The following list contains marriages from 1863 that mention places in county Limerick, the year before the full civil marriage registrar comes into Ireland. Whether it was the marriage location, the ancestral home of the bride or the home of the groom.

These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle, 1863:


10 January: Samuel Phillips & Jane White

January 8th, at Doon Church, by the Rev. John B. Harley, brother in law of the bride, Samuel Phillips, Esq., eldest son of the Rev John Godfrey Phillips of Beechmount, to Jane, fourth daughter of the late Newport White of Kilmoylan Esq J.P. [No cards sent]


15 January: Martin Joseph Maguire & Maria McCarthy

Mr Martin Joseph Maguire of this city (Limerick) to Maria second daughter of Captain McCarthy, late of the 9th Regt, and now of the United States Army


7 February: Clinock Thomas & Frances Harding

On the 5th inst., at Christ’s Church Cork, by the Rev J. W. Clarke, B.D. Chaplain R.N. assisted by the Rev. Robert Norcott, curate of the parish, Clinock Thomas Esq., R.N. Paymaster H.M.S. Hawke, to Frances, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Harding of this city (Limerick)


7 February: Ignatius S Kelly & Teresa Massey

In this city (Limerick) on the 30th ult, Ignatius S. Kelly Esq., of the Provincial Bank, Cork to Teresa, daughter of the late Wm. B. Massey, Esq.


21 February: Joseph Gubbins & Lizzie Mary Laffan

Joseph Gubbins Esq., Grange to Lizzie Mary, youngest daughter of Richard Laffan Esq., Gore House, county Limerick


21 February: William Harrison Keane & Norah Elizabeth Cahill

At Kilmallock, county Limerick, William Harrison Keane, of Cork, to Norah Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Cahill Esq., Kilmallock


12 March: Arthur Cooper Jenkinson & Caroline Fitzgerald

Arthur Cooper Jenkinson, Esq., of No.1 Belgrave Terrace, Stockwell Park, Surrey, eldest son of Charles T Jenkinson Esq., Antron House, Upper Tulse Hill, Surrey, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Windham McGrath Fitzgerald, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for the County of Limerick and granddaughter of the late Alderman Watson. After partaking of a sumptuous dejeuner at the residence of her mother, Percy place, Dublin, the happy pair left Holyhead, en route for Paris [No cards sent]


14 March: James Young & Grace Elizabeth O’Grady

On the 11th inst., at Heathfield Church, county Limerick, by the Rev. Thomas Plummer, A.M., Rector of Mahonagh, James Young, Esq., J.P., of Harristown, county Roscommon, to Grace Elizabeth, daughter of the late Hon Waller O’Grady, of Castlegarde, county Limerick, gran daughter of Standish first Viscount Guillamore, and of Hugh, third Lord Massy. [No cards]


05 April: Joseph H. Bouchier & Julia Dowling

At Rathkeale Church, by the Rev George Gough Gubbins Rector of Ballingarry, assisted by the Rev N. Richardson, Joseph H. Bouchier Esq., of Fort House in this county (Limerick), to Julia daughter of the late John Dowling, Esq., ex-Scholar Trinity College Dublin


21 April: John Carbury Shorten & Marian Louisa Ruttle

In Grangegorman Church, John Carbury Shorten, of Palmerston Place, Dublin, to Marian Louisa, daughter of the late Daniel Ruttle, solicitor, formerly of Rathkeale.


16 May: Richard Butler Willington & Mary Rose

On the 14th inst., by special license, by the Rev. Robert Flemyng, M.A., at her brother’s, Captain Ormsby Rose, Merrion-square, North, Richard Butler Willington, Esq., Captain 77th Regt., to Mary, second daughter of the late Simon L Rose. Esq., of Ballycullen, county Limerick.


16 May: Henry Norman & Hannah Smith

At Adare Church, by the Rev. James Walsh, on Wednesday last , Henry Norman, Esq., Rathkeale, to Hannah, eldest daughter of John Smith, Esq., Adare. The happy pair proceeded same day to Dublin.


19 May: Patrick Gleeson & Ann Bourke

On the 16th inst., at St Michael’s R.C. Church. Mr Patrick Gleeson to Miss Ann Bourke of Queen Street in this city (Limerick)


20 June: Patrick Moloney & Margaret Cregan

On the 18th inst., at Adare by the Rev Mr O’Grady, P.P. Mr. Patrick Moloney of Nenagh to Margaret, daughter of Mr Michael Cregan


27 June: John H.C.B. Hornibrook & Jane Cecil Meta Baylee

At Donnybrook Church, Dublin, John H.C..B. Hornibrook Esq., C.E. son of the late John L. Hornibrook, Esq., of Bandon, to Jane Cecil Meta, daughter of Edmond Henry Pery Baylee, Esq., and granddaughter of the late Sexten Baylee Esq., of Strand House, Limerick.


