1 September – The poet Siegfried Sassoon died on this day, 1 Sept 1967. In 1917, he was posted to Limerick. He enjoyed his time in the city.

2 September – The Irish Nationalist politician John Redmond spoke in Limerick on this day, 2 September 1900. Here he condemned what he saw as an increasing and undesirable Anglicisation of Ireland.

3 September – On this day 3 September 1849, John Hampton’s celebrated hot air balloon ‘Erin go Bragh’ set off over Limerick from Upper Cecil Street.

4 September – Michael Joyce MP was born in Limerick on this day, 4 September 1851. He was a founding member of Garryowen FC In his youth he was shipwrecked four times

5 September – On this day 5 September 1926, tragedy struck the town of Dromcollogher when a timber barn being used as a temporary cinema caught fire killing 48 people. 46 of them are buried in a large grave in the grounds of the local church.

On this day, 5 Sept 1954, the people of Limerick were shocked by the news of an KLM air crash in the Shannon Estuary three minutes after take off from Shannon Airport. 29 people were killed. Many people from Limerick were involved in the recovery effort

6 September – Michael O’Callaghan was born on this day, 6 September 1879 in Limerick. He was a member of the O’Callaghan tannery family and became the Mayor of Limerick in 1920. He was murdered along with the sitting Mayor George Clancy and Joseph O’Donoghue on 7 March 1921

7 September – Lieutenant General Sir William Blakeney, 1st Baron Blakeney was born on this day, 7 September 1672 in Mount Blakeney, County Limerick. He never married, and the title became extinct on his death.

8 September – The actress Kathleen Ryan was born in Dublin on this day, 8 Sept 1922. When she was 6 she went to a boarding school in Bruff & as an adult lived in Ballinacurra after marrying a Limerick man. She starred in 10 movies between 1947-57

The coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide took place on this day, 8 September 1831. The event was marked in Limerick as described in an article from Clonmel Herald, 14 Sept 1831

Clonmel Herald, 14 Sept 1831

9 September – Murrough McDermod O’Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin died in Limerick on this day, 9 Sept 1674. He was known as Murchadh na dTóiteán in reference to burnings (land, crops, etc.) of the Irish who would not convert to Anglicanism. He later became a Catholic.

10 September – Michael McAuliffe (Max Macauliffe) was born on this day, 10 September 1838 in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. He became an Indian Civil Service judge and Sikh scholar. He converted to Sikhism in the 1860s.

11 September – Limerick born Edmund O’Donnell entered the Society of Jesus at Rome on this day, 11 September 1561. In 1575, he became the first Jesuit executed by the English government.

12 September – Edward Thomas O’Dwyer laid the foundation for the Rev. Brother JP Welsh Memorial Schools, Christian Brothers, John Street on this day, 12 September 1888.

13 September – On this day, 13 September 1909, Captain Edward O’Meagher-Condon (1835-1915) received the Freedom of Limerick from Mayor T Donnellan.

14 September – The Irish writer Richard Dowling, who was educated in St Munchins College and met with George Bernard Shaw at Oscar Wilde’s house on this day, 14 September 1886.

15 September – On this day, 15 September 1922, a bomb thrown at a National Army car on Edward Street, Limerick. It exploded, hitting four children on the street. Fatally injuring a young boy, Christopher Noonan, and injuring three young girls.

Evening Echo, 19 Sep 1922

16 September – Dr William Murray was born on 16 September 1848 in Limerick. In 1893, he became the Mayor of Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

17 September – 23-year-old Limerick man Michael Kirwan, a member of the RAF, was killed when the bomber he was in crashed off the coast of Wales on this day, 17 Sept 1937. He was buried in Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery.

18 September – Richard Stakpoll was appointed as the Bishop of Limerick on this day, 18 September 1486. His appointed was voided soon afterwards. He was only twenty-four years old. He died two months later.

19 September – Captain Spence of the ship the ‘Hugh Crawford’ died in Barrington’s hospital on this day, 19 September 1832 as a result of the cholera epidemic ravaging the city.


20 September – Richard ‘Dick’ Humphreys was born in Limerick city, but spent some of his childhood in Murroe. He was imprisoned at Wakefield, Yorkshire, for his role in the 1916 Easter Rising, there he wrote ‘Easter week in the GPO’ on toilet paper. He died on this day, 20 September 1968.

21 September – Sir Robert Laffan was born in Limerick on this day, 21 September 1821. In 1877 was appointment as governor and commander-in-chief of Bermuda. This fern is named “Governor Laffan’s Fern” after him.

22 September – On this day, 22 Sept 1691, during the final Siege of Limerick. The locals were attempting to return into the city as they were being attacked on Thomond Bridge, but the drawbridge was raised and hundreds lost their lives. This tragedy led to the treaty discussions.

23 September – On this day 23 Sept 1972, a fire broke out in a restaurant on the Greek island of Rhodes killing 32, including Limerick women Theresa O’Shaughnessy, Sir Harry’s Mall, Mary Allen, St Mary’s Park & Josephine Denihan, North Circular Road

24 September – 1691, fighting ceases between the Jacobites and Williamites and negotiation on Treaty articles begins.

  • That George Alexander Osborne was born in Limerick on 24 September 1806, He taught piano to the Crown Prince of Holland, and played at Chopin’s debut concert in Paris.

25 September – Jim Kemmy died on this day, 25 September 1997. He was very involved with political and social reform, most notable in his role in the Labour Party. An avid historian, he founded the Old Limerick Journal, which is going strong after 42 years.

26 September – On this day, 26 September 1678, Peter Graf von Lacy was born in Killeedy. He left Ireland with Wild Geese. He enlisted in European armies and is considered one of the most successful Russian Imperial commanders.

27 September – The playwright and novelist, J. M. O’Neill, was born in Limerick on this day, 27 September 1921. In the 1960s, he founded the Sugawn Theatre in London.

28 September – On this day, 28 Sept 1889, the painter Seán Keating was born in Limerick. His painting Men of the South (1921), is held by Crawford Gallery

29 September – On this day, 29 Sept 1904, Limerick born Margaretta Eagar left her post as the Nanny for the children of the last Tsar of Russia.

30 September – Sir Joseph Barrington (1764-1846) one of the founders of Barrington’s Hospital was created a baronet, on this day, 30 September 1831.

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