin to the bride, Janet Crawford, daughter of Robert Rodgers., J.P., Cottage, to John Cree., Esq., of Debert House, Kilmallock.

24 Apr 1862  : James Peacocke & Mary Springall Garrett

  • This morning at the Cathedral (St. Mary’s), by the Very Rev. the Dean, assisted by the Rev James Mangan, L.L.B., James Peacocke, of William Street, Esq., to Mary Springall, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Garratt, of Wood, Norton, County of Norfolk, Esq.

24 Apr 1862 : John Dixon Macdonald & Ellen Hannah Evans

  • On Tuesday morning 22nd inst., in St John’s Church, by the Rev John Elmes, John Dixon Macdonald Esq., of George Street, son of Robert Macdonald, Esq., of Tullamore, to Ellen Hannah second daughter of Thomas Evans, Esq., of this city.

24 Apr 1862 : William Lathan & Maria Raleigh

  • This morning, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev. Henry Peacock, Mr William Lathan of Bristol, to Maria, daughter of Mr Richard Raleigh, of Wickham Street.

01 May 1862 : Edmond Beveridge & Elizabeth Agnes Bodkin

  • April 28th at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr. Purcell, Edmond, fourth son of the late Captain John Beveridge, R.H.A., to Elizabeth Agnes, youngest daughter of the late James Bodkin, Esq., Limerick.

Note from 01 May 1862 issue, Omission – The words “No cards sent” were inadvertently omitted from the announcement of the marriage of Francis N.G. Benson Esq., 17th Regt., to Miss Revington, of this city, which appeared in the Chronicle of the 26th inst.

06 May 1862 : William Sadleir & Mary Josephine Anglim

  • April 29, at the Metropolitan, Dublin, William Sadleir, of Shronehill, County of Tipperary, esq. to Mary Josephine, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Roberts Anglim, of Limerick, Esq. [No cards.]

06 May 1862 : William Francis Canter & Mary Teresa Canter

  • In St Michael’s Catholic Church, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. James O’Brien, P.P., Mr William Francis Canter, second son of the late Mr William Canter, Grange Cottage, County Limerick, to Mary Teresa, only daughter of Wm. Canter, Roche’s Street, and granddaughter of the late Mr James Canter, Ballyvarra House, in this County.

24 May 1862 : Edward Parker & Sophia Slade

  • On Thursday, the 22nd instant, at All Saints’ Church, Southampton, by the Rev William Stock, M.A., Edward Parker, Esq., to Sophia, only surviving child of Major General William Henry Slade, R.F.P., Royal Engineers, and the granddaughter of the late Rev John Parker D.D., of Glenquin in this County.

07 Jun 1862 : Francis William Henry Petrie & Deborah Charlotte Willis

  • St Thomas Church, Newcastle, County Limerick by the Rev Thomas Willis Assisted by the Rev George Gough Gubbins, and the Rev Newcombe Willis, Francis William Henry Petrie, late Captain 11th Foot, and third son of the late Commissary General William Petrie to Deborah Charlotte, only daughter of the Rev Thomas Willis, Prebendary of Killeedy, and granddaughter of the late George Gough Gubbins of Maidstown Castle.

17 Jun 1862 : Timothy Moroney & Mary Theresa Downes

  • On the 16th inst., at St Mary’s Chapel, by the Rev Mr Shanahan, P.P., Mr Timothy Moroney, George Street, to Mary Theresa Downes, George’s Quay.

03 Jul 1862 : Gerald Butler Beere & Matilda Sophie Wright nee Brady

  • July 3rd, at St Michael’s Church, Limerick, by the Rev. Gerald Beere Rector and Prebendary of Ballycahane, father of the bridegroom, Gerald Butler Beere, Esq., 15th Regt., to Matilda Sophie Wright, relict of the late John Wright Esq., and daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Brown Brady, of Raheens, County Clare, Rector and Prebendary of Tomgreaney. [No cards sent]

03 Jul 1862 : Jordan Augustus Ruttle & Susan Walsh

  • July 1, at St Michan’s Dublin, by the Rev Mr Jordan Augustus son of the late Daniel Ruttle, Esq., of Rathkeale, to Susan, daughter of John Walsh, Esq., of Ormond Quay Dublin.

10 Jul 1862 : Hugh Dean Massy & Annie Bennett

  • On the 10th inst. At Galbally Church, in this County by the Rev Henry A Sadleir, Hugh Dean Massy, Esq., Medical Staff, only son of the late Rev Godfrey Massy to Annie, daughter of George L. Bennett, of Glenefy, Esq., J.P.

10 Jul 1862 : Charles Robert Brien & Agnes Fitzgerald

  • July 9, in Dromkeen Church, County Limerick, by the Ven. The Archdeacon of Emily, Charles Robert Brien, Esq., Staff Surgeon R.N., to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late David Fitzgerald, Esq., of Grouse Hall, in the County of Kerry.

12 Jul 1862 : Roger Martin & Emma Howard

  • At Ennis Church, on Wednesday morning by the Rev H. Fleming, vicar of Kilmaley, Mr Roger Martin, of Limerick to Emma, only daughter of the late John Palmer Howard, Esq., Shinrone, King’s County.

29 Jul 1862 : Robert J Webb & Catherine Hall Lloyd

  • At St Paul’s Church, Philadelphia, on the 9th inst., Robert J Webb, Esq., Mount Ida, Toronto, Canada, to Catherine Hall, eldest daughter of the late John H Lloyd, Esq., Mount Catherine, County Limerick.

31 Jul 1862 : John Magrath Fitzgerald & Louisa Mary Emma Harris

  • On Wednesday, the 30th July, at St Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Charles Dickenson Russell, John Magrath Fitzgerald, of this city, Esq., to Louisa Mary Emma, daughter of the late Edwin Octavius Harris, Esq., barrister-at-law.

05 Aug 1862 : Michael Murphy & Belinda Courtenay Stable

  • Tenby (late of Brosely Hall, Salop), by the Rev R. J. H Thomas, B.D. Rector of Hogeston and Chaplain to Lord Leigh, Mich Murphy, Esq., 61st Regiment, eldest son of Dr. Murphy, Manister House, County Limerick, to Belinda Courtenay, only child of the late W. M. Stable, Esq.

05 Aug 1862 : William Boland & Alicia Arabella Ryan

  • At Templebradin Roman Catholic Church, Mr William Boland, of Killenave, County Tipperary, to Alicia Arabella daughter of Mr Thomas Ryan, Rose Cottage, Pallasgreen.

07 Aug 1862 : William Thorn & Mary Anne Evans

  • On the 5th instant, at  St Michael’s Church, in this city, by the Ven Archdeacon Peacocke, William, only son of Robert Thorn, Esq., Thornhill County Tipperary, to Mary Anne, daughter of John Evans, Esq., White Abbey, Belfast. [No cards sent]

12 Aug 1862 : George Joseph Maunsell & Anna Jane Moony

  • On the 9th inst., at St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Simon Foot, uncle to the bride, George Joseph Maunsell Esq., Captain 15th Foot, son of George Meares Maunsell, Esq., of Ballywilliam in this County, to Anna Jane, daughter of the late Francis Enraght Moony, Esq., of The Doon, King’s County.

14 Aug 1862 : Southwell Moore Mulcahy & Margaret Kilbride

  • August 12th, at the Catholic Church of Doon, by the Rev. P. Hickey, Southwell Moore Mulcahy, Esq., Coolnamona, to Margaret, daughter of Patrick Kilbride, Esq., Toomaline, County Limerick. [No cards sent].

16 Aug 1862 : Matthew Blundell & Kate Williams

  • By special license on the 29th July, in the church of Kilrush, by the Rev. Mr Wolsley, Matthew Blundell, Esq., Officer of Inland revenue, eldest son of Thomas Blundell Esq., George Street, Limerick, to Kate, only daughter of Michael Williams Esq., the Hotel, Kilrush.

06 Sep 1862 : James L Todd & Margaret Elliott

  • Yesterday, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev Raymond D’Orpen, Curate of St Patrick’s Mr James L Todd, formerly of Belfast to Margaret, second daughter of Mr Andrew Elliott, of Limerick. [No cards Sent.]

11 Sep 1862 : James Seward & Sophia Tisdall

  • Yesterday morning, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev. Henry Peacocke, James Seward, Esq., of Kilkee, Co. Clare, to Sophia, second daughter of the late William Tisdall, Esq., of this city.