9 July: William Henry Bible & Mrs Annie Kohler nee Odell

At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Henry, son of Henry Bible, Esq, of Cork to Annie, Relict of the late Charles Kohler Esq., of Dublin, and daughter of the later Major John Cornwall Odell, 41st Regt. Madras Native Infantry, formerly of the county Limerick.


14 July: John F Sheehy & Margaret Mulrenan

On the 9th inst., at St. Andrew’s Church, Dublin, John F. Sheehy, Esq., of Court, in this county (Limerick) to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Bernard Mulrenan, Esq., of this city


16 July: Patrick Kennedy & Susan King

This day, at St. Michael’s R.C. Church, by the Rev. James Mulqueen, Mr Patrick Kennedy, George Street, in this city, to Miss Susan King, of Patrick Street. (Limerick)


18 July: Frederick Turner & Sarah Archer

On the 16th instant, at the Parish Church, Croagh, county Limerick, by the Rev. Abraham Issac, brother-in-law of the bride. Augustus Frederick Turner, Esq., Staff Army, to Isabella Sarah, youngest daughter of the Re. Wm. Archer, M.A., Rector of the above parish and Prebendary of Croagh. [no cards]


18 July: John Connell & Margaret Apjohn

On Thursday 16th inst., by special license, at Abington House, the residence of the bride’s mother, Margaret, only daughter of the late Michael Apjohn Esq., to John Connell, third son of the late Francis Connell Fitzgerald, Esq., of this city (Limerick)


18 July: Henry Edward McMahon Casey & Anne Wilkinson

On the 15th instant, at Rathmines church, by the Rev T. Brock, C.C. Henry Edward McMahon Casey Esq., H.m.C.S. to Anne, eldest daughter of Captain Wilkinson, of Bohergare county Limerick. [No cards]


18 July: Patrick J Kennedy & Susan Rose King

On Thursday, the 16th instant, at St. Michael’s Chapel, by the Rev. M. Mulqueen, Patrick J. Kennedy Esq., of George Street, to Susan Rose King, daughter of the late John King, Esq., of Glasgow.


21 July: Edward Mancur & Alice Mary Callanane

On yesterday, at the New Cathedral, in this city, by the Rev. W .Molony, P.P., Edward Mancur, Esq., Doddington Grove Newington, London, to Alice Mary, eldest daughter of the late John Callanane, Esq., of Cahirnarry, in this county.


30 July: Albert Augustus Gore & Rebecca White

On Tuesday July 28th at Doon Church, county Limerick by the Rev. John B. Harley, brother in law of the bride, assisted by Rev Thomas Atkinson, Rector of Doon, Albert Augustus Gore Esq., M.D. Staff Assistant Surgeon, only son of the late W R Gore Esq., M.D., J.P.., Limerick to Rebecca, youngest daughter of the late Newport White, of Kilmoylan, Esq., J.P. [No Cards]


1 August: William Laffin & Marta Teresa Head

On Thursday, in St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church Dublin, Mr. William Laffin, of Eyon, county Limerick to Marta Teresa only daughter of the late Mr. John Head of this city (Limerick)


29 August: Jeremiah O’Rourke & Mary Teresa Welsh

On the 27th inst., at the Roman Catholic Church, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev C. O’Reilly, R.C.C., of Killasnet, Kilmore, Manorhamilton, Mr Jeremiah O’Rourke of Limerick to Mary Teresa, daughter of Mr John Welsh, of George Street of this city (Limerick) [No cards sent]


5 September: Joseph Gubbins & France Thomsine McMahaon

On the 3rd inst., by special license at St Stephen’s Church Dublin, by the Rev E Bray, Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush in county of Limerick, Esq., to Frances Thomasine, daughter of the late Sir Beresford B McMahon, Bart., and grand-daughter of the later Sir Robert Bateson, of Belvoir Park in the county of Antrim Bart [No cards]


10 September: Edward Wm. O’Brien & Mary Spring Rice

On the 8th inst., at Loughill Church, in this county, by the Rev. Edward Gurdon, Rector of Barnham-Broom, and Vicar of Kimberley, in the county of Norfolk, assisted by the Rev. Robert Gabbett, Vicar of Shanagolden, Edward Wm. O’Brien, Esq., of Cahirmoyle, eldest son of W.S. O’Brien, Esq., to Mary, second daughter of the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Spring Rice.


26 September: John Ryan & Josephine O’Shea

At St Michael’s Chapel, by the Administrator, Rev J Browne, and by special license, John Ryan, Esq., son of the late John Ryan Esq., J.P.., Scareen, county Limerick, to Josephine daughter of Thaaddeus O’Shea, Esq., of this city (Limerick)


26 September: David Williams & Lavinia Adams

Sept. 26th at the Parish Church off St. Michael, by the Rev. Henry Peacock, David Williams, Esq., of Kilrush, to Lavinia, daughter of John Adams, Esq., of this city (Limerick) [No cards sent]


26 September: Robert J Hanly & Kate Whelan

On the 19th instant at St. Michael’s Church, by the Rev Thomas Browne, P.P., Robert J Hanly, Sunville House, Kilkishen, county Clare to Kate, the eldest daughter of the late Mr John Whelan, Corkamore, county Limerick.


