1 August – The medical historian John ‘Jack’ Widdess was born on this day, 1 August 1906 in Limerick. His books include ‘The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and its Medical School, 1784-1984’

2 August – William Abraham died on this day, 2 August 1915. He was a Limerick-born MP who was arrested several times for his participation in the Land League. He was protesting at auctions of property seized for non-payment of rent.

3 August – On this day, 3 Aug 1825, the novelist Sir Walter Scott stayed at the Swinburn Hotel, Limerick with his daughter & son-in-law who wrote: “The Cathedral singers came in a body, having sounded Sir Walter’s advent… A very wet day”

4 August – The Fianna Fáil politician Michael J. Noonan was born in Bruff on this day, 4 August 1935. While in government, he held the roles of Minister for Defence and Minister of State.

5 August – On this day, 5 August 1848, the Limerick Corporation resolved to build new Widows Alms Houses in place of the old ones in place since 1691.

6 August – Limerick-born Andrew J. Cusick died on this day, 6 Aug 1929. He was a catcher in Major League Baseball in the USA from 1884 to 1887.

7 August – On this day, 7 August 1986, the rock group Def Leppard played in the Savoy Theatre, Bedford Row.

8 August – William Hale John Charles Pery, 3rd Earl of Limerick, died on this day, 8 August 1896. He was an aide-de-camp to Queen Victoria.

9 August – On this day, 9 August 1690, King William’s forces arrived at Limerick. This was the start of the first siege of Limerick during the Williamite war.

10 August – Barbara Heck arrived in New York from Ballingrane, Co. Limerick on this day, 10 August 1760. She was known as the ‘mother of Methodism’ and was responsible for establishing the Methodist movement in North America.

11 August – John Harty, the Catholic Archbishop of Cashel, was born on this day, 11 August 1867 in Murroe, Co. Limerick. He was patron of the Gaelic Athletic Association from 1928. The playing field in Murroe is named in his honour.

  • The Limerick-born opera singer Catherine Hayes “Swan of Erin” died on this day 11 August 1861.

12 August – Sir Charles Barrington died on this day, 12 August 1943. He was born in Genstal Castle, Murroe and was the last of the Barrington family to live there.

  • On this day 12 August 1982, Limerick United played against Manchester United at Markets Field.

13 August – On this day, 13 August 1813, Daniel O’Connell (the Liberator) challenged Maurice Magrath to a duel under the windmill on what is now Windmill Street. The men came to an agreement and no shots were fired.

  • On this day 13 August 1974, the Limerick-born author Kate O’Brien died.

14 August – Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell died in Limerick on this day, 14 August 1691. He was in the city, defending it from the Williamite army. 10:10 AM · Sun 15 August 2021.

15 August – The first outdoor public statue of Daniel O’Connell was unveiled in the Crescent on this day, 15 August 1857.

16 August – The film actor George Byron was born in Limerick on this day, 16 Aug 1888. He was known for ‘They Never Come Back’ (1932), ‘Chatterbox’ (1943) and ‘Ice Capades Revue’ (1942)

17 August – John Naish died on this day, 17 August 1890 in Germany. He was a native of Ballycullen, Co. Limerick, who became Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

18 August – The Limerick Chronicle on this day, 18 August 1832 included a notice of the closing up of St Michael’s Hospital in the city.

Limerick Chronicle, 18 August 1832
Limerick Chronicle, 18 August 1832

19 August – John Thomas Browne was born in Ballylanders in 1851, when he was six years old, his family emigrated to America. In 1892, he became the Mayor of Houston, Texas. He died on this day, 19 August 1941

20 August – The People’s Park was officially opened as a public on this day, 20 August 1877 by Mayor Spaight. Prior to this, it was a private keyholders park for the wealthier residents of the city

21 August – John Frances Hurley died on this day 21 August 1967. He was the former company directory of Clune’s Tobacco in Limerick.

22 August – Francis Horace de Vere of the Curraghchase de Veres died on this day, 22 August 1865. He was in command of a group of soldiers when one of his soldiers, frustrated at being reprimanded by de Vere, fired at him from a window. The bullet pierced his lungs.

23 August – Limerick born Mary Guiney née Leahy died on this day 23 Aug 2004 aged 103 years. In 1941, She & her husband were the only two members of the board of directors of Clery & Company, Ltd, Dublin. She became a majority shareholder in 1967 after her husband’s death.

24 August – Patrick Bourke was born in Castleconnell on this day, 24 August 1899. In 1941, he became the first Catholic director on the board of the Provincial Bank of Ireland in over 90 years.

25 August – On this day, 25 August 1959 a fire broke out in Todd’s Department store, gutting the entire building.

26 August – The historian and journalist Michael MacDonagh was born in Limerick on this day, 26 August 1860.

Obituary from Irish Press, 1 March 1946

27 August – On this day, 27 August 1963, three houses on the William Street end of Mungret Street collapsed suddenly. Luckily, no one was injured.

28 August – The poet Sir Aubrey (Hunt) de Vere, 2nd Baronet was born at Curragh Chase on this day, 28 August 1788. Wordsworth called his sonnets the most perfect of the age. He served as High Sheriff of County Limerick in 1811.

29 August – Francis Gough died on this day, 29 August 1634. He was consecrated as the Anglican Bishop of Limerick in 1626. He was previously Chancellor of Limerick.

30 August – Seán Ó Tuama one of the Maigue Poets who used poetry to during spats with other locals. This is one of the possibilities for naming of the limerick poetry style. He died on Mungret Street in Limerick on this day, 30 August 1775.

31 August – On this day, 31 August 1958 the consecration of Bishop Henry Murphy of Limerick took place in St John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

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