The following list contains marriages that mention places in County Offaly (King’s County) in 1862. These records were extracted from  news reports of Irish Marriages published in the Limerick Chronicle in 1862:

01 Jan 1862 : Robert E Yates & Eliza A Blakeley

  • At Perambuco, Robert E Yates, Esq., of Bahia, to Eliza A Blakeley, daughter of the late James Blakeley, Esq., of Tullamore, King’s County.

27 Feb 1862 : George Whitfield &  Jane Dugid Whitfield

  • At Edinburgh George, son of the late William Whitfield, Esq., of Williamsfort, in the King’s County, and Staff Officer of Pensioners for Tullamore district, to Jane Dugid, daughter of the late George Whitfield, Esq., of Barbados and Upper Baker Street, London.

08 Mar 1862  : Thomas Drought & Janie Hackett, Clarke

  • At Pintumna, Thomas Drought, Esq., of Oaklawn, King’s County, to Janie Hackett, daughter of J.S. Clarke, Esq.,

29 Apr 1862 : William Edward Martin & Anna Louisa Bradley

  • At Tullamore, William Edward, son of E. Martin Esq., District Church Inspector, Ballinasloe, to Anna Louisa daughter of J. A. Bradley, Esq., of Tullamore.

27 May 1862 : Jjohn Morton & Anne Hall Andrews

  • At Templeharry Church, John Morton, Esq., son of the late William Morton, County Cork. Esq., and Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland Nenagh, to Anne Hall Andrews, daughter of John Andrews, Esq., J.P. of Silverhills, King’s County.

26 Jun 1862 : Septimus Sherson Connell & Sarah Annie Lloyd

  • At the parish church, Ettagh, near Roscrea, Septimus Sherson Connell, Esq., Captain 21st Fusiliers, son of James Connell Esq., of Eskdale House, Dumfriesshire, to Sarah Annie, daughter of the late Colonel Hardress Lloyd, of Gloster, King’s County.

08 Jul 1862 : Richard E. Odlum & Eliza Odlum

  • At St Mark’s Church, Dublin, Richard E. Odlum, of Bellyteague, Kin’s County, Esq., to Eliza Odlum, daughter of the late Henry E. Odlum, Esq., Kilmurry King’s County.

12 Jul 1862 : Roger Martin & Emma Howard

  • At Ennis Church, on Wednesday morning by the Rev H. Fleming, vicar of Kilmaley, Mr Roger Martin, of Limerick to Emma, only daughter of the late John Palmer Howard, Esq., Shinrone, King’s County.

12 Aug 1862 : George Joseph Maunsell & Anna Jane Moony

  • On the 9th inst., at St Stephen’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Simon Foot, uncle to the bride, George Joseph Maunsell Esq., Captain 15th Foot, son of George Meares Maunsell, Esq., of Ballywilliam in this County, to Anna Jane, daughter of the late Francis Enraght Moony, Esq., of The Doon, King’s County.

21 Aug 1862 : William Mitchell & Margaret Berry

  • At St Peter’s Church, Dublin, William Mitchell, Esq., Knockarley Mills, King’s County, to Margaret daughter of the late James Armstrong Berry, Esq., Eglish Castle, same County.

13 Sep 1862 : John Shortt & Harriet Anne Burriss

  • At St Mary’s Church, Edgehill, Liverpool, John Shortt, Esq., son of the late John Shortt, Esq., of Pallas, County Tipperary, to Harriet Anne, daughter of Richard Burriss, Esq., Grafton Lodge, King’s County.

20 Sep 1862 : Marlboro Parsons Berry & Louisa Heuston

  • On the 18th inst., at Cullen Church, by the Rev John D. Massingham, Vicar of St Paul’s Derby, assised by the Rev Joseph Cousins, Marlboro Parsons Berry, Esq., of Clooneen, King’s County, to Louisa, fourth daughter of John R. Heuston Esq., of Russellstown House, Tipperary.

06 Nov 1862 : John D. E. Mooney & Elizabeth Anna Davies

  • At the Cape of Good Hope, John D. E. Mooney, Esq., Lieutenant in H.M.’s 18th Light Infantry, son of the late Francis E. Mooney, Esq., of The Doon, King’s County, to Elizabeth Anna, daughter of David Davies, Esq., late Lieut 90th Regt.

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