29 September: John Darragh & Eliza Barber

Sept 28th at St Michael’s Church in this city (Limerick), by the Rev Mr Bailey, Mr John Darragh, the Strand, late of Belfast, to Eliza Barber, Patrick Street, relict of Mr Robert Barber of Liverpool.


15 October: Theobald Taaffe Taylor & Rachel Simmons

On the 14th at St. Michael’s Church in this city (Limerick) by the Rev Joseph F. Robbins, Rector of Castletownarra, Tipperary, Mr. Theobald Taaffe Taylor, Kilrush to Rachel, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Wm Simmons, Ballymacurtane both in the county of Clare


15 October: Thomas Prosser & Eunise Teresa Hopkins

On the 13th inst., at the Lower Shandon, Cork, by the Rev. G.B.Grant, Thomas Prosser of Brooklands Esq., county Limerick, to Eunise Teresa, eldest daughter of the late George Hopkins Esq., M.D. of the H.E.I. co.


15 October: Thomas H Greer & Geraldine Elizabeth Blenderhassett

October 13 in St. Stephen’s Church, Dublin, Thomas H. Greer, Esq., R.A. Mount Street Crescent, youngest son of the late Major Joseph Greer of Grange to Geraldine Elizabeth Blennerhassett, eldest daughter of the Knight of Glin, Glin Castle, County Limerick


17 October: James Cagney & Ellen Sheehan

At Castlemahon Church on the 13th instant, by the Rev Luke Hanrahan P.P. assisted by the Rev R. Power, Ellen only daughter of Michael Sheehan Esq of Ballinakill to James, second son of Daniel Cagney, Esq., Croom


27 October: Michael Egan & Anna Frances Ryan

On the 25th instant at Rathmines R.C. Church Dublin by the Rev M Collier, Michael Egan Esq., of Patrick street in this city (Limerick) to Anna Frances, only daughter of Michael Ryan, Esq., Clare Cottage Athlunkard.


27 October: James J Long & Ellen Hickie

On the 24th inst., at the Roman Catholic Church, Newcastle West, by the Rev. T. Corkerry, CC., James J Long Esq., to Ellen third daughter of Parick Hickie, Esq., Newcastle West.


5 November: Ricahrd J Gabbett & Elizabeth Agnes Minchin

Nov 3 at St Peter’s Church, (Dublin) by the Rev J W Bowles, Rector of Shinrone, assisted by the Rev G.O.F. Patton, Ricahrd J Gabbett, Esq., of Caherline, county of Limerick to Elizabeth Agnes, Eldest daughter of the late John Minchin Esq., J.P. of Busherstown, Kings’s County.


5 November: Harrison Lee & Kate Myles

At St. Michael’s (Limerick) by the Rev Henry Peacocke, Harrison Lee jun., Esq., North Strand to Kate, daughter of Zachary Myles Esq., Nelson Street.


7 November: William Hayward & Elizabeth Alexander

On the 5th inst., at the Friends’ Meeting-house, Cecil street, Elizabeth, second daughter of Samuel Alexander, to William Hayward, of London.


7 November: James Hartigan & Maria Wilhelmina Ryan

At Kilteely Chapel, on the 3rd inst., James Hartigan, Esq., Crean Lodge, county Limerick, to Maria Wilhelmina, eldest daughter of the late Timothy Ryan, Esq., Coole House, in same county.


12 November: Laurence Quinlivan & Margrette Cullinan

This morning at Ennis by the Very Rev Dean Kenny P.P. V.G., Laurence Quinlivan, Esq., J.P. of Limerick to Margrette, daughter of Michael Cullinan Esq., of Ennis, solicitor [No cards]


17 November: Benjamin O’Donovan & Margaret Clune

On Monday 16th inst., Mr. Benjamin O’Donovan, grocer and spirit merchant, Broad Street, (Limerick) to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Clune of Quin, county Clare


21 November: Simon E. Sellor & Kate Agnes Larkin

On the 18th inst., at Gardiner Street R.C. Church, Dublin Simon E. Sellor Esq., of Tristane, county Galway, third son of Michael Sellor Esq., of Limerick to Kate Agnes, third daughter of the late Timothy Larkin, Esq., of Craugh, county Galway.


12 December: Philip Kerney & Annie Knight

At St. Mary’s Church, Donnybrook, Philip Kerney, Esq., to Annie, daughter of the late Christopher Knight, of the city of Limerick


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