23 Sep 1862 : John George Hewson & Henrietta Jane Hilliard

  • At Ardfert Church, County Kerry, John George Hewson, Esq., of Askeaton, County Limerick to Henrietta Jane, only daughter of Captain Henry Hillard of Tubrid, Co. Kerry.

25 Sep 1862 : John Stead & Catherine Bunton

  • At Geelong, Australia, John Stead, Esq., of Prince Edward’s Island, to Catherine, daughter of Mr. Timothy Bunton, of Castleconnell County Limerick.

02 Oct 1862 : George William Maunsell & Eliza Butler

  • On the 30th September, at Six-mile-bridge Church, by the Rev Richard Bathoe Jones, George William Maunsell, Esq., only son of the Rev John Maunsell, of Kilcoleman Glebe, County Kerry, to Deborah, Eliza Butler, only daughter of the late Henry Butler, Esq., of Castle Crine, County Clare.

02 Oct 1862 : James C. Meade & Bridget Murray

  • On the morning of Tuesday, the 30th ult., at Kilcoleman R.C. Church, by the Rev Michael McMahon, P.P. James C. Meade, Esq., of Ballyginy Cottage, to Bridget, daughter of James Murray, Esq., Ballystein, J.P.

5 Oct 1862 : Charles T. Weatherley & Alice Poole

At St Andrew’s Church, Wells Street, London, the Rev. Charles T. Weatherley, A.K.C., to Alice, daughter of Sir Peter Van notten Poole, Bart., of Todenham, County Gloucester, and granddaughter of the late Earl of Limerick.

16 Oct 1862 : Major Gason & Mrs Charles Douglas

  • On the 14th inst. At St Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William Bennet Chester, Rector of Nenagh County Tipperary, Major Gason, Tipperary Artillery, to the Hon. Mrs. Charles Douglas, fourth daughter of Captain Rich, Woodlands, County Limerick

16 Oct 1862 : John H. Stevenson & Catherine Alfred

  • On the 14th inst., in Adare Church by the Rev. J. Walshe, Mr John H. Stevenson, of this city, to Catherine Alfred, daughter of the late Mr Richard Alfred, Craig, Adare.

22 Nov 1862 : Ricard B. Ryan & Kate Ryan

  • At Templebraden Chapel, on the 19th Instant, by the Rec James Ryan P.p., assisted by the Very Rev. Dr. Howley P.P., Tipperary, Ricard B. Ryan, Esq., Rose Cottage, County Limerick to Kate, only daughter of the late Joseph Ryan, Esq., Bohercrowe, Tipperary.

22 Nov 1862 : James Braxton & Marianne Flannery

  • At Nenagh, in the Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev Martin Cleary, Administrator, assisted by the Rev D. Molony, Administrator of Newmarket-on-Fergus, Mr James Braxton of Limerick to Marianne, eldest daughter of the later Mr Jeremiah Flannery, of Nenagh.

22 Nov 1862 : R. F. Kennedy & Mary Stafford

  • At Keale, County Wexford, R. F. Kennedy, Esq., Manager of the National Bank, Rathkeale, to Mary, daughter of P. Stafford, Esq.

29 Nov 1862 : John Peacocke & Mary Scanlan

  • On Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr Moore, P.P., St Munchin’s Mr John Peacocke, merchant, Patrick Street, in this city, to Miss Mary Scanlan, daughter of Mr Michael Scanlan, Thomondgate.

11 Dec 1862 : William Parker & Henrietta Sargent

  • At St Thomas’s Church, Dubin, William Parker son of the late Robert Christopher Parker Esq., of Greenwich, in the County of Kent, to Henrietta, daughter of the late Edward Sargent, Esq., of Limerick.

20 Dec 1862 : Thomas Goggin Glover & Maria Hamilton

  • December 18, at the parish church of Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Thomas Goggin Glover, Esq., of this city to Maria, second daughter of the late William Cope Hamilton, Esq., of Rathgar, County Dublin.

23 Dec 1862 : Charles Holt Ensell & Elizabeth Jane Standish

  • In Bray Church, the Rev. Charles Holt Ensell, of Lucan, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of the late Richard Standish, Esq., of Glin, County Limerick.

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