The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Meath in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

15 Feb 1862 : Thomas Fairtlough & Caroline Elizabeth Ball

  • Feb. 11th at Beaulieu Church, by the Rev. Edward Groome, A.M., Rector, Thomas, son of the late Lieutenant, Colonel Fairtlough, of Drogheda, formerly of her Majesty’s 28th Regt. To Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of Captain Robert Ball, of Queensboro’ House, County Louth, late of her Majesty’s 58th Regiment.

22 Feb 1862 : James Byrne & Christina Gallagher

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Boicetown, Mr John J Martin, Smithfield, Dublin, to Mary ; and at the same time and place, Mr James Byrne, contractor Carlow to Christina, daughter of the late Edward Gallagher, Esq., of Ginnetts, County Meath.

27 Feb 1862 : Matthew Heally & Eliza Tyrrell

  • At St Paul’s Church, Arran Quay Dublin, Matthew Heally, Esq., of Francis Street, to Eliza, daughter of the late James Tyrrell, Esq. of Strokestown, County Meath.

04 Mar 1862 : Thomas D. Yourell & Mary Jane Delany

  • At the Roman Catholic Church, Booterstown, Thomas D. Yourell, Esq., of Dublin, and Ballymacarney House, County Meath, to Mary Jane, daughter of Bartholomew Delany, Esq., of Annfield House.

06 Mar 1862 : Peter Cogan

  • At St Michael’s Church, Castletown, Peter, son of the late James Cogan, Esq., of Oxfield House, County Meath, to Margaret, daughter of the late, Simon Fagan, Esq., of Castletown, County Westmeath.

25 Mar 1862 : William Forde & Alice MacManus

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Dublin, William, son of the late Bernard Forde, Esq., Onginstown, County Meath, to Alice, daughter of the later Felix MacManus, Esq., Hollyvale, County Cavan.

29 Mar 1862 : R Kingstone Richardson & Elizabeth Sarah Crawford

  • At Clontarf Church, R Kingstone Richardson, Esq., of Edenmore, County Down, to Elizabeth Sarah, daughter of the late Rev. James Crawford, Vicar of Clonard, County Meath.

06 Apr 1862 : Edward Vernon & Jane Brinkley

  • At Dysart-Enos, Queen’s County, Edward, son of John E. Venables Vernon, Esq., D.L., of Clontarf Castle, Co. Dublin to Jane, daughter of the late Matthew Brinkley, Esq., of Parsonstown House, County Meath.

10 Apr 1862 : William Robinson & Olivia Townshend

  • At Southsea, William Robinson, son of Admiral Hercules Robinson, to Olivia Townshend, daughter of the late Bishop of Meath.

15 Apr 1862 : Francis J. D’Arcy & Annie Alicia Kidd

  • At St George’s Church, Dublin, Francis J. D’Arcy, Esq., son of the late Rev. Joshua D’Arcy, Rector of Killallon diocese of Meath to Annie Alicia, daughter of the late Samuel Kidd, Esq.,, of Dundrum, County Armagh.

21 Jun 1862 : Alexander Somers Drake & Emily Carroll

  • At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, Alexander Somers Drake, Esq., of Rathvale, County Meath, son of the late Christopher Drake, Esq., of Roriston, to Emily, daughter of Redmond Carroll, Esq., of Summer Hill, Dublin.

24 Apr 1862 : Herbert Taylor & Maria Josephine Fetherston

  • In Dublin, Herbert, son of the late John S. Taylor, Esq., of Corballis, County Meath to Maria Josephine, daughter of the late  Francis Fethertson H., Esq., D.L., Roscommon.

10 May 1862 : James Delany & Kate Celia Drake

  • On the 7th instant, James Delany, Esq., of Grenanstown, County Meath, to Kate Celia, only daughter of the late Christopher Drake, Esq., of Roristown, in same County.

24 May 1862 : Francis Oliver M’Causland & Sarah Anne Hart

  • At Christ’s Church, Maryborough, Australia, Francis Oliver, son of the Rev. John M’Causland, Marl-hill, County Meath, to Sarah Anne, daughter of James Hart, Esq., of North Clunes.

05 Jul 1862 : Andrew Duignan & Mary Eliza Russell

  • At Bordsmill Roman Catholic Church, Andrew Duignan, Esq., Newtown, County Meath to Mary Eliza, daughter of Thomas Russell, Esq., Harcourt Lodge and Friar’s Park, same County.

16 Aug 1862 : John William Hoare & Annie La Barte

  • At the Cathedral, Waterford August 13th, by the Very Rev., the Dean, assisted by the Rev. William W. La Barte, brother of the bride, John William Hoare, Esq., eldest son of the late Dean of Waterford, to Annie, second daughter of the late Bartholomew La Barte, of Mornington, County Meath Esq., [No cards sent]

11 Sep 1862 : Joseph Harrison Emerson & Jane Nannie Brady

  • In St. Mary’s Liverpool, Joseph Harrison Emerson, Esq., of Eccles Street, Dublin, to Jane Nannie, daughter of the late Edward Brady, Eq., Navan.

23 Sep 1862 : Alexander Stewart Newcomen & Isabell Grace Toler

  • In St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Alexander Stewart Newcomen, Esq., son of Arthur Newcomen, Esq., Tuam, to Isabell Grace, daughter of the late Rev. John Toler, of Kentstown Glebe, County Meath.

18 Oct 1862 : Joseph Clarke Collins & Eleanor Gerrard

  • In Navan, County Meath, Joseph Clarke Collins, Esq., of Garvary Lodge, County Fermanagh, son of Robert Collins Esq., M.D. of Ardsallagh to Eleanor Gerrard, daughter of the late Colonel Thomas Gerrard, of Boyne Hill, County of Meath.

18 Oct 1862 : Charles James Gogerty & Frances Maria Fitzpatrick

  • At St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Philsborough, Chas. James Gogerty, Esq., Navan, County Meath, to Frances Maria, daughter of Wm. Fitzpatrick, Esq., of Maryborough, Queen’s County.

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