Pictures as the old saying goes “paint a thousand words” and how true this is, pictures capture the imagination of the view and take us to places we never thought possible.

Although, through old photographs and paintings we are given a snippet of a moment when our ancestors walked this city, perhaps they too saw that same view that we are now getting to see decades and even centuries later.

Below are a collection of maps showing Limerick City has looked like in map form. This collection of maps span the decades and give us a glimpse into how the city has changed and developed. It also reminds of the industries which have come before us but have now long since disappeared.

Old Maps of Limerick city

Englishtown and Irishtown c.1590

Limerick during the 1691 Siege

Englishtown 1760

New development 1792

County Limerick 1837

Limerick city centre 1900

Street map of Limerick 1912

Street map of Limerick 1912


And if you like what you see here there is so much more the city has to offer. Limerick’s Life also provides the following pictures: