The Drunken Thady

michael hoganThis tale by the “Bard of Thomond” Michael Hogan recalls one of Limericks best known ghost stories. It tells the vengeful wife of the Bishop of Limerick and the night she met the drunk known as Thady. The Bishop’s wife lead a life of vice and while alive she roamed the city streets picking fights. After her death she continued her malicious ways. The Drunken Thady was also a ne’er-do-well from Thomondgate who would drink himself into a stupor while evading the police. One night on his way home he met the Bishop’s wife who intended to take him to hell. She managed to toss him over the Thomond Bridge and he landed in the river. This is where he repented all his sins and asked God for forgiveness vowing to live a peacefully if his life was spared. Indeed his life was spared and he was the Drunken Thady no more.

Seán an Scuab

Another tale by Michael Hogan Seán an Scuab was a humble brush maker who would journey into the city across Thomond Bridge to sell his wears. Little did he know of the problems in the city which were to greet him. The Limerick City Corporation were arguing over who should be the new Mayor and it was decided that the next person to cross the Thomond Bridge would be the man for the job. In wanders Seán with his back heavy with brushes and the Council rush up to him with congratulations. As night fell and Seán failed to return him his wife grew worried. So the following day she headed for the city where she met a large crowd who told her of the new Mayor.. Soon after she saw Seán hoisted on a chair being led through the streets, she let out a scream to him asking if he knew her. He thinking the last day was but a dream returned the call that he didn’t even know himself.

You can read more about Michael Hogan in the Limerick City Library Local Studies Files